Trona whispered to the Predacon, "Rextooth." And his eyes slowly faded to a bright blue. Trona had found his true name. Rextooth.

Rextooth is a wingless Predacon that Trona rescued on Cybertron. Do not use without permission.


Rextooth was the very last Predacon to survive the onslaught of Cybertronians killing his kind. Starscream was Kaon's battle arena host, so he decided to use him for the arena. To prevent the Predacon from flying away, they cut off his wings, making him vicious and scarred.

They used him in the pits of Kaon all the time. He became energon thirsty because of his grudge for losing his wings. Then one day, Trona the human was captured and brought to the arena for battle and she had to face Rextooth. He knew that Trona was different, not just because of her alien form. She picked up a good fight and knocked him pretty hard. When he had finally decided to give up and accept his death, Trona touched his symbol and head and told him his true name.

This amazed Rextooth. He was the only one who knew his true name. Trona had discovered it. After she had told him his name, his spark grew warm and strong. She had spoke to him through his spark. She was giving him another chance. Rextooth accepted it.

Rextooth then became a loyal friend to Trona. They stayed together through everything. He protected her with his life. He wouldn't leave the one who gave him a second chance.


Rextooth before


After Rextooth was rescued, he became more of a loyal pet than a beast. He loved being played with and scratched like a dog. He is often called Rex or Rexy for short. He loves playing fetch with Trona and finding things with his sense of smell. Because of his loss of wings, Rextooth is unable to transform or speak. Trona helped upgrade his weapons for better protection. Even though he can be a loyal companion, he is also a fierce and fast opponent. He can claw you with his long curved claws, bite you with his sharp and powerful fangs, or electrify you with his electric shock tail. He is a fun pet and a powerful watch dog.


Rextooth has a large head with small thick horns on his head. Before the rescue, he had big yellow eyes. Now he has bright blue eyes. He has a large mouth filled with sharp teeth, but has bigger, longer, and sharper fangs at the front of his mouth. Those fangs are made from Norta gems, the sharpest substance in the universe.(As far as Trona knows.) He has a black body with blue glows from inside him. His limbs are not very long, but strong. On the side of his limbs, there are jagged silver spikes and he has long curved silver claws. Rextooth also has a long tail with small silver spikes and a sharp spear at the end. There is an electric prod that Trona installed, so now Rextooth can shock things and stab them. Blue lightning marks crackle through the tail when he is angry and in battle.


Rextooth's features


Rextooth has strong limbs so he can move very fast. He can also bite with his Norta fangs, claw with his long curved claws, and electrify opponents with his electric shock tail.

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