Background information
Creator Musky/Phoenix
Theme Song ~~
Alliases Experiment, Host, Death, Pure Evil
Theme Colors Black and Purple
Character information
Faction Decepticon
Age 23 human years
Occupation Eliminating Autobots and all who stand in his way
Family None
Species Cybertronian, Predacon, Pteranodon, Dinobot
Goal To rule all Predacons and all of Cybertron
Residence Shockwave's Laboratory
Allies Brainwashed Predacons and non-brainwashed Predacons (after defeating Predaking), Terrorcon Predacons
Enemies Autobots (Particularly Swoop and Cutthroat's team)
Likes Death, absolute power, destruction, being narcissistic
Dislikes Autobots, Humans, Hot Dogs
Powers and abilities Breathing fire, brainwashing, complete power over Predacons (after defeating Predaking)
Weapons Claws, mind, Shockwave's arm cannon
Quote "You see now, don't you? This is what I was made for: domination, control, power. This is it, Cutthroat, this is my destiny!"


"You say that I'm evil, that I'm a menace. But I will tell you now: you're absolutely right!"
~Endgame, Death of Hope


Swoop, whom Endgame was based upon.

Endgame is an dark twin upgraded version of the sympathetic, empathetic, and the most intelligent Dinobot, Swoop. Shockwave planned on making alter egos of all the Dinobots, but Endgame was the only one created before the Autobots shut down Shockwave's little scheme. Endgame has a sleeker, darker paint job than Swoop, with complete Decepticon colors. 


"I am better than you in every way: intelligence, strength, and of course, looks!"
~Endgame to Strafe, Antithesis

Endgame has no robot mode, as he deems it a 'pointless hindrance.' Despite this, Endgame still has two different forms, one of a modified robotic pteranodon, and the other of a dragon just as strong and handsome as Predaking (and I mean that in a good way; I love Predakings alt. mode!)

In his pteranodon form he has spikes running down both his wings and his body is not as bulky as his Autobot counterpart. He has a purple strip running along the front of his beak running back until it splits at his wings and highlights where the membranes would have been in a normal pterosaur. He has a unique insignia on both his wings that glow purple. His body is black with purple streaking about in some places. He has purple and red eyes. His beak is purple and black at the end.


"Oh, I apologise, I don't believe we've been properly introduced. My name is Endgame, also known as your doom!"
~Endgame to Strafe, Antithesis

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