Lynx belongs to thy Muskellunge of the Seawings, Plagiarize and you shall be exterminated by thy Muskellunge!!!

~{Musky the Seawing 2.0 (talk) 22:29, May 19, 2016 (UTC)}

"No. I can only see moments in the future and the past, even ones that I have never seen or experienced."~ Jonathan Lynx


"Yeah, I'm just an ally to the Autobots who can also see the future from Jasper, I'm definitely no big deal."~Jonathan Lynx

Lynx is a male member of the species Homo Sapian. He was born and raised in Jasper, Nevada, USA.

He has the distinct ability to see the future and past events that may or may not happen. 


Lynx is sarcastic and young. He's energetic and careless, while also being serious and careful. He's smart and willing to do anything to protect his friends.

Powers, Weapons, and AbilitiesEdit

Lynx's weapon of choice is a small sword, of Decepticon design. He has the ability to see the past and sometimes, future in dreams. He has high endurance and wits, while also having cunning and speed. He also has experience driving and out running many a friend or foe on the road. 

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