S.L.I.S.E. is owned by myself, Musky if you want to have it somehow or another get my permission or I will sic all the Predacons ever made, Godzilla, The Ingen Spinosaurus, my pet Compies, and Swoop on you!

S.L.I.S.E. (Sanguiferous Laboratory Inconclusive Spark Extractor) is a weapon made from Norta Gems. It is an experimental weapon, modeled after the P.O.K.E. beta, it is truly a large sword attached to the already scoped and deadly Energon Battle Pistol, my personal favorite gun. The sword is among the strongest weapons in the Universe, and has only been created and used by one certain Autobot who was introduced to Norta Gems by a new friend of his.

The weapon is disguised as a normal enough weapon, an Energon Battle Pistol with a modified scope and Norta Gem tipped bullets, but the whole barrel can shift to reveal a sixteen inch blade.