Background information
Creator Negora1
Theme Song
  • Ice
  • Commander
Character information
Gender Female
Species Predacon
Relatives Razor, Tazor, Scorchmark
Allies Trona, Predacon Team
Enemies Zezoraptors, Acroux Viper
Goal To see Trona get what she deserves for once and live on Cybertrom in peace.
Likes Scouting, flying, fighting
Dislikes Zezoraptors
Occupation Protecting her family
Powers and Abilities Fly and breathe ice instead of fire
Weapons Her ice-breath (duh) and a katana-like sword
Residence Pachua Isle
Quote "Hands where I can see them, Con scum!"

Icebreath is a femme Predacon that lives on the Predacon island as Trona's second in command. Do not use her without my permission.



"Where is your favor? Where are your scars, hero?"
~Icebreath, Rising Wave RP


Icebreath is the oldest of the Predacons Trona raised, making her by far the most mature of the bunch. Her and Ultra Magnus could be very good friends, because they take life very seriously. The main difference between them is that Ice is more chill than he is ;) She doesn't disapprove or glare angrily at the others when they are goofing off. Mostly she rolls her eyes until they really need to knock it off.

She feels great accomplishment whenever she defeats an enemy. Every opponent is an obstacle she has to overcome, which explains why she takes life seriously. Of course, Icebreath has never fought in a war, but she would gladly do it under the orders of Trona. She is very loyal to the human, as she brought Icebreath into the world and taught her everything she knows.

Though she can get annoyed with her "siblings," she still cares about them and strives to protect them. Trona is the most protective of them all, but Icebreath has the bond with the others that is different from the human's motherly love.


In Beast mode, Icebreath can fly and breathe ice. In Robot mode, she has a sword made like a katana that she is very skilled with. Trona trained her in jujitsu so she is able to fight well with the blade as well as hold her own without a weapon. She is bulkier than other femme transformers, which gives her an advantage in size.


Trona~ Trona is someone Icebreath loves above everyone else. Yes, she cares about the team like a family, but Trona has always been her leader and mother. She refuses to show loyalty to anyone else (Optimus Prime could be an exception.) Because of her maturity, Icebreath sees how much Trona sacrifices so that she and the other Predacons can live happily. Whenever their leader works too hard, she is the first to be concerned. This Predacon may breathe ice, but she has a very warm spark. Especially for the human leader.