Relationships Edit

Trona ~ He wanted to like Trona. Sundor tried so hard, and yet, he still couldn't see why he didn't like her. She was brave, formidable, powerful, intelligent...

As a matter of fact, she reminds him of himself (except less manipulative and malevolent, of course) and that makes him unable to respect her.

He can't respect her because he's afraid of her. There are little things that really scare him in the world, one being the Council of the Phoenix, and the other being Trona.

However, her stupidly heroic demeanor leads her to be nothing more than a pawn to him. All he has to do is point her in the right direction, make up a good lie, and she'll be off in a few moments.

This makes her quite a fun puppet to pull the strings of, particularly helping Strafe convince her to help get Unicron out of Cutthroat, and into a more... suitable host body.

Even after manipulating her into doing that for him, he managed to manipulate her even further into killing him before the Council could get their talons on him and give him a far worse punishment than anything a little human could do to him.

Although, when she isn't being overly naive, Sundor knows she's a force to be reckoned with, and knows that if he were ever in a real fight with her... he wouldn't want to know who would win.