• The decepticon alter ego of the Autobot, Swoop, Endgame, has defeated Predaking and taken the Predacons with him. He then uses Dark Energon to resurrect Terrorcon Predacons, and all Predacons who do not bow to him, Endgame brainwashes and that includes Trona's...

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    • (Ok I can come in for a bit. You know how roleplays work right? Any replies not in story go in parentheses.)

      (I'll of course be Trona)

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    • (I'll be Endgame and Cutthroat)

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    • (And yeah, I kinda live on wikia to Role play)

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    • (But I suck at starting, so go ahead...)

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    • (You here?)

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    • (Sorry long post. BTW I'm bringing in my Predacons Wildstrike and Waveblast.)

      The ground bridge opened and a small, dark figure calmly walked out followed by a Zezoraptor and a Predacon with a resonance blaster on its head. Trona had arrived with Wildstrike and Waveblaster to check on her Autobot and new Predacon friends.

      "Wildstrike, welcome to Cybertron!" Trona declared to her Zezoraptor friend. She circlwd her hands aceoss the air to emphasize the enormity of the planet.

      "Where are all the trees? Everything is metal here," Wildstrike observed. Growing up on an island, he had never been anywhere else but the lush jungles of Earth.

      "We are made of metal, Wildstrike," Waveblast commented. "Even though I cannot see the planet for myself, I know this was the home of our ancestors." Waveblast had been blind for decades after a brutal attack.

      "Don't you mean your ancestors?" Wildstrike pointed out.

      Trona intervened. "Both of you have origins here, no matter how you came to be born into thos universe. That isn't the reason we're here."

      "I am aware of the allies you have made here, Trona," Wildstrike said, a little frustrated. "I am not aware of the reason for me coming here. Couldn't you have brought Rextooth? Or Icebreath?"

      "You know what memories Rextooth has of this place. And Icebreath is second in command, so she will command the second I'm gone." Trona continued walking through the plains of Cybertron. While they conversed, she sent a signal out to the Autobots to let them know that she had arrived.

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    • Cutthroat briskly walked through the corridors of his new command center. I am going to kill that sorry excuse for an Autobot! He was obviously thinking about Warpath, the idiotic warrior who enjoys blowing stuff up. On his way tto the control room, which is where he presumed Warpath was, he ran into Renegade. 

      "Hey, Renegade, is Warpath in the control room?" Renegade gave him a questioning look. "Why exactly are you looking for Warpath?" Cutthroat hissed. "Because he's Warpath!"

      Renegade shrugged. "Good point. And yeah, he's in the control room."

      Cutthroat kept walking until he saw the blinking lights of monitors and assorted computers. He spotted Warpath looking at a computer screen. Since, Warpath knows he'll get in a lot of trouble for blowing things up, he virtually blows things up. Cutthroat presumed he was doing this when and he unknowingly fired his real RPG and blew a whole in Cutthroat's room without knowing it.

      Cutthroat was going to punish him anyways, but before he could talk to Warpath an alert flashed on a screen. Cutthroat walked over to the monitor and read the message.

      What he saw made him super excited. At the top of his cybertronian lungs, he yelled: "Autobots! Trona's here!


      Endgame stared at the computer screen indicating an unrecognized spacebridge had opened. He'd been watching for days, ever since a friend of his, had heard news of the cybertronian human, Trona planning on coming to Cybertron. His second in command, a Predacon named Cryptoflame, also heard the alert and strolled over. 

      "Trona?" He asked. 

      "Yes, Trona, the human we've been waiting on for days."

      Cryptoflame squinted at the screen. "Sir, there are three life signatures down there."

      "She must've brought friends. Nevertheless, I should go welcome them to Cybertron!"

      Cryptoflame cocked his head. "Are you sure you don't want me to go?" 

      "Yes, I want to handle this. Besides." He held up a long thin wire coming out of his upper body. He continued. "It will give me a chance to try out my new equipment..."

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    • (Eeee this is exciting XD)

      Trona's scanner was in her hand, her mask stuck to the readings and light flashing of any ground bridge activity. Wildstrike and Waveblast conversed together behind her, all while Trona kept her thoughts to herself.

      The Autobots are probably fine, I know, but a check-in wouldn't hurt anyone. Before the Autobots found refuge on the newly restored Cybertron, Trona had constantly been going around to both Bots and Cons making sure they were on equal playing fields and hanging out with her buddies. It was interesting and often entertaining to see both sides view of debate onthe matter of the war.

      Most importantly, she cared for each one of them. All except Starscream, he annoyed her and was the most likely Decepticon she would willingly kill. He had abused Predaking, and cruel torture was a method that Trona would stop, no matter who was being hurt. Predacons were her responsiblity- maybe not all of them -but when you raise and care for them for a job, then you feel the weight on your shoulders get heavier when more Predacons join the party.

      One such as Cutthroat; Trona absolutely adored him. He was an all around good friend to everyone. She had no processed information of where he was now, but she hoped that he was doing well and safe.

      "Anything yet, Trona?" Wildstrike said, almost impaitently.

      "Nothing," Trona answered. "Have patience, Strike. They have to contain their excitement before they can meet with us. Besides, we're in no rush, we are simply visiting and doing what friends do."

      "None of these new Autobots are my friends," Wildstrike grumbled, swinging his tail in frustration.

      "Oh there are a few Predacons here. You'll have a few friends to make," she reassured him. After saying this, Trona's scanner picked up a signal. "Ohp, guess what?! The wait is over!"

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    • "All right everyone!" All of the Autobots were assembled in the control room. "As you all know, Trona has arrived on Cybertron. Renegade, you and I will go into the city to find Trona. I'm sure she's found us by now, but we can't be sure. Jazz and Smokescreen, go get the Constructicons, there's a whole in my room that needs to be patched up."

      Warpath spoke up. "What about me?"

      "Stay here." Cutthroat turned his attention back to the others. "Ok, you guys can go." He walked over to Renegade. "Let's go." Renegade walked outside, but before Cutthroat went out, he looked back at Warpath. "Don't blow anything up either, will you."

      He joined Renegade and they transformed. Renegade drove forward, swerving around buildings, every so often checking his radar. Cutthroat soared above him, looking down. It took him a bit, but he eventually saw a human and two Predacons. He called Renegade, then he landed down in front of Trona and her friends. 

      Renegade rounded a corner and came to a screeching halt in front of Trona. Cutthroat and Renegade both smiled. "Hey!" 


      Endgame was also near, he had stuck to the shadows all around the city, and saw the Autobots come up to Trona. Not them! They weren't supposed to be here! It shouldn't make any difference though. He was only here for the Predacons and human, but he wouldn't mind killing the Autobot too. 

      He decided he would stay and watch to see what would happen, and see why Trona was here in the first place...

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    • Before they knew it, a Predacon and an Autobot flew in to greet them. But it wasn't any Predacon, no, it was Cutthroat. And the Autobot was Renegade. Inside her mask, Trona smiled.

      Trona could hear Wildstrike and Waveblast hiss and growl with alert, positioning themselves in case of an attack. Then Renegade and Cutthroat shouted "Hey!" in the friendliest way possible.

      "Calm down, you two, they are not hostile to us," Trona reassured her team. She ran up to Renegade and Cutthroat, ready to except any embrace if they wanted to.

      "Cutthroat, my boy! It's good to see you, in good shape, too. You haven't lost the spark in your optics. And Renegade! You haven't got a dent on you. Like always, you two can handle anything that heads your way," Trona greeted them happily. She turned to find her team walk up to greet them as well.

      "I brought some of my team, new faces, I know. Cutthroat, Renegade, this is Wildstrike," she held her hand in front of Wildstrike while he straightened himself. "He is a Zezeraptor, a ground-dwelling Predacon, who hasn't gone wild like all the rest."

      Wildstrike defended his position by explaining himself. "Let's say I was the only one that didn't lose my mind."

      Ttona nodded and continued to introduce Waveblast. "And this is Waveblast. Don't be weirded out if he isn't looking at you, because he can't see you. He has been blind for a long time."

      "But I still have hightened hearing, so nothing can sneak up on me. Oh, except Trona," Waveblast pointed out.

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    • Endgame watched as Cutthroat waved the others forward, leading them somewhere, chittering about all the while. He turned on his com unit and said, "Crypto! The Autobots are here, with Trona and her two Predacon friends. It appears we need a change of plan. Initiate Phase Two." Cryptoflame tried to argue. "You can't do that sir, Phase One isn't even completed yet! We didn't plan on-"

      "Shut up! It doesn't matter what we planned on, well just adjust our plans. Bring your team to Trona's island, get the Predacons. But before you g,  open a groundbridge for me, you already know where I'm going..."


      Cutthroat lead the guests to their command center. He was arriving in time to see a group of seven Cybertronians, all with Deceptions insignias, who also all appeared to have construction vehicle alt modes, hoisting objects and cementing things. There were a few groups of Autobots observing the Constructicons, the Aerialbots all spread out, the Dinobots not paying any attention, and the G1 Skylynx looking at himself. 

      Cutthroat called to them, "Aerialbots, stay together, we're gonna need Superion if the Constructicons decide to go Devestator, Dinobots, pay attention, and Skylynx, stop looking at yourself, will you?" 

      He turned back to Trona and her friends. "Someone blew a hole in my wall and the Constructicons are there to fix it. Anyways, this is my command center, everyone should be inside." He opened the doors. "After you."

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    • The organization of the command center impressed Trona and her team. The leadership of Cutthroat impressed her even more. She was a little surprised to see no one very interested in her being there, but they were busy at work. Everytime she entered a room, Trona stook out like a piece of energon, drawing everyone's attention to her. At times, she enjoyed it- being the only human around.

      Abliged to Cutthroat's chivalry, she thanked him for the entry. Never had she been welcomed with such honor and praise. Once again, she couldn't lie, it pleased her. No one gave her respect for a long time when she hung out with both the Bot and Cons.

      Ever since walking through the command center, Wildstrike had gotten more tense. Not because of all the new Cybertronians surrounding him, but rather his senses. He trusted his senses more than he trusted the energon that fueled him. His senses were alarmed by something...dangerous. It was as if they were being watched, but not them personally. 

      Waveblast had been gracefully taking his steps forward, making sure he didn't shake the ground with sound. In order to see, he had to hear, and he heard everything. The sound of Constructicons lifting things and patching up walls, the conversations of Dinobots and Aerialbots about how they were going to go for a flight afterwards, and the small footsteps of Trona up ahead. Including Wildstrike's Norta claw scrapping against the ground to warn the Predacon Skylynx he was not to be messed with. 

      Trona and the team walked inside the command center. The whole check-up thing was beginning. "So, Cutthroat, a leader are you? How's it been going? Whatcha' need assistance with? Any issues with your comrades? I'll straighten them up if need be," Trona asked many questions.

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    • "I have something, but it's kind of impossible: I'd like you to try to stop Warpath from blowing things up. And yeah, it's been good, or OK, at least." As Cutthroat answered Trona's questions he noticed Trona's friend, Wildstrike, acting erratically.

      "What's up with him?"


      Endgame took in the humongous site of what was once called "Darkmount" by the Decepticons. Tons of Predacons had been recreated by scientists all across Cybertron, and they were all sent here at a young age, and they grew up following the strongest as their leader: Predaking.

      Endgame was astounded by the beauty of the place, and its size! Focus. He had to not get distracted. He saw the entrance on the ground of the former Decepticon base and approached it. 

      There was a guard in the front, and Endgame walked over to him.

      "State your identity and purpose," she said.

      "My name is Endgame, and I'm here to see Predaking."

      The guard frowned. "Don't recognize the name, so no entry."

      Endgame smiled. "Oh you'll let me in."


      "I'm not completely sure," Trona said. "He looks like the way he looks when he feels something's wrong. Maybe we should ask him." 

      "Good idea."


      The guard led Endgame up a long flight of stairs. "Predaking is just around here, Lord Endgame."

      The guard opened a large door and Endgame stepped into a large room, centered with a large throne, and on it sat an equally large Predacon. "Who're you?" He growled.

      "Endgame, sir. I wish to ask you of something."

      "Who'd you even get up here?"

      Endgame pointed to the guard he'd brainwashed. "She brought me."

      "What did you want to ask me."

      Endgame crept up right alongside Predaking. "Sword, or gun?"

      It took Predaking a second to analyze that. "Uh, sword, I guess. Now what does this have to do with anything?" 

      "It has to do with everything."

      Endgame changed his Predacon arm to a sword and stabbed straight through Predaking's spark.

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    • "You can have Warpath meet with me in your training room and I can set him as straight as I can," Trona offered her teachings and services. Cutthroat then pointed out Wildstrike's agitations, and she walked over with Cutthroat to ask him.

      "Hey Strike, are you alright? Is something wrong?" Trona asked.

      Wildstrike turned to her with a puzzled look, as if confused with the question. "I'm... not sure. My senses are telling me there's something dangerous around. But it's not here." He looked in every direction expecting to see some sign of danger, but saw nothing.

      Troubled feelings stated rising in Trona. Something dangerous... that is yet isn't here? What does that mean? She didn't know, but Wildstrike was feeling something bad was happening. His senses were always the strongest out of all the Predacons, next to Rextooth.

      But did she have to worry? Nothing was happening where they were now. And if it was happening somewhere else, they couldn't do anything about it in a split second. Though she could do nothing, she would heed this warning.

      Trona simply spoke, "Well, whatever it is, we can't do anything about it...but stay alert and report back to me if something's off." Wildstrike nodded and so did Waveblast. Better safe than sorry.

      Suddenly, Trona felt prompted to ask about Predaking. She had nearly forgotten he was still on Cybertron. He was definitely someone she needed to check on. She had helped him find his way when he was lost in his beast mode from Shockwave's cloning. To Trona, he was like her child; her best friend almost.

      "Hey, Cutthroat, how is Predaking? I'd like to pay him a visit as an old friend. After matters are solved here, of course."

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    • (btw i am available for rping for the rest of today and tomorrow. And the Warpath thing could be a side plot if you want.)

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    • (I'm available for a while.)

      "Honestly, other than Warpath, nothing's wrong, we could head out now. If you want." Cutthroat then turned to Renegade. "Hey, I need you to stay back and look after the others. I'll be back pretty soon, I think. Can you do this while I'm gone?"

      "Absolutely." Cutthroat turned back to Trona. "You used your Groundbridge to get here,so we might as well take mine to see Predaking, let's go."


      Endgame scanned through the gasping crowd as he pushed Predaking's limp body to the ground. "You see this, Predacons? It is the body of your former leader. And do you know who killed him?" He paused for effect. "Me."

      "Which means you need a new leader, and who better than the one who killed your former?"

      The crowd seemed to know where this was going. One of the Predacons spoke. "We will never bow to you, killer!" 

      Endgame chuckled. "Funny, that you, an inferior being, think you can defy me. Now, you've seen how easily I got in and killed Predaking, do you think standing against me will make you any more likely to survive? No, it won't. Now you will all bow to me, or you will die."

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    • "I'll deal with Warpath later and relieve some weight off your shoulders," Trona replied to Cutthroat. She turned to her team, calling them. "Waveblast, Wildstrike, with me. We're going to pay a visit to Predaking."

      Cutthroat walked them to his ground bridge system and entered coordinates for Darkmount. Trona started walking towards it when she noticed Wildstrike once again tensing up.

      "What is Wildstrike?" Trona asked with a little more concern than before. He didn't look this way before.

      Wildstrike hissed. "Something's wrong. I felt it the moment I saw Predaking was at Darkmount."

      Trona's energon pulse began speeding up. She was getting nervous; Predaking was in trouble. Something was happening at Darkmount. Suddenly, the ground bridge opened and Cutthroat waved them over.

      Pressing her finger to her comlink, Trona said, "Waveblast, be ready for attack." She nodded at Wildstrike and Wavevlast and they nodded back. Trona didn't want to say her worries out loud to Cutthroat. She and her team quickly followed Cutthroat through the ground bridge.

      The first thing that appeared was the fortress. The dark tower that once belonged to the Decepticons didn't seem as dangerous in Predaking's hands/claws. Still, something tipped Wildstrike off. And it looked like Cutthroat was catching up on it.

      "Srange," he said. "There's usually a guard." They started to pick up the pace to the doors and walked through.

      As they climbed to the top, commotions of Predacons grew louder and Trona's worries grew larger. She ran in front of Cutthroat and Wildstrike followed her. Tall shadows of Predacons darkened the entrance to the throne room.

      Finally, Trona pushed through with the others behind her. All the attention drew to her. She could hear the Predacons whispering her name with excitement, and then gasping in worry for her life. They all turned to look at another Predacon in front of the throne. He looked straight at her with an unreadable expression.

      But then Trona looked down, at the strange Predacon's feet. There was the lifeless body of Predaking.

      And Trona's breath stopped.

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    • Cutthroat saw Predaking, dead, but that's not what made him angry. What made him angry was who did it. He saw Trona breathless, Wildstrike shocked, and Waveblast unaware of the fallen Predaking, Cutthroat knew they couldn't do anything...

      Without thinking he raised his arm as it shifted, into his weapon, a modified battle pistol which was dubbed S.L.I.S.E. He took aim, straight at Endgame's skull. 

      "Claws in the air, Endgame. This is your only warning, failure to comply will lead to decapitation, and I shall not miss." Endgame burst out in laughter.

      "Do you truly believe I'm scared of your pitiful threats, my old friend? Did you really forget what I'm capable of? You of all should know."

      Cutthroat fired, but Endgame stepped down and the shot missed.

      Trona's weaponry reached up and prepared to fire. "You know him?"

      "Yeah. I do." 

      Endgame then turned to Trona. "You must be Trona! I've heard a lot about you. But where are my manners? My name is Endgame and I have a small little history with your friend there." Endgame then lifted his arm and things shifted until they formed a large cannon. "Do you know what this is? It used to belong to Shockwave, but he loaned it to me. It's also immensely powerful." 

      He swiftly turned it to Cutthroat and fired. Cutthroat was hit with a blast of pure purple and he went flying backwards into the wall. Cutthroat sank to the ground and groaned. 

      Endgame turned it to Trona. "Your turn."

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    • Wildstrike immediately got into battle position, snarling and hissing at Endgame. Waveblast went back quickly and tended to Cutthroat to make sure he remained alive. Wildstrike began to move forward, but Trona put her hand in front of him.

      "Hold!" she said, her voice a little shaky. "I will deal with this new friend of ours." Endgame smirked down at her, still aiming his blaster at her.

      "My turn eh? That, what you did, was impressive. Really, I couldn't be more impressed in what Vehicons can do!" she mocked Endgame. Wildstrike chuckled.

      "Don't take it personally...Endgame? Is it? I can shoot a blaster too. But if you have heard the correct stories about me, then you know I can do much more than fire a blaster."

      Trona pulled out a small rod, pressing the button to activate its transformation into her Star Spear. She flipped it in the air and did a few tricks with it before positioning herself. All her emotions for the event that occured today were summed up in her words.

      "You're going to pay for the life that you stole."

      Oh, Trona couldn't wait to see his reaction. Whatever Endgame did next, she was bound to make it backfire.

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    • "Impressive." Endgame wasn't the least bit intimidated. "I have killed Shockwave, Predaking and soon you, do you really think you are anything special?" Endgame stepped forward, towards Trona. The crowd didn't interfere. 

      He heard Cutthroat groan: "You don't stand a chance." 

      Endgame snickered and dropped his cannon. "I don't even need that to destroy a pathetic human like you, or anything as primitive. I can defeat you with just my claws and mind." 

      He took another step forward. Wildstrike was about to go forward. "No! This is between your leader and myself, you, Predacon, will stand down. Wildstrike stopped. 

      Trona looked ready for anything Endgame did. "Lets make this fun."

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    • The first thing Trona did was chuckle, which turned into full on laughter. Everyone around looked confused, other than the team behind her.

      "I'm sorry, I just have to process that sentence real quick. It's funny...because that was exactly what Starscream said. And Arachnid, Shockwave, Unicron..." She purposefully paused to hear the surprised crowd. "Oh, well those cons aren't exactly doimg so hot now are they?

      "You're right on the primitive part, but you can't exactly scare me. In fact, dropping that cannon was probably the worst mistake you'll ever make. Besides killing Predaking, that is.

      "You wanna have some fun? Well I might just be the funnest person you'll ever meet...and the hardest person to kill."

      Without warning, Trona sprinted as fast as a Zezoraptor towards Endgame. Her Star spear in hand, she used the end to povolt upwards. She backflipped in the air and swung the norta blade across Endgame's arm. Not a fatal wound, but no less without danger; a line of energon painted the end of the Star spear.

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    • (Whenever you can, i'd love to continue this today and more tomorrow :)

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    • (This is my last reply for today, not sure about tomorrow though.)

      Endgame scowled. "Pathetic." Endgame had swiveled around to face Trona once again. "That you, human, believe a little stick can defeat me." 

      Trona didn't respond but instead she prepared for another go. Trona charged forward but Endgame sidestepped. "The greatest strike you will achieve was the previous one, do not hope for anything greater. I could end your life in less than a second if I wished, you saw what I did to the pathetic excuse for a Predacon, Predaking."

      The last remark just seemed to anger Trona. She charged again and this time Endgame flipped backwards just behind Wildstrike. He began to turn around towards Endgame, but before he did Endgame had pricked Wildstrike's neck with a thin wire and he stopped. 

      Trona never noticed. "You know Trona, for such an honorable human, you have a lousy aim." Endgame stepped back to Waveblast and did the same thing to him as he did to Wildstrike.

      Endgame took a few steps towards Trona again. "What's your next move?"

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    • (Alright I'll do my next post tomorrow or sometime)

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    • Trona growled at Endgame. He was well trained with defensive reflexes. But so was she; he couldn't kill her. He hadn't even made an offensive move on her. When he went to her team, she switched. “Stay away from them!” she shouted.

      Not only did she run towards him, she flipped and jumped straight over his head, landing in front of her team to protect them.

      “You want to fight me, than fight me! Not them! And you can quite toying with me, for a real warrior fights his own battles. Or I should say ‘her’ own battles,” Trona said.

      The remark seemed to anger Endgame. Then he started to chuckle villainously. Trona didn't let that get to her. She charged at him again, swinging her spear at his feet. Endgame jumped right over it, still chuckling. But this distracted him from seeing Trona pulling out her plasma gun and firing. It was made with the same power as Shockwave’s cannon. The purple blast hit Endgame’s back, leaving a large burnt patch and a groan behind.

      “Did I say something funny? Because I find it hilarious that you ain't fast enough to beat me,” Trona said, remarking Endgame's chuckling. “You can evade offense, but can you actually fight?”

      It wasn't easy to say, but listening to Endgame made her realize what cut him deep: his pride.

      “Anyone could have killed Predaking. That doesn't make you special. You’re just another traitor, same as the ones who tried killing me before.” Trona positioned herself and aimed her plasma gun at him.

      “You can try to kill me, but no one else has done it yet.”

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    • "But we're they me? No, they are nothing compared to me. And 'traitor?' I'm no traitor, for I am loyal to none lesser than me, which makes me loyal to myself alone."

      "But I commend you for trying to get me to surrender with your words of your own greatness. I also commend you for actually shooting me, but those make you no more than an almost decent enemy. However, that is all you will be to me."

      Trona was frowning. She fired her gun, missed and then grabbed her spear. "Don't be sad, your perhaps in at least the top three of my greatest adversaries. And as for fighting, I'd be more than happy to do it."

      Trona appeared to be getting annoyed. "Then do it all ready!"

      She slashed her spear back at Endgame, but he just stepped back and grabbed the side of it. He cracked off one end of it and then tossed it aside. 

      Trona just shrugged. "If you think that will be enough to beat me Endgame, you would've defeated me by now." She pulled out her pistol again and fired, actually hitting Endgame's side before he could move.

      Endgame scowled. "I guess you're better than you look. But I trust you have fought a Predacon before. But have you fought a."But we're they me? No, they are nothing compared to me. And 'traitor?' I'm no traitor, for I am loyal to none lesser than me, which makes me loyal to myself alone."

      "But I commend you for trying to get me to surrender with your words of your own greatness. I also commend you for actually shooting me, but those make you no more than an almost decent enemy. However, that is all you will be to me."

      Trona was frowning. "Don't be sad, your perhaps in at least the top three of my greatest adversaries. And as for fighting, I'd be more than happy to do it."

      Trona appeared to be getting annoyed. "Then do it all ready!"

      She slashed her spear back at Endgame, but he just stepped back and grabbed the side of it. He cracked off one end of it and then tossed it aside. 

      Trona just shrugged. "If you think that will be enough to beat me Endgame, you would've defeated me by now." She pulled out her pistol again and shot, actually hitting Endgame's side.

      Endgame scowled. "I trust you've fought a Predacon before? Yes, I know you have. But have you ever..." Endgame jumped backwards and breathed a large circle of fire around himself, thick enough that he couldn't even see through it. 

      He willed his form to change to a robotic pteranodon, an organic Earth pterosaur, and continued. "... Fought a Dinobot?" 

      He burst through the fire in his new form straight at Trona before sharply turning in front of her and then grabbing her in his claws. He then turned sharply again and released, sending Trona flying into a wall.

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    • Trona recollected herself with a groan. Unfortunately, she had never fought a Dinobot before. She had faced a variety of things. Megatronus Rex was much bigger than Endgame, but he was smart. Nothing could keep his insatiable ego down. No matter what she said or did, he'd find some way to bounce back. At least that's how it was when she fought alone.

      "I must admit...I have not fought a Dinobot Predacon hybid," Trona said. She got from the wall slam and slowly shifted in front of Cutthroat to signal him. She then pulled out two norta knives.

      "But then again, first time for everything. I think I might need a good push to start my practice..."

      With that in Endgame's mind, Trona backed up into Cutthroat's hand. He launched her towards Endgame like a dark lightning bolt. A battle cry irrupted from Trona's throat as she swung the norta knives at Endgame. Her blaze through left two blue scars on his pteranodon beak. He screeched and rubbed his wounds, but then switched to angrily hissing.

      Trona bounced off the wall and landed behind Endgame, who was swinging his claws and wings at her. During so, she realized how much she needed help from her team.

      "Waveblast, Wildstrike, now!" Trona said through the com-links. While Endgame continued to swipe at her, Trona listened and watched for any reaction from her teamates. They both stood there. Waveblast she could nderstand, but Waveblast never looked so still. He was viciously blank, like the other Zezoraptors that went against protocol. And Waveblast was constantly shifting his head in panic, almost looking for something. There must have been an imaginary scraplet on his resonance blaster.

      Something was wrong with them. But what?

      Trona didn't have time to yell at them or even stare in confusion, for Endgame clawed her norta knives out of her hands and jutted his beak down on her, wide open, ready to eat her. Trona used her bare hands to pry his beak wider, preventing him from closing down on her. But his aggression wouldn't stop and she couldn't hold on forever.

      "Cutthroat!" she shouted, hoping he hadn't lost himself.

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    • Endgame clawed at Trona, trying to get her to release his beak, so he could just end all of this. He strained his beak wider and wider as Trona lost her strength. He kept pushing, pushing, and pushing until...

      Endgame threw his beak open and Trona staggered backward, falling down. She began to move back up, but Endgame held her down and with his clawed wings he pinned down her hands. His beak drew ever closer. Trona closed her eyes and prepared to accept her fate. 

      The beak fully opened and loomed it over Trona's head, drawing forward slowly, taunting her. "Just kill me already." Endgame was obliged to do just that. He swiftly threw his beak down at Trona. 


      Endgame lay halfway across the room on his side. Cutthroat stood across from him, by the tampered Predacons, holding Shockwave's cannon. He nodded at Trona then turned back to Endgame. "That's what you were going to do? Of all the deaths you could have given you chose to just eat her? Wow, I thought you were better than that. Oh, and there's one more thing I've got to tell you: You lose." 

      Instead of looking defeated, Endgame smiled and then began to chuckle. "Not yet, old friend. Wildstrike! If you will." 

      Wildstrike's eyes narrowed and then he turned to Trona and stared right at her. Then he charged at her, and prepared to end her life.

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    • “Wildstrike?!” Trona cried in shock. He came bolting at her. His eyes were filled with fury and turned from blue to yellow. He let out a loud snarl and bolted towards her.

      Her first instinct was to slice him with her knife, but she couldn't forget that Wildstrike was not like the other Zezoraptors. At least he wasn't before. Wildstrike pounced into the air and targeted Trona with his large norta claw. She quickly back flipped out of striking range.

      That didn't stop his rage. He pounced at her again, but this time Trona fisted his head and knocked him over.

      Endgame sighed in annoyance. “Waveblast, dispose of this pest!” he commanded.

      Looking around in fear, Waveblast only stood where he was. “My Lord I… I can't see anything,” he said nervously.

      “What?!” Endgame roared. “Blind?! How useless! What kind of Predacons are following you, Trona?!”

      Trona was breathing hard. Whatever was happening, Waveblast had forgotten her teachings of how to rely on the other senses and forget that he was blind. But Wildstrike was recovering from his knock-out. She didn't want to hurt any of them, even if they had betrayed her somehow.

      “Sorry Endgame,” Trona said. “But I don't fight frauds who hide behind minions. Especially when they're my own team.” She turned to Cutthroat and pulled out her ground bridge opener.

      “Cutthroat!” she shouted. Trona darted to edge of Darkmount, jumping off the fortress. Cutthroat followed her. The ground bridge opened as they fell and transported to the Autobot base.

      Many Autobots and other kinds of bots looked at them confused as to what they were doing there. Trona stood up, her breath slowing, and turned to Cutthroat and jumped right on top of him.

      “What the FRAG happened to my team?!”

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    • "Oh, I'm sorry, was I too busy getting shot at too have mentioned that?" Cutthroat pushed Trona off. "Your team isn't your team anymore. Endgame messed with their minds." He turned away from Trona. "They no longer fight with you. They fight with him now and will not be swayed back." 

      Cutthroat also heard Trona stand up. "How do you know all this?" Cutthroat growled. "That's for me to know and you to ponder." 

      Trona sighed from annoyance. "What do you think we should do?" Cutthroat began to chuckle evilly. "Find them... and show no mercy to any."


      Endgame was snarling. "Waveblast! You're blind! There is no purpose to keep you alive! None!"

      Endgame stopped talking for a second, as if counseling the voices in his head. "Unless..." Endgame activated his comm unit. "Crypto!" There was static and then, "Yes, my lord?"

      "I need a groundbridge! And make room for guests. Lots of guests..."

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    • Trona was rather shocked at what Cutthroat said. No mercy? To whom, her team? That was not gonna fly past her. And somehow Cutthroat knew Endgame could do this- brainwash. He must have known because one of his teammates was turned as well. She, of course, had experience with brainwashed teammates...but she realized she upset Cutthroat by asking about it, and getting angry with him.

      She took a deep breath. “Alright, I'm sorry for getting angry with you…” Cutthroat looked at her, surprised. “ just happened so quickly and it's not the first time that this has happened… “ Trona paused and contemplated whether or not she would tell him.

      “But if you plan on killing my team, whether they are my team anymore, than Endgame is the one who should be getting no mercy. Not them. And I would like to have some info on him. Like what he uses this ability on and what for,” Trona said.

      Cutthroat looked away from her and then back. “Alright. But we need to inform everyone that Predaking is dead and that Endgame has arrived.”

      Trona nodded. “Good. Let's do that. I'll check in with the rest of my team afterwards.”

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    • (Are you alive?)

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    • (Sorry, I've just been inactive for a while. I don't have time to reply tonight, but probably tomorrow I can.)

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    • "Endgame is smart and cunning. He appears to have a plan all played out, but as you deal with him, he completely flips it on you. He's used this ability before, but it was a longer process. My, er, friend said it was immensely painful. He said he cried out in pain, but Wildstrike and Waveblast didn't cry out or anything." He paused for a second. "How do you reckon Endgame got hold of their psyche?"

      Endgame stepped through the opening of the groundbridge, after the other Predacons had past. He believed he'd gained their loyalty, as they all seemed to respect Trona, and anyone who could defeat Trona was certainly deserving of respect. As he looked forward, he saw Cryptoflame guiding the new arrivals to a group of soldiers standing aside.

      He walked towards Endgame and bowed respectfully. "Crypto, I had an idea about a Predacon working with Trona. I, er, converted him, but it turns out he's blind. I have a plan for him." Endgame told Cryptoflame his plan and he walked away, taking Waveblast with him.

      "Wildstrike!" Endgame called out to Wildstrike and he soon appeared by his lord. "I have a special assignment for you." He lead Wildstrike away from the crowd. 

      Once far enough away, he activated his comm unit. "Someone get me a groundbridge to that island we've been investiging!" Soon a groundbridge appeared and Endgame lead Wildstrike through. 

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    • "I'm not sure how Endgame could get to them," Trona answered. "He's quick, I suppose. I've only dealt with one other...creature...with this ability, to somehow influence others to follow it. And your friend said he went through the conversion, right?" Cutthroat nodded. 

      "So, since he was already affected, does that mean that he is immune?" Trona asked, hoping it would be true. She had an idea. "If so, then a few of my teammates may be able to fight without being changed."

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    • "I'm not sure. He went through the whole process, and, er, fell in line with Endgame. His friends knocked him out of it though, before he could fully be changed."

      "I... I mean he, was lucky to have gone through it and come back."

      Trona frowned at him for a moment, then she spoke.

      "It was you wasn't it?" Cutthroat didn't answer. "You were the one brainwashed, right?" 

      Cutthroat nodded and turned away from Trona. "You know, I still trust you. I can still fight Endgame with you."

      Cutthroat cracked. "You think you can help me Trona! What have you fought, huh? Starscream? Zezoraptors? A snake? Endgame defeated you without any weapons. You don't stand a chance. All you are is a human, Trona. That's it, you're not special." 

      Cutthroat could tell his words had hurt Trona, but he didn't care if they hurt her. Trona had her groundbridge opener in her hand from earlier. Cutthroat grabbed it and opened a groundbridge. He dropped it and stepped through. 

      "One more thing, Trona. Stay out of my way." And he was gone.

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    • These words were familiar to Trona. She had heard them so many times from both the Autobots and the Decepticons. But words coming from a friend, or at least she thought he was a friend, it hurt more than a scraplet bite. Cutthroat may not have known what she had been through, but she wanted to tell him so badly.

      Every friend she made cut her skin. One more person to offer trust that she could not give. Only her Predacon team knew about her past and how much sacrifice she gave. Cutthroat had a dark past too, and she wanted to him to know that he wasn't alone.

      When Cutthroat walked through the ground bridge, Trona choked. Not only had she lost two of her teamates- her own sons -but she lost her friend. Picking up the ground bridge opener slowly, she didn't know what to do. She tapped her finger on the side of the device, thinking.

      Maybe immunity is still possibly, but I shouldn't risk it, Trona thought. Icebreath and Scorchmark are the strongest of the team...

      A spark lit up in the back of Trona's mind. Predacons...Endgame had only changed Predacons. Could he only change Predacons? She caught her breath in hope. There was a way to stop him. Maybe it wasn't true, but it was a hope. Hope was all anyone needed to win.

      Trona turned and saw all the Autobots, Decepticons, etc. They were all she needed. Maybe Cutthroat was right about her being weak, as so many had told her that before, but if there was one thing she was good at it's never giving up. And bringing people together.

      Cutthroat was gone, All Spark only knows where. So she was going to set this place up straight amd ready for a fight with Endgame. And Trona knew exactly who to start with. But first she had to get her team here.

      Trona turned on her comm link. "Icebreath? You there?"

      "Yes, Trona. I'm here," Icebreath answered.

      "Good. I need you to get everyone over here. Put up the sheild around the base as soon as you leave," Trona ordered.

      "What's going on? Is something wrong?"

      Trona sighed. "I'm afraid so."

      "Do you want any weapons? Or Protocol Z?"

      "Only another spear, nothing else. You won't need anything but yourselves. Quick as you can."

      "On it, Prima." The comm link went off. And Trona was calmer.

      Now she needed to find the troublemaker, Warpath. "Oi! Anyone here know where I can find Warpath?!"

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    • Cutthroat emerged in a small chamber, about ten times his size. In the middle glowed a huge blue orb, taking up most of the chamber, a gigantic spark. Then suddenly all around him a booming voice spoke.    

      "So the Prime has returned. I never thought I'd see the day. Come to visit an old friend? "

      Cutthroat just sighed. "I told you to stop calling me that. And no, I'm here for more  dire reasons."

      "I thought so... What do you need then, Prime?"

      "Metroplex! I'm not a Prime! I never have been, never will."

      "I guess you're right, having the Matrix of Leadership and having the ability to wield  a Star Sabre doesn't make you a Prime."

      "I don't appreciate the sarcasm. Now I need you to run a search of every groundbridge that's recently opened. Tell me anything suspicious."

      "Whatever, Prime. I am right now." There was a click. "But why?"

      "Because an old enemy's back."

      "Hmm, there's a weird groundbridge in Skorponok's husk and- Wait! A groundbridge is opening from this locaation, going out to some island on Earth."

      "Trona mentioned an island on Earth, and I have a feeling Endgame doesn't go to the Bahamas for annual summer vacations. Metroplex! Open a spacebridge to that island and give me the Star Sabre."

      With that a large sword came up in a sealed glass chamber, a warm blue glow emitting from it. Cutthroat went over and took it    out of the chamber when it opened.

      He then spun back around and proceeded to enter the spacebridge.

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    • (Hello?)

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    • (heh sorry I didnt know what to write.)

      "I can go get Warpath for you," answered Renegade to Trona.

      "Actually, tell him to go to the training room. I'll meet with him shortly," Trona said. Renegade nodded and went off to find Warpath. Trona casually paced around to wait for her team before going to meet with a new student.

      "Attention!" Icebreath shouted. All the rest of the predacon team was lined up and ready to listen to commands. "Trona has informed me that she wants all of us on Cybertron with her. I have the coordibates, so be ready to go. And she requested another spear. Tazor, fetch another one, if you will."

      Tazor nodded and ran to get one, while Scorchmark made a joke on Rextooth being the fetcher, earning himself a growl and death stare from Rex. Suddenly, the computer started beeping.

      "Ice, we got bridge opening on the far west side," Razor annonced. "It's coming from Cybertron."

      "I thought Trona wanted us with her on Cybertron. Why would she come back now?" Scorchmark wondered.

      Icebreath shook her head and Razor, confused, scrunched her eyes. "No, it's not Trona. She would have bridged in here. Someone else is here," Icebreath concluded. She was starting to get a bad feeling.

      Another signal popped on the screen. Rextooth started growling and twitched his tail. They were red signals,indicating the Zezoraptor pack. They were all heading for the bridge that opened. Whoever came out of that bridge was walking into the teeth and claws of the pack. This was a chance to get away.

      "Razor, raise the sheilds. Scorch, open the spacebridge and then shut down the computer," Icebreath ordered with slightly stressed rush. They all nodded and started their commands.

      Tazor came back with a spear. "What's going on?" he asked.

      "We are leaving now. Someone is here and it's not Trona," Icebreath answered. Panic flooded everyone's mind ad the shield went up and the spacebridge opened. What would happen next, no one knew. But the newcomer would not be happy with the greeting party.

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    • Cutthroat emerged on the coast covered in sand. When he looked down at the small substance, he frowned. He'd only seen sand once, but even then he'd hated it. All it did was get stuck up in his gears and screwed everything up. Sighing, he thought, What's even the point of sand? It doesn't even- His thoughts were cut off however when he saw something unusual leading into the jungle- dozens of tracks.

      Endgame sliced his way through the jungle, Wildstrike and the pack of Zezaraptors trailing behind. Chopping through the trees, Endgame had a moment of silence to think. If Cutthroat found a way to track him, he would be located soon. Cutthroat was smart... He'd be here soon.

      Cutthroat followed the tracks deep into the jungle. As he gazed around he saw trees and ferns lying on the ground, chopped down. He went on.

      Endgame and his pack emerged into a clearing, where he saw too, tracks. He scowled as he noticed deep imprints in the mud, Predacon tracks. He scowled as he heard a twig snap in the distance. There was something out here and he already knew who it was. 

      "Zezaraptors! Your time has come to prove yourselves to your new master. Hunt down the Predacon in the jungle, and bring him to me."

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    • (Umm...I dont know who it is XD. Is it Megatronus Rex?)

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    • (Cutthroat)

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    • (oh ok uh...what do I do next?)

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    • (I dunno... maybe if my blog worked We'd have more people to help in this RP :( 

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    • (Don't worry we got this! 83)

      The space bridge opened. Trona's head shot up with worry and eagerness. Please let that be my team. Please let them be alive. Please don't let them be turned over to the bad side. So many tiny prayers were said in her head before anyone walked through the bridge.

      A large Predacon head low to the ground with Norta fangs came first. Rextooth walked out with caution. Trona smiled at him even though he couldn't see. When he spotted Trona, his head shot up as well and his eyes filled with happiness. He ran over to her with glee.

      "Hey, Rexy!" Trona said, reaching out and stroking his head. He snuggled closer to her. Right behind him, Icebreath and the twins came out with their guns out, scanning in all directions. Scorchmark came out casually with a small smile, as if nothing could go wrong.

      "Icebreath, at ease. We are safe here," Trona called out to her team. Icebreath nodded and they all shifted their weapons away. Tazor walked up and gave Trona a new spear. "Thank you, T."

      "What's the trouble here, Prima?" Icebreath asked.

      Trona started from the beginning. From when they arrived, to Predaking's death- a few choked sobs in between -to when Endgame had turned Waveblast and Wildstrike. Shock swept through the whole team.

      "It's happening all over again," Scorchmark said with a wince, regarding dark memories. "With Predaking dead...and our team controlled, I-I can't believe...oh Trona I'm so sorry." He exchanged a sorrowful look to his leader.

      "We will be here for you. No matter what stands in our way," Razor reassured. Everyone knelt down to be closer to Trona's level.

      "I'm not sure there's much we can do," Trona said with a doubtful tone. "I have a new student to get to, and Cutthroat just up and left after..." She stopped and remembered the harsh words her friend had said to her. She hoped that he was safe-

      Beep-beep! Her scanner went at her side. Trona held it up and examined it. Someone was on the island. Two someones. And she had a bad feeling it was her friend and newly made enemy.

      "Oh no! Trona, we forgot to tell you-" Tazor exclaimed.

      "Cutthroat! Endgame! THEY'RE ON THE ISLAND!!" Trona finished Tazor with fierce worry.

      "We'll go back, Trona! We'll stop him," Icebreath strongly stated.

      "No no, I can't risk losing you all to Endgame. I have to save Cutthroat myself."

      "Trona! You can't fight alone! What about the pack and-"

      "I'm well aware of the dangers!" Trona overruled Icebreath's concern. "Nonetheless, Cutthroat's in danger and you are not coming! Ice, go deal with the Autobot named Warpath. Train him until I get back. If any of you go back to the island, than I will KILL you!!!"

      Trona opened the bridge and started to walk through when Rextooth whimpered. She quickly touched his spark with care before stepping through.

      She could hear them. Even through the loud jungle, the Zezoraptor pack snarls were unmistakable. Trona was not far, but far enough to avoid the sense of smell the pack had. Among the commotion, she could hear the cold voice of Predaking's murderer. So badly she wanted to ran at him and slice his smug face off. But he was standing behind a wall of Norta claws. She'd be going into an Energon bath.

      With all this craziness happening, soon, he would arrive.

      Another shout of command came from Endgame. He issued an attack. She took a moment to remember that Cuttroat was here. She picked up his signal and position. With all the Zezoraptors set on him, he was sure to die. Strength rested upon numbers in this situation. At Zezoraptor speed, Trona ran in Cutthroat's direction. Midway, she pulled out her sword, ready to fight. An opening came; there was Cutthroat, and there was the pack. Full speed and power, Trona roared and sliced away.

      Every Zezoraptor came rushing at her filled with rage. She blocked their teeth and claws that came dangerously close to her. It was reckless to think, but she hoped that Cutthroat would stay back and watch her. She had to prove to him that she was not useless like he thought. And Trona was pretty sure she was doing a good job at it. Almost all the pack was hit by her. The only one that was recognizable wasn't in view yet; Wildstrike. The last few she knocked away and scanned quickly around for the sight of her teammate. But her desperation left her vulnerable. A rock ledge stood behind her. Wildstrike lept from it with his Norta claw out first. It tore across her back, leaving a clean line of energon and a shout in pain. Wildstrike stood on top of her, ready to close his jaws on her. Other Zezoraptors with little damage began to get up and head to Cutthroat. 

      No...I will not fall so easily, Trona thought. Maybe Cutthroat...and all of them, are right

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    • Trona was too late, Cutthroat was already severely wounded, he didn't stand a chance. Or, he wouldn't, had he been anyone else. He thrusted himself upward, Star Sabre unsheathed. He faced down the other Zezaraptors. "I'll kill you all!"

      He swung, Predacons fell as he made his stand. He fought well, very well.


      But it wasn't enough. He was surrounded, overwhelmed, defeated. They struck faster than he could swing . The charged, sliced, ripped. Cutthroat fell.


      Endgame smiled at his prize, Wildstrike beside him. "You fight well, Wildstrike, and your loyalty has been proven. You have brought me Cutthroat, and a new servant." 

      Wildstrike grinned from the praise. "What would you like for me to do with them?"

      The rumble Endgame had heard earlier was coming closer. "Cutthroat is worthless to me, I believe what is behind that rumble will take care of him, he is too weak to defend himself. As for Trona, she will be perfect for my needs, bring her." 

      Then to the pack he exclaimed, "come my pets, we're leaving." A spacebridge opened and they left, leaving Cutthroat alone in the mud.

      The rumble was now close, just as Cutthroat was regaining his senses. There it was again, extremely close now. 


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    • Wildstrike dragged Trona by her arm, severing her skin. She clawed back at him to fight back, but more Zezoraptors pinned her down with their claws. Energon continued to bleed out of her. A space bridge opened and Endgame silhouette calmly walked through.

      Megatron would not be impressed,Trona thought with pain and disappointment. I suppose neither is Cutthroat. I came to help him and this is all he got; a weak good-for-nothing human

      But she couldn't just let the Zezoraptors capture her like this. She had strength left, though it was well hidden. And she could hear the footsteps of what would finish Cutthroat off if she was taken. She had won against far worse odds in the past.

      There was one item still in her possession that could tip them off. They brought her so close to the spacebridge, she had to act fast. Trona forced her body to the ground, making the Zezoraptors drop her. They snarled before moving back to her, which gave her the perfect moment. She quickly rolled over and flipped off the ground, grabbing her plasma gun and setting it to high power. Trona jumped back while firing away at three Zezoraptors, all of which were blasted through the spacebridge. Wildstrike she stunned instead. She pulled out her groundbridge device and hacked the spacebridge, forcing it to close.

      “You're not taking me today!” Trona proclaimed. She looked back to Cutthroat who was wounded with claw marks. All she had was something to close his wounds. Luckily she snatched it from Waveblast’s med kit. But she didn't grab the tool she needed to patch her wounds up.

      I can hold on long enough for Cutthroat. I only hope Endgame hasn't figured out my team isn't here. Trona ran over to Cutthroat and began tending to his wounds. She was still in pain, but she just had to bare it and move on. And fast; he was almost here.

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    • Cutthroat tried not to look at Trona, afraid of what she might say. He looked down at one of his arms, ripped open, a purple Energon dripping down. He tried hiding it but Trona was too quick. 

      "What's wrong with your arm?" She touched it gently, and he winced.

      "My blood...Dark Energon...long story...doesn't matter. Your med kit...not good enough...need...real medic." He grimaced with every word spoken. 

      Trona gingerly touched his spark. "Its ok, we'll find one." Cutthroat shook his head.

      "Ratchet...Perceptor...exploring space. Knockout...gone missing." He stopped, thinking. "But I may know a guy...Hook...great medic, a Constructicon...last I saw fixing my base. After a build they like their privacy...I know someone who knows where they go, and he still owes me a favor."

      "Who?" Cutthroat didn't answer. "Give me...groundbridge opener." Trona handed it to him and he started typing in coordinates. 

      A groundbridge opened and Trona got upped and walked towards it. At the groundbridge she stopped. "Where are he going?" 

      "A cave." He got up and walked towards the groundbridge. "And we're seeing Starscream." He pushed her through and stepped through himself.

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    • “What?!” Trona exclaimed as Cutthroat pushed her through the spacebridge. She crashed onto hard rock. She let out a groan from landing on the cut from Wildstrike. When she got up, she saw the mark of energon left behind. She hoped that whoever Cutthroat came to, they were going to help them.

      If Starscream really is here, Trona thought while gritting her teeth, then he better behave.

      The last time Trona saw him was when she left him to Predaking, Darksteel, and Skylynx to be devoured if chosen. He was simply beaten nearly to death, the same way Megatron had so long ago. Every Decepticon she came upon asked why she hated Starscream so much. It was simple really. He was traitorous, selfish, careless, stupid, and annoying. He had tried to kill Megatron so many times and could not be trusted with anything. Unless you wanted to be embarrassed; he was good at doing that.

      Starscream had mutual feelings for Trona. He always insulted her and found her worthless, even when she had proved to be the exact opposite. That very reason was why she struggled to keep her emotions down with Cutthroat. He insulted her, thought she was worthless, and didn't even care that she was wounded as badly as he was. She at least tried to save his spark!

      But she had to keep her frustration in. One day he will understand, Trona thought. One day I'll tell him the truth, and then maybe he'll rethink for a change.

      “So then,” Trona said. “Where are we?”

      The spacebridge closed behind the wounded Cybertronian. The rumble that he had heard was finally here. A pair of rage filled eyes glowed yellow and focused on the attack zone. Loud, vibrating feet approached the scene leaving three-toed footprints behind. A massive prehistoric head filled with sharp metal teeth rose out of the shadows of the skyscraper rainforest trees. It was twice as big as Predating in beast mode. This was Megatronus Rex.

      The flightless Predacon stomped into the grove where a dozen dead Zezoraptors littered the earth. Small Energon pools formed around them and stared at the world with their cold, spark-less eyes. There was dark energon stains where the newcomer Predacon had been. Megatronus Rex sniffed at the ground where a lonely blue energon pool sat. It belonged to Trona. He growled and then let out a roar that chilled the very core of the Earth.

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    • "Lascaux- could you hand...medical kit?" Trona handed it over, and Cutthroat worked on his throat. A few seconds later he handed back the med kit and smiled. "Ah, that's better. Voice box was messed up, I can talk in full sentences now! Anyhow, as I was saying, Lascaux is a cave in southwestern France. It's known for the Paleolithic cave paintings, because of those it was closed to the public in 2008."

      "I know you hate Starscream, Trona but you've got to deal with him."

      "You don't know anything about me! You know why I hate Starscream? Because he's just like you! You don't even care I was almost killed trying to save you!"

      "Then you shouldn't have came! I hate you Trona! You can't even defend yourself against your own primitive enemies. You think you can take on everything, but you can't! I can't believe I was ever friends with you! We're going to get fixed up, then you're going away, and I never want to see you again!" 

      He walked on, silent, deeper into the cave.


      Ten minutes later, Trona and Cutthroat stood in a large cavern, still silent. 

      Finally Trona spoke, "Where's Starscream?" 

      Out of the shadows, a voice spoke. "Right here, hello again Trona." Starscream stepped out. 

      Trona scowled. "Hello Starscream." With more than a little bitterness in her voice.

      Out of nowhere, Cutthroat spoke up. "Where's Hook?" 

      "Cutting right to the chase, are we, Cutthroat?" 

      "Where is he!" A little scared now, Starscream pointed behind him. "Rrr...Right there, sir." Cutthroat turned around, to see a large green robot. "Hi, Hook, I need a favor."


      Endgame towered above his Wildstrike and his new pets, a smug look on his face. 

      "Your not angry, sir?" Endgame chuckled. "Of course not! I got what I wanted: your proven loyalty! I never expected Trona to be captured! She's still alive, I feel it. Anyways, none of that matters right now. I'm bringing you into my inner circle, come I'm going to a meeting with the others, then I will unveil my master plan.


      Cutthroat stepped towards Trona, whom had also been repaired by the Constructicon. He looked towards Hook and thanked him before he spoke to Trona. 

      "Now leave, I never want to see you again, ever. We're no longer friends."

      Trona, hurt, punched something into her groundbridge opener, and a portal opened. She looked back at him, appearing to be on the verge of tears, and then left.


      There, Endgame Sat, upon a throne made for a king. Wildstrike on one side of a table, Cryptoflame across him. 

      "Are we all ready to begin?" They nodded and Endgame began speaking.

      "I believe you understand I can only sway Predacons?" The two Predacons nodded. "Well, I have formulated a plan to take control of all creatures, Predacon and not. I have tracked down information on a creature that will make my systems upgraded to a much more powerful position!"

      "And what would this creature be called, my Lord?"

      "The creature which I shall soon evolve, my friends, is known as the Acroux Viper.


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    • (OOOOHH DANG!!! XD)

      Trona walked through the spacebridge into the Cybertron base. Tears formed in her eyes, but she quickly pushed them away. She was jumbled in anger and didn't know what to do next.

      I can't believe he said all that to me! He hates me? Why?! What have done wrong?! I've only ever helped him, I've never done anything to hurt him… Trona paused in thought for moment and realized she was wrong.

      Oh grrr I knew I should've kept my mouth shut! I hurt him by comparing him to Starscream. He's nothing like him! He's brave, strong, kind- maybe not to me anymore. Why he hurt me truly, i might never know now. Now that he's ended our friendship, I don't know what to do.

      Trona marched up to her team, all of them with completely worried expressions. Icebreath was walking back with slight irritation on her face.

      “Gracious stars, Trona, are you alright?” Razor came up to her leader and wrapped her wing around her.

      “I'm fine,” Trona replied with a low voice.

      “Where's Cutthroat? What happened?” Scorchmark questioned.

      “He's fine. He'll be fine without us!” Trona shouted toward where the spacebridge had been. She placed her hand on her head as a headache came on.

      “What did he do to you? What did he say?”

      “He said just that. He doesn't need us anymore. Cocky selfish son of a scraplet!” Another headache, this one sharper than the other, pierced her head.

      “Oh he's one of those Predacons now?” Icebreath said with disgust. “Scrap him, he doesn't deserve a friend like you if he's treated you like that!”

      “Did the training not go well then?” Tabor asked, scooching further away from Icebreath.

      “Heck no! That Warpath is arrogant and poorly disciplined. And he was looking at me like I was some sort of goddess. So I just left him there.” Icebreath folded her arms with frustration.

      “We might as well just leave them all,” Trona said bitterly. Everyone looked at her like she was a different person.

      “But what about Wildstrike and Waveblast? We can't just-”

      “We can't do anything if we don't stand together!” Trona shouted. “Cutthroat has made it clear that he doesn't want to see me again. We'll just go home and protect ourselves while we-”

      An unbearable headache stabbed Trona’s head, forcing a cry of pain out. She grabbed her head. Sudden images began flashing in her mind as she clenched her eyes shut. Red eyes blared. A sharp hiss echoed in her ears. Norta fangs bit down into metal, but not just any metal. It belonged to Endgame. A silver streamline creature slithered towards a much afraid Cutthroat while Endgame grew in power.

      “Trona! What's wrong?” a voice called to her. The pain washed away and Trona could see again. Her team surrounded her in concern, their limbs reached out to her.

      “I know what Endgame is after,” Trona said softly. “And it's not good. We have to warn Cutthroat.”

      “You said he didn't want to see you again. He might not listen. And what is Endgame after-” Scorchmark tried asking, but was interrupted by Trona again.

      “If we can't warn Cutthroat, we have to stop Endgame. He may have said we weren't friends anymore, but I'm not going to abandon him when he needs our help. Especially when he could die. I will still be a friend whether he wants me to be or not,” she declared. She opened up a spacebridge and commanded everyone else to follow.

      “But what is Endgame after?!” Scorchmark protested.

      “The Acroux!!”

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    • Cutthroat watched Trona’s saddened form leave, and he felt nothing, no pain or sorrow, just nothing. I don’t need her. I’m fine on my own, he thought, annoyed. I’ll find Endgame and the others myself.  Afraid to call base, he spoke to someone else through his comm unit. 

      “Metroplex!” Static pierced his ears, and then a deep male voice responded.

      “Yeah, Prime?” 

      “Not in the mood, Metroplex.”  

      “Oh, uh, sorry. So, what do you want, Cutthroat?” 

      “Spacebridge, quick, you know where.” 

      “Yeah, sure thing.” Behind him, a spacebridge opened and Cutthroat turned to step through, but before he could, an all-too-familiar voice piped up. “And where do you think you’re going?” Starscream asked. Cutthroat shot him. ***

      Wildstrike gasped. “You don’t mean the Acroux do you?” Wildstrike wondered, a hint of fear in his voice. 

      “The one and only.”

      “Sir, with all due respect, you can’t control the Acroux, it’s just too powerful!” 

      “I control, all, Wildstrike. It will bend to my will, I assure you of it.”  

      “Yes, my Lord, I should have never doubted you.”   

      "Now, without further interruptions, shall we continue?”  They silently nodded and he continued. “I believe I have located, the Acroux. Crypto, remember that Spacebridge location I spoke of? We’re going there.”  *** (Negora, I don’t know, where ‘there’ is, lets say you go there and Endgame and Trona meet again.)

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    • (I was thinking that the Acroux is on one of Cybertron’s moon. Trona locked it up in a bolted up cave.)

      The air on the moon was much colder than Cybertron and the island. Scorchmark must've made at least a dozen remarks on the temperature. Except Icebreath who was used to cold surrounding her, considering her abilities. Trona had commanded that the others stay behind and hide among the Cybertronians. The sky above was wispy with galaxy dust and the domain was complete rock. Their destination was up ahead.

      Trona approached the shivering stone of the mountain and scanned the details. She pushed against the slab. It slid over and showed a scanner. Placing her hand on the screen, it flashed green. The mountain wall lowered and revealed a ten foot thick Cybertronian metal door. A small keypad was at the center. Trona entered the password in and the doors opened up slowly.

      You can never be too safe, Trona thought lightly. Especially from such a danger.

      A dark tunnel become dimly lit by ceiling lights. They walked in and the doors closed behind them followed by the mountain wall. Up ahead, another set of thick metal doors had a keypad. There was no sign of destruction, so Endgame had not arrived yet, but he would be there soon. Trona typed the password in and the doors only opened slightly, big enough for a human to slip through. Before she could enter, her Predacons stopped her.

      “Wait! Trona-” Icebreath exclaimed. “-are you sure that Endgame will be here?”

      “Even if he doesn't know where the Acroux is, I'd rather be safe than sorry,” Trona calmly said to try and reassure her second in command. Scorchmark winced as Trona walked in and closed the doors, but said nothing. He was lost in painful memory.

      A small room lit with white and blue as Trona entered. In the center of it, there was a pedestal that had red lazors serving as bars around an object. She turned the lazors off and sat in silence before reaching out to grab the object. It was a cylinder filled with thick red liquid. Inside was a small silver snake, slumbering away.

      Trona took a deep breath. She reached out and took the small prison from the pedestal. The most dangerous creature in the universe laid in her hands. “Hello again, old enemy. Been a long time, hasn't it? Someone wants to try and control you, and we all know that's not going to go well. I'm just going to take you on a trip to keep you away from this guy, alright?” Silence replied. “Good. I'm glad we have an understanding.”

      The doors opened slightly again and Icebreath and Scorchmark were watching Trona’s every step with cautious looks. They stood in between her to act as personal guard. They had succeeded.

      But it was short lived. When they reached the entrance doors- even though they were ten feet thick -Trona could hear voices outside. And then a large bang came from the walls. Endgame was here.

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    • "Get this door open!" Gunfire erupted from his Predacon army, so did fire, and anything else they conjured up. But even the combined strength of all of them wasn't enough to get the doors open. 

      Before he could yell to the others to hit harder, he noticed Cryptoflame out of the corner of his eye, stooped down at the control panel, trying to get the door open. Then he saw him literally start to become a different person, until he looked excactly like Trona.

      He put his hand on the scanner, and the door opened. He smiled and moved in to the next door. He called for Wildstrike, and signaled for the others to stay behind. Crypto changed back to his normal form, and continued on, stopping near the lock to the next door, he pulled out a small little device and placed it on the lock.

      A few moments later, a large hole rested where the lock had been, and Endgame silently asked Crypto if the locks were down. 

      He nodded and told him to close the door behind them. He happily obliged, and Endgame blasted the door open.


      Cutthroat stalked around a deserted base, looking for clues as to where everyone had gone. There wasn't a Predacon in sight, which was strange, considering who was leading the show here. 

      Then out of nowwhere, "Trona? Trona are you here to help me?"

      Cutthroat called back. No, but it's me, Cutthroat. Waveblast, is that you?"

      "Yes, sir. They have me locked in here." Cutthroat turned, and, unsuprisingly, a locked door layed in sight. He crept up to it, and quickly ripped the door open. Inside, on the floor, Waveblast sat, waiting patiantly. "

      "How'd you get in here?" To which the blind medic responded, "they decided I wasn't of use to them. This gave me some time to think, and I remembered who I really was, and everything Trona taught me. I broke out of Endgame's brainwashing. Why are you here?"

      "Endgame left for some reason, I came here to stop him but he was already gone. Do you know why?" He shrugged. "My memories are still kind of foggy, but the said something about the 'Acroux Viper,' I feel like I should know that name for some reason though. But, I overheard something even more useful."

      "And what's that?"

      "Coordinates to where they're going: the moon."


      Endgame turned to Cryptoflame as the trio of heroes gazed at him in awe, or maybe it was terror, he didn't know, nor care. "Crypto, do your best 'impression' of Trona." He smiled and his shape began to change as the other Predacons and the real Trona looked on in terror.

      With Trona's voice, he spoke into his comm system. "Razor, I need help, we're surrounded, bring everyone!"

      "But you said-"

      "Don't mind what I said right now, come quick."

      "Okay, Trona."

      Trona looked over at him, horrified. Endgame spoke. "Well done, Cryptoflame, but don't just stand there, introduce yourself."

      Still with trona's appearence and voice, he said, "Yes, Lord Endgame. Doesn't it sound nice when you say it? But no matter, you'll all be saying it soon enough. I'm Cryptoflame, master of espionage, breaking and entering, loyalty to my master, and shapeshifting." He stook out his hand and grinned.



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    • Trona clenched her teeth and nervously clutched onto the Acroux Viper container. Scorchmark and Icebreath positioned themselves, but Scorch was afraid of Endgame. Only afraid of what he could do to him, what had been done to him once before. Icebreath had been through the same, but none of the others had endured their trials. They would surely turn.

      “Don't look so tense,” Endgame said slyly. “If you hand over the Acroux Viper, you have my word that you won't remember your human pet dying.” He smiled at them. The mindful Predacons turned to beast mode and growled at him.

      “You are foolish to think you can control it!” Trona protested. She shielded the Acroux with her body. Even though she hated it with a passion, she would rather not find out the hard way whether Endgame really could control it or not.

      “Try brilliant. Because I can! I control everything. And soon I will control you!” Endgame pounced forward in the blink of an eye with his manipulative wire out and ready. “At all costs, it must be kept safe,” Ice said to Trona. She nodded and allowed her team to fight back. She had to trust that they would not have the same fate as the others.

      Icebreath rammed her dragon head into Endgame, knocking him back momentarily. Scorchmark let loose his powerful flames to where he was, but Endgame barely missed it. A burn was left on his arm. Endgame hissed and lunged forward, wire to the neck. Scorchmark gripped at the touch of the wire and growled in irritation. Endgame was then tackled by Icebreath. He flipped the chances and tackled her back.

      Icebreath fought with her strength to keep the wire away from her as Endgame did the opposite. They were at a stand still. With a glare, Icebreath powered up her frozen flames and blasted away. Endgame jumped off of her to get out of the freeze zone, but still managed to nick Icebreath with the wire. She imitated Scorchmark with the same actions. Endgame began to laugh.

      “Why must you make it so easy for me, Trona?” he taunted. “No matter how hard you try, you can't protect your Predacons from me. Icebreath! Fetch the Acroux Viper for me.” He awaited the despair of the human.

      Trona remained unchanged in movement. She simply watched her Predacons behind Endgame as they shook their heads in irritation. When he called for Icebreath, she looked to him, but showed no sign of loyalty in her eyes. She growled at him.

      “Icebreath?!” Endgame was confused as to why she didn't respond to him.

      “We will never bow to you!” Icebreath declared. She and Scorchmark screeched with pride. They shoved Endgame aside as they ran back to shield their true leader.

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    • "So, if they're all gone-" Waveblast intervened. "Yes, they're all there, everyone, except me obviously."

      "Trona can't stand against everyone. We need to get there, quick!" Waveblast agreed, then he looked back at Cutthroat. "Predacons are tough. We're going to need an army to fight them too."

      Cutthroat stood there in thought, before turning on comm unit. "Renegade!" This time, he answered back so fast there was no static. "Cutthroat, Trona's Predacons just left, wouldn't listen to me to stay."

      "Any idea where they're going?" There was a brief moment of silence. "One of the moons!"

      "Then, I need you all there, now!" He then turned his comm to talk to Metroplex. "Metroplex, we're too late. I need a way onto one of the moons, sending coordinates... now." He really hoped these were the right coordinates. "Can do, here we go."

      A spacebridge opened... right under his feet.


      "Fine, if you shall not bow to me, you shall perish, by one's hand who has! Crypto, get acquainted with our guests. Wildstrike, show these traitorous fools, true loyalty!"

      "Yes, Lord Endgame." Wildstrike walked slowly towards Trona, coming to a stop in front of her. Perhaps Trona still saw a trace of him left, perhaps not, but she did nothing, just stared at him, then he lunged.


      Cutthroat stepped out of the spacebridge, standing inside a huge crater. The rest of his team was here with him and Waveblast. "So what's the plan?" Warpath asked, obviously wanting to shoot something. "We watch. You try anything, I shut you up permanetly, capiche?" Despite his extensive firepower, Warpath was still terrified of Cutthroat, and he nodded. "Good, now let's see what they're up to." 

      Cutthroat peeked his head over the top of the crater, to a strange sight, two rows of Predacons, of which Trona's walked in between, obviously as confused as he was, until they saw Trona. No one else, just Trona, walking towards them. But something was off about her, the way she walked and looked were perfect... except her eyes. Despite wearing a mask, he could easily see purple eyes.

      "That's not Trona!" Cutthroat had the longet ranged weapon he had, and looked through the scope. Trona stopped in front of the Predacons, her electric spear sheathed. She began to slowly reach for it... Cutthroat squeezed the trigger and Trona fell, enegon streaming from the wound. Trona's shape began to change, as metal scales enveloped the whole body, a tail sprouted from the back end, and her face grew elongated and dragonlike, wings sprouted from he back, and her feminine features dissapeared. 

      Her Predacons watched in fear, as their leader transformed into Endgame's second- in-command. The two rows of Endgame's Predacons, began to emass into one large group again, turning on Trona's. Knowing they didn't stand a chance, they began backing up , but there wasn't anywhere to go, they were soon backed up against a wall.

      "Metroplex! Get those Predacons over here!" As the sea of Predacons diverged upon them, a large groundbridge appeared beneath them, and Trona's allies appeared behind Cutthroat and his team, safe. 


      Trona rolled aside, barely missing her former ally's teeth. "Wildstrike, rip apart Trona's protege!" Wildstrike stopped with Trona and focused his attention on Icebreath and Scorchmark, whilst the three battled, Endgame turned back to Trona. 

      "I recall you saying 'I don't fight frauds who hide behind minions,' but look, here we are, you fighting me with minions of your own, ironic, isn't it?"

      "Minions? They're my own team!" Endgame was indifferent. "What's the difference?"

      Endgame glimpsed over at Scorchmark, fighting with Wildstrike. Endgame chuckled, then said, "Your own slaves will be your downfall, Trona." Endgame took a step back, causing Trona to move forward, and Endgame looked back at Wildstrike, who had just narrowly missed Scorchmark's fire. As Endgame had predicted, the fire spread to where Trona was standing, and she was badly burned, causing her to fal to her knees, in a kneeling position. 

      Endgame stood there, smiling. "I told you that you would kneel to me." He stepped over a took the Acroux from her hands.


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    • (What happened to Icebreath, Scorchmark, and the real Trona?)

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    • (I'll edit some more after the show im watching is over)

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    • (Alright, edited it.)

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    • The burns on Trona smoked on her skin. Scorchmark had the most guilty expression in the world. Wildstrike was jumping at him before he could run over to aid her. Icebreath was fighting off Endgame’s army along with the rest of the team. Endgame ripped the container from Trona’s arms, tugging her forward on her chest. She didn't want the pleasure of her kneeling to last.

      He's right about that, Trona thought guiltily. I can't shield myself behind my team. Even though I am a small human, I'm stronger than he knows. She squeezed her fists tightly and forced herself up no matter how much it hurt to move. Her anger of everything rounded up into one and began to go off. Trona breathed through her teeth, rapidly. With a great shout, she ran at Endgame. He turned around in time to see her in midair with her fists out. She punched him right across the face.

      Endgame stepped back to collect himself, but Trona had her spear out. She sliced it at his robotic wrist of the hand that held the Acroux. Her strength did not hesitate. Energon shot out the side; Endgame’s hand was almost completely torn off, dysfunctional. He let out a growl of pain.

      When Trona sliced his hand, the Acroux Viper container went flying across the tunnel and Trona dashed for it. Wildstrike ran into her, headfirst, before she could get it.

      “Ugh, run into the wall for Prime sakes!” Trona said with irritation. Wildstrike hissed at her, but she flip kicked him across the head. He knocked out hard into the wall. Trona picked the Acroux up, carefully.

      There's too much chaos, how will I get away with this thing?

      And then a familiar sound was echoing at the end of the tunnel. The sound of a resonating blasting going off. She could see Predacons clawing at their heads from the noise.

      Can it be? How is it possible?

      Waveblast had come. And he was kicking serious enemy rear. And he wasn't alone. There was Cutthroat.

      But he said he hated me ...Oh right I forgot. I'm not the only one trying to save the universe. I guess he just forgot that I was going to do the work as well.

      “Give it to me!” Endgame shouted at Trona. She simply replied with a plasma gun to the face, exactly where she had punched him. That would definitely leave a mark.

      “Icebreath! Get everyone out of here!” Trona ordered as she began running. Icebreath nodded and called for the team as they began to fight there way back to Cutthroat and Waveblast.

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    • In the distance, Cuttroat could see small flickers of light in the dark, fire. He looked back at Trona's teamates, everyone was there... except Rextooth. It's fine, Cutthroat, he's probably just back at base. That's what one part of his brain said. I mean, Trona did say he didn't like him here. He frowned and said, "Guys, where's Rextooth?" 

      They stood there for a moment, unanswering... "We told him go around the other side and watch to make sure nothing happened..."

      "So where is he?" Razor pointed. "There. At the entrance."



      Endgame clutched his head from where he'd been shot and punched. Who knew humans could hit so hard? Picking himself up, he realised with a jolt that his enemies were gone, and so was the Acroux. He started running out of the hidden entrance and upon exiting he saw something astonishing: A Predacon with glowing blue eyes. 

      Silently, he snuck up behind it, and pricked it with his wire. The large Predacon's eyes faded to a yellow, and he turned towards Endgame. "Can you speak, creature?" The Predacon didn't respond. 

      "Perfect. Can you understand my speech?" Again, it didn't respond. "Who are you loyal to?" He didn't respond again, but instead, he pointed at Endgame. "Good. Do you know Trona?" He nodded. "Bring her to me... alive." And he went off.


      "Well, Trona has to be our first priority. All of you who are with Trona, you're at the most risk of being corrupted by Endgame, so you'll stay back- And what is that?" He pointed towards the strange yellow glow, moving astonishly fast. "I dunno."

      " Well then, as for my team, I'm going to need Renegade and Smokescreen to flank around and provide cover fire froma all sides. I'm going to try to get over to Trona. Everybody ready?" 

      "Hey, what about me?" Warpath asked. Cutthroat looked at him and smiled. "Warpath, light em' up."


      Guns erupted from all sides of the gigantic robot, as he charged full speed into the battlefield, obliterated all enemy Predacons he saw. The two scouts had already left to flank around the enemy, and Cutthroat was halfway through the army, showing no mercy to anyone he encountered. 

      He could barely hear Warpath's bombastic battle cries in the distance, and Warpath actually looked happy for once. But to Cutthroat, all that was just background noise. All that mattered was killing everyone. He'd never told Trona, but he valued her more than he acted like. He'd pushed her away to protect her... from everyone else, but mostly himself.

      Cutthroat had a dark side, it had originally appeared about three months ago, after a final battle against Unicron on Cybertron, in which to save the world he allowed himself to become the Last Vessal of Unicron, thus erasing Unicron from existance, and making himself the only thing left of him. He tried keeping down his darker side, but lately it had been appearing more and more.

      He was the only one who knew why: because every day, his brain was being tortured by the dark creature in his head, and it was a constant battle with himself. He pushed Trona away to save her from him, to protect her, he had to give her up.

      But soon, he'd have to see her again...


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    • “Waveblast? You overcame Endgame’s control?” Icebreath confusingly asked.

      “Yes. When Endgame found me useless, he left me on the island. I figure since I was separated from his control, it went away.”

      “Guys, where is Rextooth?” Trona asked with worry in her voice. She turned her head in all directions to find him. As tough as he was, she worried about him the most. Since he couldn't speak, the only way they communicated was through movement and touch. She touched him with love and care like he was her child or animal companion. Trona never wanted to call him her pet, but he kind of acted like that. A very dangerous pet.

      Then she saw him running toward them from the tunnel. But his eyes weren't blue, they were yellow and full of rage. Much like how they were when they had first met- in an arena. Endgame must've hitched him. Horror cloaked her face hidden in her mask.

      Not my Rexy, not my heart and soul; the reason I raised my team from extinction.

      It was so: Endgame controlled him. He stopped in front of the group and snarled with his ferocious Norta teeth. Electric waves sparked up and down his tail, ready to strike any who came forward. The others knew well enough to stay back. If they were struck by his electric tail, they would either be stunned or dead.

      Trona placed the Acroux Viper container next to Waveblast and he put his claws over it like a cage. She slowly began to approach Rextooth.

      “Trona, what're you doing?” Cutthroat questioned.

      Her brow grew tight with confusion, but Trona didn't look at him. “Why do you care? I thought you hated me.” Cutthroat didn't respond, in shame. The human continued to walk forward.

      “Rextooth,” Trona said calmly. “This isn't you. Endgame is controlling you, he doesn't care about you. Please try to remember who you really are.”

      Rextooth bared his teeth with a growl. He shook his head before coming at her with his jaws out. Trona jumped up above his head and landed on top of it. She held onto his horns while trying to reach for the special wire in his neck. If she could unplug it, Rextooth would shut down. He kept swinging his head too much for her to operate surgery. She was too focused on it that she didn't notice Rextooth’s charged up tail ready to strike her. He plunged it down to Trona, but missed the spear end by a hair.

      It still jolted her. She then concentrated on getting off. Trona jumped off and pulled out her plasma gun, setting it to stun mode. She fired at The top side of his head, but it showed no effect. Rextooth pounced with his tail swinging to the side. It struck her. Trona yelled in shock and slowly collapsed into unconsciousness.

      The team tried to rush forward, but he swung his tail around and hit the mechanical doors. They erupted with electricity, creating a wall to block his escape. Rextooth picked Trona up gently with his mouth and dashed back to meet his master.

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    • As soon as Cutthroat figured out what had happened, it was already too late. He looked as Trona was dragged away in shame and guilt. In the distance he saw a green light flicker on and just as suddenly, off. In the background he heard Icebreath say, "Thank's a lot, hero." As she shoved past him, towards her team. He saw them converse among themselves and saw their bodies lose a small amount of tension. He saw the Acroux and realised why they grew more relaxed. 

      As he began to feel a string of both pity and guilt for Trona, his mind split like an atom, creating a nuclear explosion of pain in his head. 

      He knew what happened to Trona, and where she was headed. "Metroplex, the time for you is now! Set a Spacebridge for Jasper Springs, Nevada!"

      A Spacebridge opened and Cutthroat charged through. 


      Trona struggled as she came to her senses, and realised what had happened to her. As she was shackled down with constraints capable of holding Predacons, Endgame smiled. In the corner of the dimly lit room lied his new pet and on a table rested a single vial of yellow liquid. 

      "Hope you enjoyed your time with my new loyalist." This seemed to anger Trona as she struggled more and growled at Endgame, "You've made a terrible mistake controlling my Rextooth. A very terrible one."

      Endgame chuckled. "Relax. You'll come around soon enough." He grabbed the vial on the table. "Do you know what this is? The last vial of the Acroux's venom, stored here for generations." Trona appeared to then become frightened. As Endgame's wire came out and began to dip itself in the now opened vial, Trona pronounced a 'no!' Before being injected with the serum. 

      Rextooth got up and left the room strangely and Endgame took no heed, he was focused on his new servant.

      Cutthroat sprinted through the halls of the Nemesis, looking in each room for Trona. Stepping out of the central command deck, he noticed a strange figure stalking the halls. Vigilantly, he raised his weapons. He took a few steps forward... and then it charged. Cutthroat dived out of the way just as it barreled past him, electricity bolting up its still. It was Rextooth.

      Cutthroat fired a shot for his leg, but missed and he saw something he hadn't seen in a long time: pure corruption. Endgame's powers were in overdrive with Rextooth, and Cutthroat saw it. The electricity bolting up his tail was now purplish in color and spikes had erupted throughout his back and neck. His wings had grown larger and turned darker and the insignia Rextooth wore like all other Predacons now matched the one Endgame boasted, matching it exactly.

      Looking at the accelerated physical effects of Endgame's manipulation, Cutthroat feared the phsychological effects would be detrimental so much that he may soon be nothing but loyal to Endgame alone. 

      Now aiming higher for the next charge, Cutthroat fired, hitting Rextooth directly, and causing severe pain. Deciding to leave him, Cutthroat ran the direction Rextooth had come.

      Endgame stroked Trona as she awoke again and he wondered if it had worked. Trona coughed and said, "No matter what you do to me, I will never serve you, no matter how much pain I must endure, my team will pull through. I've lost faith in Cutthroat, but not my friends."

      "Ah, Cutthroat. He hates you, you know. He always has. He's been using you all this time." He knew she would never believe it normally, but know under the effects of the venom, she was now the fruit for him to reap. "You've lost your faith in him. Put your faith in me. Let your anger at him fuel you you know you hate him too." 

      Trona paused and looked up at Endgame. "He's here now. Find him. Use the anger you have for him to bring him to his knees. Bring him to me and we shall destroy him together."

      She gave a smile and said normally, "Yes, Lord Endgame."

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    • “We gotta save her!” Scorchmark shouted anxiously after his leader was taken away. He began to walk out to catch them.

      “Scorch! We can't rush into a fight, we don't know what Endgame’s got left,” Icebreath tried to reason.

      “He's either gonna kill her or control her! Either way, we can't let it happen,” Scorchmark rebuked.

      “We have time! We proved that Endgame couldn't control us, so that means if he is trying to control her, we can save her,” Icebreath explained.

      The fiery Predacon hesitated before he nodded and understood. “Alright, I'll fetch it.” Icebreath pat her hand onto Scorchmark’s shoulder before he marched past them and opened a groundbridge to their base.

      “Razor, Tazor, go with him and stay there. We’ll take it from here,” Icebreath ordered the twins.

      “What?!” Razor said, outraged. “No, we’re gonna stay. We need to bring everything we got.”

      “Have you ever been controlled before?” Icebreath asked a little frustrated. “We cannot risk anyone else being lost to Endgame. I cannot risk it!” A moment of silence followed Icebreath’s outburst. They could hear the concern and care in her voice.

      The twins exchanged glances, then spoke synchronized, “As you wish, commander.”

      Rextooth slowly woke up from the painful hit he received from Cutthroat. He shook his head angrily and sparked with purple lightning. His vision cleared, revealing the silhouette of another Predacon. Rextooth snarled with electricity licking his fangs, pouncing toward the intruder.

      In mid-second, red waves shot from the top of the Predacon’s head; a resonance blaster. It was Waveblast. Rextooth shrieked and was shot back by the power of the sonic blast. He clawed at his head in agony. Waveblast stood calmly over his previous comrade, continuing to project the waves at a steady rate while pulling out a vial attached to a needle. It contained glowing yellow liquid. Trona’s annointed medic pierced the needle into the back of Rextooth’s neck, receiving another shriek of pain.

      Cutthroat began tracking where Rextooth came from when he spotted a small figure at the end of the hallway. “Trona! Thank the Allspark you’re alright,” he called out in relief.

      The human stood still without saying a word, but a quite sinister laugh curled up her throat. Endgame followed behind her with a wicked smile on his face. He bent over and slowly stroked the top of Trona’s helmet. Cutthroat felt a pang of guilt and uncomfortable atmosphere surrounded him. Endgame whispered something to Trona and she nodded before sprinting towards Cutthroat. all hurts...Endgame...I feel so...tired, Trona’s mind whirled in confusion. Her priorities were twisted and her focus was averted several times. Ever since Endgame injected her with the Acroux venom, every part of her body burned. She felt as if her insides were betraying her. But no matter how much her body hurt, it could only come so close to the hurt in her heart. Cutthroat would pay for his words, but she didn’t know why she was attacking him. She just was.

      Trona pulled out her Star spear, twirling it around her body like a massive baton. The she lept up to strike down on Cutthroat. He blocked her offense with his own weapon, for only a moment matching strength before he pushed Trona back. Her hands began to twitch uncontrollably, then she placed her left hand on her chest where the venom entered her system. She slashed her spear across Cutthroat’s arm, but continued to fight against him at a shaky pace. Endgame was confused what was happening, but was too busy enjoying the scene of betrayal to care.

      Trona groaned and then angrily stated in an emotional mind controlled voice. “Arrgh...get...out of my life!”

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    • "Sorry, Trona, no can do, you know with me having to save the world and all." Endgame shouted something to Trona and she suddenly grew more aggressive. Cutthroat dove to the side as Trona's spear crashed down beside him. He fired a few shots at her before being stabbed in his arm again and it was then he changed his tactic.

      Instead of fighting her ranged-to-melee, he was going to try going melee-to-melee. As he deflected another strike with his own, Cutthroat dove backwards and pressed a small button near his gun's trigger. The back swung downward, the barrel shifted unto the middle and the ammo clip ejected off the gun and unto Cutthroat's other hand and he placed it in a slot on the gun's side. He continued on until he held a large sword (there was a blade hidden inside the barrel) and he charged Trona.

      The twoo pounded at stabbed at each other, they parried and struck. Trona (with her awe striking agility) jumped clear over Cutthroat and stabbed him, straight through his back. He fell to his knees and looked at Trona in pain.

      Trona turned back towards Endgame and he smiled, pleased. "Good, my servent, you have done well. Is he finished?"

      "Yes, my Lord."

      Endgame took steps towards Cutthroat and reached down at him when a steady pulsing of red light struck him and split his mind like an atom. He fell to his knees in time to see Waveblast coming towards him, unwavering until he noticed Trona.

      "Trona! You're alive!"

      Trona smiled and said, "Yes, Waveblast," in a  much more sinister voice than normal.

      "Trona, are you all right?" She let out an insidious laugh and said, "I'm better than I've ever been!" She attacked.

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    • Waveblast had just enough reflex to cast the resonance blaster onto Trona before the norta blade on her spear struck him. She shot back and hit the wall, covering her ears.

      “From what I know, Endgame, you couldn't control her with your own abilities. You needed the Acroux to do that,” Waveblast stated bravely to Endgame. The resonance blaster was then directed to Endgame to stabilize his actions. Waveblast grabbed Trona and stuck her to the ground with the weight of his claws pinning her down.

      The blind Predacon continued: “From what I can...tell, you didn't do your research before injecting her. By the way, thank you for thinking I was useless. Now you regret using me, but I'm glad you didn't.” He stopped blasting him to allow him to talk.

      Endgame growled. “I can still kill you, even I can't use you! And what research?” he angrily said.

      Waveblast kept Trona under his claws while he carefully worked to patch Cutthroat's back without Endgame knowing. Trona wrapped her hands around his claws and pushed as hard as she could, but her strength was failing.

      I'll kill you I will...why...Endgame....why am I so tired... just wanna sleep...Sleep. Trona was drifting away from herself. She was drained, but why?

      “Only the information on Acroux venom. You don't know it like we do,” Waveblast replied calmly to Endgame.

      Once again, Endgame scowled at the Predacon. He shouted out “Rextooth!” but no answer, no sound of an obedient servant. He called again and heard nothing.

      Waveblast smirked. “Rextooth is under medical rest. Doctors orders.” At the same time, canisters of energon that Waveblast kept stored in his chest were pulsing into Cutthroat, helping him heal. “I have a diagnosis for you as well, Endgame. I'll just let the nurse show you the way out.”

      Cutthroat slowly rose up with rage in his eyes, directed to Endgame. He quickly glanced down at Trona, now still on the ground, before turning to fight.

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    • Cutthroat charged Endgame, and sent them both tumbling to the ground. Cutthroat pinned him to the ground, but Endgame, being a Predacon was much more powerful than he was. Endgame threw Cutthroat off of him, into a wall and turned his attention back to Waveblast.

      "What exactly is it I don't know?" Waveblast, stunned Cutthroat had been defeated so easily, took a moment to realise what Endgame had said. "Why, Endgame, would I tell you?" Endgame was angered by the comment and raised his weapons towards the blind medic.

      Waveblast calmly blasted him with his resonance blaster, but it didn't seem to phase him at all. Endgame just smiled and said, "Do you know why I was created?" He paused a moment, but hearing no reply, continued,"I was made to be the ultimate weapon... and my systems were created to be just that... they allow me to adapt... to anything." Waveblast now looked rather worried and took a step back.

      Cutthroat transformed, turning into a dragon, much to rival Endgame's. He hit Endgame, catching him off guard, and Endgame flew across the room. He then said, "Shall we continue?"

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    • “We shall,” Waveblast, dissatisfied, replied. He gently placed Trona behind him, stress filling his chest. She was running out of time. “Icebreath, Prima’s in stasis. Quickly!” he commed in.

      Waveblast stretched his body across the floor to ready himself for Endgame. Fearlessness graced his face; even without eyesight, he knew he could fight. Enraged, Endgame hurtled towards him, claws out. Waveblast blocked him with his wing and lightning fast spun to swipe his tail across Endgame’s head. Endgame tried again, but Waveblast ducked. Suddenly, in Endgame’s frustration, he pinned Waveblast to the ground in order to burn him in place. Luckily, Waveblast knew a thing or two about anatomy, so he pierced his claws into Endgame’s side before the fire blasted him.

      Endgame shrieked, almost choking on his fire. Waveblast kicked him off, energon leaking onto him. Endgame clutched his side, gritting his teeth. “C-Clever…” he growled.

      Behind the fight, Cutthroat was trying to patch himself up and get back in the action. He was surprised by how the blind Predacon had managed Endgame by himself. But he wouldn't last forever.

      “Trona!” A worried voice called from down the hall. Icebreath and Scorchmark rushed to the still human. The Acroux remained contained in Scormark’s claws. Waveblast swiped his claws across Endgame’s face before redoing the others. He did no damage, but it kept him a bay.

      “Her vitals?” Scorchmark anxiously said, trembling. Icebreath lifted Trona up towards Waveblast’s scanners. Everything was silent. “Waveblast?” Icebreath asked, choking on something that wasn't there.

      He did not say a word until Cutthroat was up, listening.

      “She's...she's gone.”

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    • "No... No! NO! NOOO!" Cutthroat grew infuriated. "No..." He broke down, falling to his knees. "Not again..." His mind went back to three months from now, on Cybertron, on the border of Kaon. He was sprinting forward, terrorcons attacking all around, and as he got closer he thought he could make it... until Endgame plummeted from the sky, landing right in front of him. 

      He threw Cutthroat to the ground, and unsheathed his sword. Looking down at him, smiling Endgame thrust it down and Cutthroat was certain he would die, until suddenly, Endgame was knocked back, and Cutthroat, looking back, saw Jazz standing there, guns out, blasting away at Endgame and the Terorcons circled around. 

      "Go, bro, I got you covered." Cutthroat forced himself up and continued his trajectory to the city, looking back he saw Jazz and Endgame locked in combat, trading blows, until Jazz was swept off hs feet by an intervening terrorcon. Jazz whipped out his guns again and shot the terrorcon before turning back to Endgame. He fired several times, but the Predacon was much bigger and stronger than he was.

      Cutthroat watched on in horrer as Endgame stabbed through Jazz, whom fell back to the ground and looked at Cutthroat, the last words he uttered were: "The world needs a hero, Cutthroat. Be the  hero..." 

      But Cutthroat could never be the hero, after watching Jazz die because he was too much of a coward to fight by his side, he never wanted anyone to be attached to him so much they would die for him like Jazz did... they deserved better, and here Cutthroat was, letting the same thing happen to another friend, another good person who died because of him.

      Cutthroat got back up and, fury in his eyes, charged towards Endgame, knocking him down and holding a gun to his face. "For Trona." He pulled the trigger, but Endgame dissapeared, along with the groundbridge he went through. But Cutthroat still heard him, laughing as Cutthroat fell back down, broke again. He let Trona die and couldn't even avenge her. There was nothing he could do... or was there? 

      He scrabbled back up and turned around quickly, back towards the crippled and dead Trona, along with the crying Predacons around her. "Stand back!" He yelled, but Icebreath just said, "Why, so you can insult her dead corpse for not being good enough?" 

      Cutthroat was enraged. "I said, stand back! Now move before I have to move you myself!" Icebreath stepped back. Cutthroat stepped towards her, touching his chest. It split open, and inside a vessel rested. The Predacons' eyes grew wide and Scorchmark said in awe, "Is that the Matrix of Leadership?" 

      "Indeed." He touched Trona's body gently and said in a suprisingly loud voice. "It is I, Cutthroat, the sixteenth Prime, current bearer of the Matrix of Leadership. Grant me the power of the Matrix!" A blue beam of energy came from the matrix, and began to rejuvinate Trona. Her vitals came back online and when the ritual was over, Cutthroat collapsed, drained of power. His chest shut, closing on the Matrix, and he lay there, still.

      Trona woke up. "Thank Primus you're alive!" But as they celebrated Trona coming back they didn't notice Cutthroat, out of energon...

      He'd sacrificed his life... in order to save hers.

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    • Energon was pumping through Trona once more. She let out a breath of life, as if she was drowning and finally reached the surface. That feeling, she never wanted to experience again.

      “Thanks the Allspark!” A voice boomed with joy. Her vision returned and she saw Icebreath, Scormark, Waveblast with happy faces renewed from sorrow.

      “Holy scrap...I hurt all over,” Trona groaned. She lifted herself up. “What happened?” The Predacons looked at each other, uncertain of what to tell her.

      There was something behind them. Someone on the ground. Trona tried standing to see who it was, stumbling before Scorch caught her.

      “No…” It was Cutthroat, laying lifeless. "No no please no... Trona ran to him before she fell next to his body. She crawled her way up, grabbing his face to look into his sparkless eyes. Tears ran free. Her team came and knelt down beside Cutthroat.

      “He saved you,” Waveblast said reverently. “He used the Matrix of Leadership to bring you back.”

      ‘‘Bring me back? Matrix of Leadership? How...Why?!’’

      ‘‘So you did care about me after all.’’

      It wasn't that Trona held a grudge on his words. Her feelings were hurt, but now she knew why he did it. She remembered that he had lost several friends, some more closer than others. From her experience over the years, he seemed to have pushed her away. She thought because he hated her, but secretly he cared.

      “I-I can't just let him die!” Trona cried. “There’s has to be something-”

      “Trona, there’s nothing to do,” said Icebreath. “As much as we wish there was a way, that was the only way. And he used it on you.”

      “I can't except that! I can't do this without him! Endgame could win!- All those Bots and Cons need him…‘‘I’’ need him.” She placed her head onto Cutthroat’s chest, burying herself into her mind. An idea came. It seemed hopeless now, but she had to try. “Waveblast, check him,” she ordered in a broken voice.

      “Trona-” he tried convincing her out of it.

      “Just do it! Please…” She looked to him even though he couldn't see her desperation.

      Waveblast did so. “Well, he still has the scar on his back, but other than that, no damage. If he wasn't drained of energon, he would be alright…” He reported.

      ‘‘Energon...maybe that's it.’’

      “Take him back there to the lab,” she pointed to where Endgame had strapped her. She saw energon contained in there.

      They placed Cutthroat on the table. “Fill him up with energon,” she commanded. The Predacons sighed and did as she told.

      ‘‘It may not work, but at least I tried for him. If it doesn't work, at least he died a hero.’’

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    • (Sounds fun, but I don't have one. Go at it, beat em up!!!!)

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    • Cutthroat looked around in a realm of empty blackness, bored out of his mind. Not curious, not awestricken, not shocked, not scared, but instead bored. "If I have to sit through another month of this crap..." He sighed and paced around a bit, until he realised it would take a bit until he became one with the Matrix like the other Primes.

      He sat down, thinking of all the things he'd done in his life, all the people who had been hurt because of him. He asked his internal computer what would happen to Trona had he died rather than Jazz. Images appeared in his brain, of Trona and her Predacons trying to fight Unicron, but Icebreath and Rextooth emerging from the shadows, each with glowing purple eyes, veins and insignias. "No..." Trona said as her former teamates came closer towards her. 

      Icebreath opened her hand and a silver snake slithered out. It weaved its way through Trona's team, biting each of them. As the snake bit them, their veins, eyes, and insignias glowed purple. When the snake got closer Trona could see its fangs clearly. She saw purple venom slide off and saw a puncture wound in its back where the dark energon had been infused in it. The Acroux wrapped around her neck and bit down hard. Trona stopped struggling and dak energon bled from where Trona had been it. Her eyes turned purple and she laughed.

      The vision stopped, and Cutthroat gasped. "How... how could that have happened?" An oddly familiar voice spoke up behind him. "You never made it to Kaon, Cuttherius Prime. You died and never received the Matrix. You became Unicron's greatest weapon."

      "Just because I saved Jazz?" 

      "At the cost of you're own life, yes." Cuttroat turned around and saw who was speaking. It was Optimus Prime.

      "Some things, Cuttherius, are meant to be. Don't blame yourself for what happened. It's not your fault he died, and it's not your fault that Trona died too. Don't push her away, Cuttherius, pull her back in. To protect those you love, Cuttherius, you must be there to protect them."

      Optimus started walking away. "Hey, Optimus, why aren't you taking me with you?"

      "Because it's time to wake up." Then Optimus's face grew dark and he said. "Now wake up... and get the snake, before it's too late..."


      Cuttroat shot up and was on his feet in a minute. "Cutthroat you're alive!" Trona said. "And?" He shoved past her and he said, "Scorchmark, where's the Acroux?"

      "It's right over there..." He pointed over to the room they were fighting in, but saw it wasn't there. "No, no, no! I swear I put it right there, and-"

      "Endgame! He has the Acroux! And I fear it might be too late..."

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    • (Sorry I took so long. I've been busy and couldn't fiure out what to write, but here it is!)

      Endgame, that son of a scraplet!” Trona shouted angrily. “He ain't gonna get rid of me that easily, nor will he turn me! I'm gonna get the fragging Acroux if it's-” She let out a yell in pain as another splitting headache occurred. Cutthroat lept forward but then stepped away from her.

      Scrap, another vision. Hopefully on Endgame’s location. Sure enough, it was. The Acroux was still in its container, but Endgame had intentions of opening it. Trona knew he thought he could control it, but even though she doubted, she didn't want to risk it. He was back at the fortress, surrounded by an army of Predacons. Endgame’s endgame was near.

      Trona let out a sigh of relief; the pain was over. Very few times she ever experienced pain on that level. But it was only because it was a burden. One that wouldn't go away. She turned back to Cutthroat and her team. They were the only ones who could stop Endgame now.

      Straightening herself back to her stronger stance, Trona marched out of the lab with her energon sword in hand, punching coordinates into her groundbridge device, preparing for any battle ahead.

      “Icebreath, Scorchmark, gear up and meet me at the fortress with Protocol M,” she directed. The groundbridge opened up to their island. The two walked through, but not before exchanging stressed looks to the masked human. She could've gone with them to get more gear as well, but she wanted to be alone with Cutthroat to talk.

      Trona quickly opened up another groundbridge to Cutthroat’s base. He probably needed to gear up too. They walked through together, but Cutthroat remained silent as they walked.

      I have to say something. He has to know… Trona looked up to Cutthroat, afraid of how he would react to her words.

      “I know why you said those things. I know why you...pushed me away.” She waited for a response, but Cutthroat only shifted his eyes in thought, possibly. “And...I just want you to know that I forgive you. I understand why you did it...I did the same thing and I see others do it all the time....and I'm very grateful for what you did- saving my life and using your power for me and...Thank you...And no matter what happens, I'm glad that you're my friend...a really good friend.”

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    • (Alright then, ol' Phoenix is back)

      "You know why I did it? It was because of an old friend of mine, his name was Jazz. You ever heard of him?" Trona silently nodded. "Three weeks from now he died."

      "From now?" Cutthroat glanced at her and said, "Yes, in all tehnichality I'm from the future." He could sense she was confused, so he said, "The time you live in doesn't actually exist. I created it. During a showdown with Unicron, I died and was ressurected as a Prime. Using the Matrix of Leadership, I took myself back to before Unicron came to power, to stop it before it even began. I succeeded, but my life was so intertwined with his, and the fact that my life is so vital to the world that I literally reshaped time, and I was still here."

      She nodded him to continue."But the reason I even got there was because of Jazz. When I was fighting my way to Kaon, Endgame emerged and ambushed me. Jazz saved my life. I ran and he covered me. But Endgame was too much for him; he died so I could live." 

      Cutthroat looked at Trona. "You almost made the same mistake. That's why I wanted you to hate me, to never try and help me, so I wouldn't lose you too." 

      "Don't worry Cutthroat, you won't lose me." 

      "Jazz thought the same thing." Cutthroat walked away alone.


      Cutthroat entered his seemingly normal living quarters and headed over to a small command terminal, resembling a computer on a desk. On it he typed: GZWWXRBW and a section of the floor slid over, revealing a large, secret, underground room. The walls were lined with weapons of all shapes and sizes. He walked around and took several, arming himself with everything he could. But before he left the room he walked over to a door made out of Magnesium Alloy, the strongest metal on Earth. 

      Beside it was a thermal heat signature scanner. He went up to it and placed his hand. It scanned it and he heard a massive lock open. Next he plced his eye to retina scanner, which identified him and opened the other lock, opening the door. Cutthroat walked down a long hallway, until he reached another room with reinforced doors. This time, however, there were several heavy duty guns lining the walls, all trained directly at Cutthroat. 

      Another scanner scanned Cutthroat's whole body and the guns stood down. "Welcome, Cuttherius Prime." The vault door opened and Cutthroat stepped inside. He grabbed a small, round, black ball and left the room, shutting all the doors behind him. Outside the armory, Cutthroat called up to Trona. 

      "Get ready, we're leaving!"


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    • As they got ready to leave, Trona pondered on Cutthroat’s words. They felt truthful and from the spark. He appreciated his willingness to tell her about his past. Maybe one day she could tell him hers, when this was all over.

      He’s wrong about one thing, she thought. Fighting for him wasn't a mistake. Even if I die- again -he won't lose me. He'll, hopefully remember my legacy and what I did for him.

      Trona was gearing up herself while she waited. This time making sure she had some kind of armor on. She pressed a button on her small keypad inserted into her arm and Norta plates appeared on her arms and shins. She then pressed a button on the back of her helmet, where a Norta crown formed as Predacon horns around her helmet. A sort of battle uniform.

      She had her plasma gun on her left arm and her sword with her right. Cutthroat stepped out and saw her in battle ready shape. “Woah, where'd you get those?” he asked.

      “I may be a human, but I have more than a touch of a Cybertronian inside me,” Trona said in a very serious tone, indicating her haunting past. Cutthroat seemed to catch that impression hint her voice.

      The groundbridge opened to Darkmount. The two stubborn friends stood by each other, gazing at the bright light; both were uncertain of what would happen.

      “Do you know what tears are?” Trona said suddenly, but very peacefully. Cutthroat nodded in confusion. “I think it's quite beautiful the emotions humans are allowed to express. I'm glad I was born one…” She looked directly at him. “I wept for you. I'm glad I did. Though I'm afraid I'm about to weep some more.”

      They finally took in the air and stepped into an uncertain future.

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    • Endgame held the Acroux in his hands and took a moment to analyze the results of his victory. Sure, he'd failed several times, but here it was! He held ultimate power in his hands! With this he could rule the world! 

      He reached his hand down to the top of the cylinder and pondered how he would get it off. He'd already tried ripping it off, but the lid was reinforced to prevent just that. He was wondering if he should try to melt it with his fire, but didn't know if it would harm the Acroux in any way. Then he turned towards the Predacons at his command. 

      "Does anyone here have a rope?" A Predacon stepped forward, holding a whip. "Yes, this will work." He wrapped one end to the lid, and held the cylinder to the floor with one of his hind legs. He grabbed the whip with the other and pulled hard, ripping the vial in two. 



      Cutthroat led Trona up the flights of stairs rather quickly, attempting to get up as fast as possible. Before he entered the throne room the Predacons and Endgame were in, he turned to Trona and said, "Are you sure you want to do this?" 


      "When will your team arive/"

      "It might take them a bit, but they'll be here."

      "Well then, let's not waste any more time." They entered the room.


      Endgame was waiting for them. His Predacons prepared to fight, but Endgame just held up his hand. "Hold." He stood up off the throne. "How nice of you to drop by. I've just been workig with my new protege, here." He held up the still slumbering Acroux. "Don't worry, I didn't harm him in any way. As a matter of fact, I decided that I don't really need him anyways." 

      He walked past his army, up to Cutthroat and Trona, handing them the Acroux. He turned back around and stopped at the throne again. "What are you planning, Endgame?"

      "Nothing at all, Trona. I've decided to go straight. I mean no harm to anyone anymore." 

      "You and I both now thats a lie."

      "No, really. I don't even want the Acroux, or to fight you. I'm reformed. What do you say about having a truce?" There was something strange about the way he said 'truce' he held the end of the word for a while as if he were hissing. He smiled at Cutthroat, showing his fangs. Fangs? Endgame didn't have fangs. 

      Cutthroat turned to Trona and said. "Trona, Endgame was made to adapt and evolve his systems. He did just that with the Acroux. Trona, he doesn't need the Acroux anymore because he is the Acroux!"

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    • Trona clutched onto the Acroux Viper container with the smallest bit a stress leaving her. At least he didn't release it. Now I know for certain I will die. But I cannot die for nothing. I'll fight for my friends until I'm sliced into pieces.

      As annoying as it was that Endgame had this power, she was not afraid. The Acroux had much power, but he wasn't the Acroux Viper. It's small serpentine body is what made it so terrifying. Endgame lacked that quality. So she stood stronger than she had before. Only this time she had to carry out a fight in order for her team to make it back.

      “So,” Trona said to Cutthroat with a frustrated sigh. “How you wanna take him?”

      Cutthroat gave her a look like she had lost her mind. “Are you serious?!”

      “Well we're here aren't we? We got time.” It wasn't going to be easy but they weren't smart enough to back off.

      Icebreath and the rest of the team (minus Wildstrike, who was still brainwashed, and Rextooth, who was in stasis at the base) were out in the jungle. They all remained quiet, guns out and ready for any ambush. Waveblast remained still with his head perked. He had the best hearing out of all of them, so he was their life guard.

      STOMP….STOMP...the ground shook. “Protocol M is a go,” Waveblast declared. Scorchmark then pulled out his fiery cannon that could project like a flashlight. This would draw the danger in, which is exactly what they needed.

      (Sorry I didn't know how to start the fight so I just set up Protocol M.)

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    • (BTW Im going on a trip for the next 3 days, so i mighht not be able to reply. I will definelty try to, but just thought id let you know.)

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    • "Everything is gone..." Renegade emerged from the armory where Cutthroat had recently been. "There was a ton of firepower in there, enough to even make Warpath jealous." Smokescreen nodded back at Renegade, now beginning to prepare his weapons once again. 

      "Any ideas on his whereabouts?" Renegade just solemnly shook his head. "None. But wherever it was, he was definitely prepared." Renegade was torn apart on the inside. He should have went with Cutthroat against Endgame before, but he didn't. If he would have died, it would have been his fault, and he was going to make sure wherever Cutthroat was, he'd be there for him this time.

      "The Decimator's gone." Smokescreen stopped what he was doing immediately. "You're sure?"

      "Of course." The news was worrying. The Decimator was a weapon of such destructive power and prowess, it was in league with the Star Sabre and Endgame's manipulative abilities. If Cutthroat had it... Something very important was beginning. He wouldn't take such a powerful weapon with him unless the situation was dire. 

      "Where's Warpath?" 

      "I sent him to his private armory, why?" Renegade grabbed his gun. "Because we need to find Cutthroat, and quick."


      "Trona, are you insane? Endgame's stronger than ever before! Can't you see? The Acroux has already made significant changes to his body, just look!" Endgame was much more streamlined now, and was appearing much smaller and thinner, making him more agile and quick. 

      Trona didn't seem to truly care. "We can take him. At least he isn't bad as the Acroux." Endgame took a step towards the two of them. He glared at Cutthroat before beaming over at Trona.

      "Ah, fearless as ever. Of course you are, you were a perfect little soldier. Too bad your loyalties were soon corrupted by the good that is Cutthroat." He was speaking calmly and sweetly, beginning to make Trona trust him just a bit more.

      "But I know how you truly feel. You long for your inner darkness to be revealed again." He took another step forward. "I can give you what you want, Trona. All you have to do is embrace me. I can give you everything you could want. Power, control."

      His much more powerful wires emerged again, silently snaking around him. "When Cutthroat is dead, and my influence was spread across Cybertron, I will keep you at my side. You will be Queen to all. All would tremble in your presence, they would kneel, bow, worship you. The world would be yours, to control. Your beloved Predacons would be yours to command, they would serve your every whim, and live in a utopia you control."

      Trona took a step towards him, as if hypnotized by his charming smile and corrupting words.. "Anything you desire, my Predaqueen, would be yours. Just come, relax, relinquish control of your mind to me, and the world will be yours." The wires began to smoothly snake around her, preparing to puncture her neck, and turn her to Endgame's dark Predaqueen.

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    • (Sort I took forever XP)

      Predaqueen...leader to all…inner darkness revealed. It was tempting. With Endgame like the Acroux now, he was far more persuasive. Snakes had that kind of power, which made them deadlier. Trona knew she would not give into such promises when they were made to her before. But then again… she did want everyone to know about her darkness. Not her dark desires, but her inner turmoil. She didn't want to compare her suffering to anyone else's, but she had gone through more than most. More than anything, she wanted everyone to understand her.

      Is that what I want? Trona began to process a future that Endgame promised. Flashes of fire and chaos blurred her vision. Then she saw past promises and how Unicron had said the same things to Megatron. And found himself in his control, tortured to madness. Trona shook her head to get back to reality. I never desired power. And I never will.

      Endgame’s snakelike wires came shooting towards her. Trona activated a blade at the end of the plasma gun. She spun her arms around, slicing the ends of the wires off. One more came flying. It shot for her face then sharply swung around to her neck. Trona whipped her hand up and grabbed it before it could reach her. It pushed to get to her, but she was stronger. Her sword cut down the end of it. Endgame winced.

      “You gave me my darkest desire hours ago,” Trona said. She turned to Cutthroat, his face conflicted. “Thanks to you I have a chance to turn it into a final sacrifice.”

      She faced Endgame. “You would not so graciously offer power and control to me, even if I wanted it. I would NEVER force Predacons into submission. They should be free from controlling fragheads like you!” Trona fired two plasma shots into the air, drawing everyone's attention while she threw a norta knife at Endgame’s cheek. The same one she had gifted with a punch. He hissed his new fangs at her, wiping the energon off his face.

      “Besides, how ridiculous would it be for a human to rule Predacons? Sounds pretty stupid for you to give me such a cruel privilege.” Trona turned back to Cutthroat. “The Acroux plus Endgame is a hopeless situation, I know. If you wish to turn back, you may. But this is the way I've always wanted to die: protecting the ones I love.”

      Trona readied her sword and gun, stepping toward her death. “Shall we?”

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    • Cutthroat turned to Trona, stepping up beside her. "Trona, I... I'll always be here for you, no matter what, and I most certainly won't leave you to die now!" Endgame scowled at the two of them. "You could have been so much more, Trona. A shame I'll have to kill you." 

      His scowl immediately turned to a smirk. "You have some very good ideas, though. I'll use some of your weapons and armor model for my own soldiers. And I'll wear that helmet of yours as a crown of my own." He took a step back, away from them. The leaking energon from where his wires once were dropped down onto his tongue and dripped from his fangs. 

      "Anyhow, let's get back to business, shall we?" He returned to his throne once again. "My ever-so-loyal pet, please come out." Wildstrike emerged from beyond the throne. "See your former protege? I want you to read them apart." Wildstrike obeyed, charging his old friends. 

      Endgame proceeded to turn to the crowd behind him. "And my Predacon army, show me your worth." They immediately stood and turned towards Cuthroat and Trona. Their eyes were different, narrow and their pupils had turned to slits, showing they were only empty husks under Endgame's control.

      They followed Wildstrike and prepared to attract the duo. Cutthroat grabbed his Star Sabre once more and turned to his good friend. "Whatever happens, Trona, know that I'll always be there for you." And Endgame's army charged.

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    • More than ever, Trona felt good to be alive. Not only did she have a friend to fight beside, but she had something to be annoyed with. And that kept her humanity in check. Gracious, he’s such a copycat, she thought, regarding Endgame. Why did he have to bring the Predacons into this? I cannot kill them...or maybe I won’t have to. Every Predacon had a part of their heads that is most sensitive. Just a small spot where the head and spine become one.

      Trona switched her gun to stun mode. “I got the Predacons,” she said to Cutthroat. “Can I get a lift?” Cutthroat nodded and smiled at her. “If you need me, I won’t leave you either.” She jumped into Cutthroat’s hand and he swung her high into the air. With a bird’s eye view, Trona shot at the back of as many Predacon heads as she saw, knocking them out for a good long while.

      “What?!” Endgame roared. He was frustrated by Trona’s accuracy, unable to tell if she was killing them or not. “Kill her before she kills you!” One Predacon knocked her out of the air with his tail. She got back up quickly, darting across the space to continually incapacitating those around her. Half of the army was out by the time Wildstrike got to her. Of course, he wasn’t about to be knocked out by Trona, again. He slammed his body against her, blocking her attack. Her gun was tossed from her hand. It skittered toward where she left the Acroux Viper. Wildstrike had her cornered. Scrap.

      A groundbridge opened at the end of the throne room. Or, rather, a spacebridge. Icebreath and Scorchmark came running out. And behind them came a monster twice as large as Endgame. Roaring, teeth glittering, the Megatronus Rex was here.

      “Protect it from Endgame’s wires!” Trona shouted at her team. They nodded and stepped to its side as body guards. All that Megatronus Rex could see was delicious meals. The army was very much afraid. “Kill it, you weaklings!” Endgame ordered angrily. He was on the edge of falling off a cliff of fear.

      Yes, some Predacons may die, but only if they are stupid enough to try attacking him, Trona thought. And there was one. A brave brain-washed bird-like Predacon swooped down onto the Mega-Rex’s head. But Megatronus Rex chomped down his mouth unto him. Energon dripped everywhere and the Predacon was in pieces.

      However, Wildstrike was still fixed on Trona. “Now this time you will die!” he snarled. She shook her head before diving toward the Acroux Viper. She held up the container as a sort of shield. Wildstike stopped in his tracks. “No! Do not-”

      “You know what it will do to you, Wildstrike,” Trona said. “If I must release it to save you...then I will.” Frag, what am I doing?

      (I don’t know what Cutthroat should be doing during all of this. 83 )

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    • "What are you doing! Kill her!" Endgame was beginning to feel an emotion he hadn't felt in a very long time: rage. He hadn't come all this way just to be stopped by some pitiful human and her let Predacons. 

      Then there was the fact that most of his wires had been destroyed. He still had his fangs, but those would require him to get much too close to Megatronus Rex, and he had several guards surrounding him anyhow.

      Even worse was that his army was falling by the hands of a weak human girl! "If you want something done, I guess you really must do it yourself!" If his servant wouldn't kill Trona, he would. He quickly maneuvered around many of the fallen Predacons, and smoothly slithered close to where Trona was. 

      "Stand aside, Wildstrike. I'll take care of this pest myse- argh!" He had been knocked across the tower. Cutthroat had his guns out. Unlike Trona, he was unafraid to kill any Predacon in his way. He shot the head of any who attacked him and even a few who didn't. 

      He was filled with rage against everyone. Watching Wildstrike viciously attack his former leader reminded him of just how much pain and suffering Endgame had caused to everyone. "It's over, Endgame! It's time I put you down!" He fired again at Endgame's skull, but due to his now snake-like reflexes, he dodged it.

      "We'll see, old friend." He charged Cutthroat now at the speed of a tempest, knocking him to the ground before he had a chance to react. He began to dig at Cutthroat's spark with his razor sharp claws, and Cutthroat was powerless to stop him. He needed Trona now- more than ever.

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    • Trona was at a crossroads. Endgame was close to killing Cutthroat and getting to the Megatronus Rex. Her weapons were powerful, but were they powerful enough? Endgame needed to die now. But what could stop him now that he was like the Acroux? She looked down at the Viper. Only one more powerful than he.

      Trona was probably gonna die for this, but if the Acroux had anything that she could use, it was it's pride and venom.

      Cutthroat needed her now. She clutched into the Acroux container, held tight to her sword and went for it. Trona lept towards Endgame. She drove her sword into his back. He growled and fidgeted violently. With great strength and loud shouting, she held onto Endgame and pulled him slowly off of Cutthroat. He was nearly there: death's door.

      “Wait, Trona, what are you doing?!” Cutthroat asked. “The only thing that will truly stop him,” she answered.

      She opened the container and reached in for the Acroux Viper.

      “Hello, old friend,” Trona said. “I'm afraid we have an imposter.” The Acroux coiled itself in her hands. She held it tightly so it would not escape yet. It was hungry.

      “Hisssss...impossster,” it devilishly replied. “What kind of delicciosss betrayal?”

      “His name is Endgame, and he claims to be you: the most powerful thing in the universe.”

      It's red eyes glowed and filled with anger. “Doesss he? Where may I find him?” it chuckled.

      “I'll guide you to him,” she said brightly.

      “Aww...Trona, dear, let me do it...I promisssse I'll be good,” it lied.

      “Trusssst me, he can still squish you if I let him. But I'm being gracious today. There he is.” Trona turned the Acroux around to face Endgame, trying to pull the sword out of his back.

      Endgame simply laughed. “You think I fear that tiny thing? I am a better Acroux now. It cannot kill me!”

      The Acroux Viper hissed and engaged it's priorities to Endgame. “I AM THE ONLY ACROUX!! You ssshould fear ME!!!”


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    • Endgame threw Cutthroat to the side. "I have no fear for you, serpent. I have killed Primes, made friends with Unicron, and bested the one I was cloned from! You, Acroux, are just a snake with an ego!" 

      The most he would have to do was squish the thing, the human, and finish Cutthroat, that wouldn't be too hard. But where's the fun in that? He already had a better idea formulating in his brain. "But you know I'm not the one to fight, not now, not while we have more pressing concerns." 

      "How about we kill Trona first, then we discuss this? Wouldn't her death benefit is both?" This was the most fun way to kill them he could think of. First Trona, then the snake, and then, just after that he could slowly kill his nemesis. 

      How fun! 

      "What do you say, my slithery friend, shall we murder them together? We're one in the same, you know. We share the same blood, the same DNA. And I bet we think the same way just the same." He smiled at the snake. "All you have to do is way the word."

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    • Trona still held onto it’s silver serpentine body. Everything was still while the Acroux and Trona thought of what to do next.

      The Acroux Viper isn't easily seduced. It is selfish and cruel and will only do what benefits it and no one else… but it could still benefit from my death. I was it's ultimate doom. It probably would kill Endgame anyways, but then it would have nothing in it's way if I were to die. Gracious, what have I done?

      The Acroux thought for itself as well. Hmmm...thisss Endgame isss very clever. Mossst likely becaussse he became me. Trona isss the bane of my exissstencce….hiiiissssss…. He doesssnt fear me, he wantss me dead...if he isss my equal, than he would ssseee me dead after I killed Trona.

      Quietly as ever, Icebreath and Scorchmark pointed their guns at Endgame from behind. Icebreath yanked Trona’s sword out of Endgame’s back without warning. He growled in pain, but ignored them. He wanted to hear what the Acroux would say, whether it was what he wanted or not.

      The Megatronus Rex sniffed for the energon coming from Endgame. It stomped toward him, still hungry.

      A wicked smile curled up the Acroux Viper's lip. “If we think the sssame way...then you mussst’ve thought of my eradication too.”

      Trona breathed out and looked up at the Megatronus Rex. Endgame turned around and his eyes went wide. Cutthroat forced himself up, ready for someone to die.

      Trona gripped tighter onto the Acroux. It hissed at her. “You've made your choice?”

      “Posssibly.” It mocked. “Your pet monssster may not think it through.”

      (Heh idk)

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    • Endgame took a step back. "I'll leave you two to think about that one, 'kay?" He'd come too far to die now, especially not to this Megatronus Rex. Luckily for him, however two of its guards had just came up to him. They were the uncontrollable, so that meant the others were susceptible to his influence.

      He slowly and silently weaved between the Megatronus's legs and behind the other members of Trona's team. She tried shouting to warn them, but it had already been too late. He crept up behind each one of them, quickly turning them each to his side. 

      "Kill, my new servants! Bring me Trona's head and bring me the snake unharmed. He knew the Acroux had been watching him, so he smiled at it and mouthed: "Just because we want each other to die doesn't mean we can't be friends, right?" 

      He immediately turned around, and took to the air, charging for the Megatronus's neck. A pulse of red hot him from the air, and he landed right beside Cutthroat. The traitor Waveblast had knocked him out of the sky! 

      But there were much more pressing concerns at the moment. Endgame turned himself around to see Cutthroat, a fire burning in his eyes, change to his dragon form. Scrap!

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    • Trona began to give in to her rage. She could be snapped the Acroux in half if she wanted to. But she needed it. To kill Endgame once and for all. Hopefully. Icebreath and Scorchmark went into beast mode while Waveblast stood guard for Megatronus Rex. The two immune Predacons tried intimidating the rest of their team into forgetting Endgame. But it did no good.

      She held the Acroux up to face her. “You're gonna help me whether you like it or not.” Trona called for Waveblast to give her something. So he did. Trona pressed a medical needle into the Acroux’s fang. Yellow venom dripped into it. She then shoved it back into the container, even though it squirmed and shrieked like an earthquake in her hands.

      Trona flew towards her team and swung unto Tazor and Razor’s neck. Though it hurt, she punched very hard at the sweet spot. They jolted around, and Razor nearly sliced her up in her mouth, but they slowly went down. They were gonna have the worst headache. Pulling out the needle, Trona put the venom into their necks. Hopefully they would wake up from that.

      Meanwhile, Icebreath and Cutthroat were tackling Endgame to the ground. Or at least trying to. His kept slithering out of their grasp. Wildstrike was also trying to get the two off of his master. Which Trona wanted to stop.

      She grabbed Wildstrike and tossed him off of the trio battling, holding up the needle. The Zezoraptor turned fearful.

      “No! I cannot disobey my master!” he shrieked.

      “You have no master! You have friends, family. And Endgame has made you forget that.” She jumped unto Wildstrike, holding him down while the venom coursed into his neck.

      There is still enough left to get Endgame. Trona needed to be careful. Cutthroat and Icebreath were handling him well enough, but she needed to act now.

      She picked up her sword and pressed a hidden button on the hilt. It began to glow. Now it could hurt more. And with perfect timing. Cutthroat was being strangled by Endgame.

      Not if I can help it. Screaming a battle cry, Trona swung the sword across Endgame’s arms. He roared loudly while Trona continued to chop away at any part of him that gripped onto her friend.

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    • Endgame shrieked out in pain. His power was dwindling just like the physical parts of his body. As his arms fell off, he fell to the ground, no longer able to support himself. He scrambled backwards, away from Trona, but it was too late.

      The sword punctured his chest, just below his spark. That was it. That was how he was going to die-by an insufferable human. But he wasn't mad. He knew what had to be done. As a matter of fact, he respected Trona for having the guys to do something Cutthroat couldn't. 

      Cutthroat pushed one of his forelegs onto Endgame's back. "It's over Endgame, it's time for you to die!" He pushed down harder. Endgame's inside support began to crack. Endgame looked over to Trona, a look of pure terror in his eye.

      "Please Trona, please! You can't let him do this! You can't let him kill me! Please, Trona, I bet of you, make him st-" Cutthroat kept pushing, Endgame gasped. "Please Trona, I'm sorry! I'm sorry for what I've done to you and your friends."

      He kept frantically trying to get Trona to tell her friend to stop. "You don't know what will happen to me- what the thing inside of him will do to me when I die! Trona, please, I'm begging you." He gasped for air. "You of all people should know about second chances! Please, Trona... But if I have to die, I want you to know I truly am sorry. I hope you can-" He choked on his words.

      "I hope you can forgive me."

      (Suddenly, a wild moral dillema appeared!)

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    • (WOAH!! °O°)

      Wait...what is happening? Why is apologizing? After everything he's done...why would he ask for forgiveness?

      Endgame must've known her little philosophy she had given to Megatron. He had done many horrible things more extreme than Endgame. He was a warlord. He never asked Trona for forgiveness. And yet she gave it to him anyway.

      Can I forgive him? Even after what he did to my family? Megatron never even knew about my family? And he learned differently. Should I?

      Trona knew she should, but she didn't know how to say it while Endgame was dying by Cutthroat’s hands. She wanted to ask him why and see if he was lying. Anger and confusion mixed her up.

      “Cutthroat wait! I need to see why!” she almost hesitated.

      He looked to her in disbelief. “What?! After all he's done, you really want to forgive him?!”

      “I don't know! But I must let him speak, even if he's gonna die.”

      Cutthroat stopping pushing down on Endgame, but he kept his blaster to his head. Endgame was close enough to death he could touch it.

      “Now, WHY would you ask ME for forgiveness?!”

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    • "Because I... I feel terrible. Really, Trona, you have to believe me, I'm telling the truth!" His voice cracked again. "Please. Please believe me." Too many emotions were circulating through his mind.

      Unlike the Acroux, Endgame was made to adapt and evolve itself on the ones he controlled. Unfortunately for him, several of these people had emotions he lacked. Trona had the most. He was beginning to feel and think things he would've never before.

      One of those emotions was sadness and the requirement to feel redeemed, to feel like you weren't actually a monster. He needed forgiveness from the one he hurt the most. "I know what I did to you. I made you hurt your friends, made them hurt you physically and mentally. I tried to kill you myself, and I feel so ashamed."

      He knew Trona couldn't understand the way he felt or why. The next emotion he felt was sympathy. He felt so terrible for the things he did to Trona. Then he felt shame. He'd hurt so many people all for this- for nothing. He'd killed too many, hurt too much. 

      He reached out for Trona's hand. "Please. I need someone to turn too. I need... I need a friend."

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    • Trona drew an unneeded breath sharply. I always say that we need someone to hold onto. Maybe Endgame lacked that. Perhaps when Cutthroat said he adapted physically, he also adapted mentally. And how could he adapt when so many emotions overwhelmed the atmosphere? I have to help him...even if he is lying. I tried to help Starscream once, even though he neglected. He had to have seen me through different eyes for a moment. I'm going to have to do it again with Endgame.

      Trona place her hand in Endgame's for a moment until she waved her other hand for Icebreath and Scorchmark to lift Endgame up. And then she opened up a groundbridge to Cutthroat’s base. “D’ya have a prison?” she asked Cutthroat. He nodded slowly. She then looked up to the nearly dead Endgame and gave him his wish.

      “I forgive you. But you must still suffer the consequences.”

      Her teammates dragged him into the groundbridge to chain and patch him up. Waveblast followed.

      “Leave it to me to clean up this mess.”

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    • "Thank you... Thank you, Trona." He understood the fact that he had to face justice for what he's done. But now that he had someone he could trust in, he felt all the better. "I cannot say this enough- thank you." 

      He actually smiled. Not his normal devilish smirk, but a true smile. He had someone he could trust- a friend. He would be okay. Those thoughts on mind, he passed out, tired and beaten.

      "Why did you help him?" Cutthroat looked over at Trona bewilderly. "You know he doesn't deserve it. Not after things he did to me- to us." He'd almost forgotten about Trona's troubles too. "You should have let me kill him." 

      He was curious as to why she didn't, but he didn't really care. He was hating her at the moment for not allowing him to kill Endgame. "You should have let me." He looked at Trona with a look that radiated pure hatred. 

      "When we put him away, Trona, you and I are gonna talk. We're gonna have a long talk."

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    • "Very well. We'll discuss it later. But I've gotta get my team home and the Acroux Viper back to it's exiled location. I apologize if it takes forever," Trona calmly replied. Cutthroat stomped into his base. I know he's angry. I know he doesn't understand, but I'll make sure he does, even if he doesn't like it.

      A spacebridge opened to the island. Icebreath and Scorchmark carried the twins, while Trona carried Wildstrike. All three of her brain-washed team would have to remain in stasis for a bit longer, but soon they would wake. 

      And then, alone, she went to the moon where she kept the Acroux Viper. It was still a mess from the attack made the other day. But the very secure room remained in tact. The Acroux was only slightly concsious in its container. "Well, thanksssss, old friend," Trona teased it, "you almost had your ultimate moment." It banged its head against the container, but lost all strength and shut down. 

      She returned to Darkmount, where the Predacons became loose from Endgame's control since he had lost his own. They bowed their heads to her, almost like they feared her. But she didn't want them to think of her as a terribly powerful human (heck she really wasn't commpared to them.)

      "You don't need to fear anything anymore. Not Endgame, not me, not anyone! You are free from his control...and you are free forever. As great as Predaking was, he is not your leader anymore. You may live independently or choose another leader. If ever you need help or another tries to claim you as servants, do not hesitate to call." Trona gave a signal comm link in front of the crowd and transported back to Cutthroat's base.

      Trona was without her team now. All except Waveblast went back to the island. Now she was going to have t endure Cutthroat's anger and frustraton once again.

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    • Trona had returned and Cutthroat had sat her down at a small table in a room where the rest of his team couldn't hear. He looked her straight in the eye. "I hate you, Trona. I'm not just saying that like before, I mean it now."

      He looked at her again. "I had my greatest enemy at a breaking point and you stopped me from killing him. Do you know what that makes you, Trona? A traitor. You're as much of a traitor to me as he was an enemy." 

      She opened her mouth to say something but stopped, apparently out of sadness. "The friendship we had before, it's gone now. And it's not coming back. Not now, not soon, not later, not ever. You're dead to me." 

      He stood up to leave her there but stopped. "And when he gets out of here and proves to you that he truly is still evil, don't come crying to me. When your friends are dying in front of your eyes and you're watching them die, don't come crying to me." 

      He scowled. "I'm telling you, Trona. When they all are putting out to the sale because of what you did, I won't be there to help. You'll watch your friends die, just like I watched mine."

      "And you'll get what you deserve."

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    • (Sorry I took forever. My post deleted for some reason.)

      Many emotions flowed through Trona that punched her gut: anger, sadness, frustration. But she had to remain calm. She couldn't let them overtake her.

      “Hm, are you done?” she said when Cutthroat finished. “Good, because it’s my turn.”

      “It’s so rich hearing you criticise me forgiving someone when I've done the same for you. Everyone here has done something bad. Endgame has done more than most, but his actions are nothing compared to Megatron’s.”

      “What does that have to do with-”

      “I knew Megatron! He killed, tortured, manipulated, and broke so many, including me. Yet I was willing to give him a second chance and dig for a better Con, despite his choices.”

      “And you? You insulted me, broke me down and made me feel like nothing. I'm used to such cruelty, so I brushed it off. But then you brought me up, called me friend, pretended to be innocent of your own words. You would think I would not have forgiven you, but I have. And you would I could not forgive Endgame, but I believe I can. Megatron never begged me for mercy, but since Endgame has, I had to hear him out.”

      “If he acts up, by all means, kill him. It won't do any good. Although it sickens me to think you delight in hurting others like him…” She might've been too honest, but she kept going. “Feel free to think what you want of me. If I deserve death for showing mercy, then so be it.” More emotions built up as she remembered what Cutthroat had said. Trona grabbed his version of a collar and pulled him down to meet her eyes behind a mask.

      “But....Don’t. You. Dare. Wish death upon my family! You can wish it on me- I've wished it upon myself several times -but never threaten them ever again!” She pushed him away from her, breathing in and out.

      “Now, I will be back to check on Endgame. If you try anything, don't think for one minute I'm going to your doormat! You may get exactly what you deserve from me.”

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    • "Then go! Go see the monster you've forgiven! See what I care!" Her threats didn't scare him in the least. He could have crushed her ages ago, but he didn't, because he was just that nice of a person. 

      "I'll threaten your pathetic excuse for a 'family' any day I wish!" Then in a slightly darker, deeper voice he said, "And perhaps Endgame won't be the one they should be afraid of." 

      "What was that?"

      "Nothing, Trona, absolutely nothing."


      Endgame had been waiting for his friend for quite some time. He growled at any passersby, but his mind immediately calmed when he thought of Trona. All the constant new emotions had driven him to near madness, but the one thing that kept him sane was thinking about her.

      All his good emotions were reserved for his friend, which left him angry and distraught towards everyone else. "I hope she comes soon... I'm getting lonely." He mumbled to himself as he sat down, thinking again of his past crimes.

      Every time he thought of his past he became extremely sad and regretful. He wished he'd been a better person than he was, that he should have ad more emotion than he did. Most of all he felt sorry for what he did to his friend.

      He slowly banged his head against the wall. "I'm sorry, Trona. I'm so, so, sorry."

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    • (alright, thanks!)

      Trona growled like an animal. He continued to threaten her family. “Get yourself fragged, why don't you?!” She shouted.

      Suddenly, Cutthroat whipped around and hit her across the room. She bounced off of the wall, denting it. Everyone's attention averted to them. Renegade was at the entrance, staring with disbelief at Cutthroat.

      Nothing was damaged, but Trona was frustrated. Brushing herself off, she left to check on Endgame and Waveblast. And then she would be on her way home.

      She entered the prison cells and found Endgame bolted to the wall. Waveblast was outside of the cell. “How is he, Wave?”

      “I patched his wounds, but he lost a lot of energon. I managed to get a few pints transferred, but he will need a long time to rest before he can move,” he said.

      Unsure of how it would go, Trona approached the cell and embraced her dead inner mother. Endgame’s head shot up.

      “Endgame, how are you doing?”

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    • "Much better, now that you've come back!" He smiled at her, relieved to have his friend return. He was feeling much happier and nicer when she was in the vicinity. "I heard something hit the wall hard in another room. Do you have any idea what happened?" 

      She just shook her head. "It doesn't matter." 

      Endgame didn't want to push her too hard. "Okay then. So, how have you been doing? Probably a lot better than me..." He looked down at himself, chained to the wall. "But that doesn't matter, now. I've been feeling a lot... Happier recently, and less violent, of course." 

      He looked over to Trona again. "What about Cutthroat? Is he being tolerable at least?"

      "You lost control, didn't you?" Cutthroat wouldn't look at Renegade. "It wasn't my fault." Renegade growled at him. "It's never your fault, is it? You're just that perfect day of sunshine, free of all flaws!" 

      "Renegade, it really wasn't-" 

      "Then whose was it?! Huh?! You just hurt your friend, and now you're trying to just make up excuses for yourself!" He'd raised his voice so loud, he was sure he could be heard in other rooms all across the base. 

      "Don't call her my friend, again, understand?" Renegade slapped him across the face. "Don't try to scare me, I'm not a human girl- you can't hit me across the room and you most certainly can't take me in a fair fight, so stop acting all tough!"

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    • “Well it depends on what you mean by tolerable,” Trona replied. An idea popped into her head. Maybe Cutthroat was acting differently because of something other than emotions.

      “Perhaps you can explain what is happening to him...he is acting strangely. He could just be upset that...well he is upset, but he threatened me and my family...much like you in fact. I hate to open a wound like that, but it is quite true…I am concerned that you two may have switched somehow...”

      Waveblast understood how Trona was going about Endgame. He tipped his head and exited the room, to follow the source of the loud bellow that echoed in the halls.

      “And maybe you can explain how you were able to adapt and change yourself. I believe your sudden emotions and change of attitude may have something to do with it...if you don't mind.”

      Waveblast peaked inside the room Cutthroat remained. He could feel and hear anger about his atmosphere. And he heard Renegade's voice as the source of the shouting. There was obviously some kind of quarrel. Most likely as a result of Cutthroat's treatment to Trona. Waveblast expected more trouble to brew from this. I better keep my senses on him.

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    • "An odd hypothesis. I most certainly feel like I have, just much friendlier. And about my ability to adapt and change, that began a long time ago. I had been created as a superweapon by Shockwave, and was made to change for whenever I needed to be able to resist an ability or are one to myself."

      He stopped to think for a moment. "It can also change my physical appearance as well. My colors and Predacon mode were all changed and created to fit my own desires. I believe I might have some more things to show you-" Suddenly his colors changed, as well as the whole of his beast mode, changing him to a more dragonlike Predacon, now with pure white scales, black accents, and an Autobot insignia.

      "I didn't even know I could do that." He looked back at an awestruck Trona. "As for changing mentally, it had never happened before. Emotions had never really gone too deep for me, mostly just pride, pain, and anger were the only things I felt."

      "The process to change can happen in a few different ways. Firstly, it can change involuntarily in response to a situation, such as my immunity to Waveblast's abilities. Secondly, I can choose to take certain things from others I've controlled in the past, like my new appearance. Lastly, my emotions can change the same way as my physical appearance, but it just happens- I don't control it."

      "Why do you need to know so much about it?"

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    • “Oh, well, I was simply curious as to why you had suddenly changed from the way you were to the way you are now,” Trona answered. It was really to see if he had a logical explanation. One of her trust exercises was to detect lying through their own exposition.

      And she possibly had another one she could use now. Trona would have to use most of them in order to see if Endgame was truly changed for the better. Starscream couldn't pass the first test. Endgame just might’ve.

      “So why can you suddenly feel other emotions? Is there some kind of trigger you experienced earlier?” Trona asked. “Oh, I'm asking too many questions. You must be terribly annoyed with me.”

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    • "No, no, Trona, or course not!" He didn't want her to leave him. "I don't mind you being here, actually, I like it. As for your question..." He just pointed over at Trona again. "It's just an idea, but I think this all has to do with you."

      "My first reasoning is because I feel different when I'm around you- I feel happier, nicer, more polite, more like a person. I think that's because these emotions came from you. When I controlled you before, you had so many new emotions my body couldn't resist updating itself."

      "I've been feeling these emotions since I got them, but I pushed them aside in place of my old, more vicious ones. I changed when I saw you, standing there, watching Cutthroat almost kill me. I saw no choice but to embrace those feelings, and now that you're my friend, I can share them with you!"

      Then he stopped talking and looked straight at her. "I hope you know I trust you," he said. "But do you trust me?"

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    • Do I? Trona thought she should trust him. She believed what he was telling her. Plenty of liars come and went in her life. Anyone can decide not to be honest. If Endgame was lying, he was doing a very good job. And he trusted her. (Strange, since she tried to kill him a few hours ago.) There wasn't harm in offering her trust to him.

      “Yes, I do,” she answered. Endgame looked very happy. More than that even. Still, she had to face the facts to him. “But...I hate to break it to you, that won't shorten your sentence in here. You're gonna be here for a long time-”

      Suddenly, she got a connection on her comm link. “Trona, Wildstrike and the twins are waking up. You better get back here,” Icebreath called.

      “Alright, I'll be there soon.” Trona looked up to Endgame, who seemed distraught that she was leaving.

      Well, if it really is me that causes him to be good, then he'll have to be tested on whether he can be good when I'm not around. I won't always be here. Especially with Cutthroat's changed behavior.

      “Sorry, Endgame, but I've got to go. My team is waking up after...ya know. But I'll be back later. Since you're gonna be here for a while, maybe I can teach you some things before I go back home…”

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    • "Oh. Okay." He didn't want her to leave him. Not only because Cutthroat was beginning to terrify him, but because she was the only person who ever showed any kindness towards him. He would be all alone and he'd have to be in a cell, with Cutthroat nearby. 

      "I'm really sorry about what I did to your team." He actually did feel really bad about controlling Trona's friends. "Your family didn't deserve what I did to them- and neither did you. I hope you know that I'm turning over a new leaf." 

      "No more of that stuff I did. No more. No more. No more..." He said it over and over again, more trying to convince himself to go against his evil nature and he good. " I'll really miss you, Trona. And thank you, for everything. " 

      He wanted to tell her more, but there was no time. "What is it you wanted to teach me? I'm willing to learn, especially from you." He smiled shakily. "If it'll help me be better, than I'll gladly learn, just tell me what I need to know."

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    • “Yes, it's like that. I can teach you how to see things differently and maybe even how to control your emotions. When I get back, we’ll talk more.” Trona put her hand on her helmet as a sort of tip of the hat goodbye.

      Trona went to find Waveblast before opening a spacebridge home. She found him dwelling in the corner of the room Cutthroat was stomping around in. She didn't want to see him now, not with all the crazy emotions everyone seemed to be feeling.

      Renegade walked up to her side, but didn't look at each other. “Trona,” he said seriously.

      “Renegade,” she replied in the same tone.

      “So, is Endgame good now?” he asked skeptically.

      “I suppose. I don't see how he could fake it based on how he was before.”

      “You know we're not gonna release him, right?”

      “I know how the justice system works. No one can get away with anything. Everyone must suffer the consequences...I’m not stupid or weak like other humans.” Trona trailed Cutthroat from the shadowy entrance. Waveblast began to move towards her.

      “How is he?” Trona asked, genuinely.

      Renegade finally looked at her, surprised. “Why would you care? He hurt you, hates you even.”

      “That doesn't mean I hate him too.” She looked into his eyes and saw concern wavering. “I know he's angry and can't control his emotions. Endgame can't adapt to them, so he must learn how to control them too…” Trona paused and looked back at Cutthroat. She started to feel the pain swell inside that she pushed away.

      “I don't get rid of my care for someone just because they don't care about me.”

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    • (Sorry, I was doing stuff.)

      "You really are a much more caring person than I ever was." Renegade shook his head. "He's more than angry. I don't think you realize how much he's been waiting to end Endgame's life. But doing that to you... That's just unacceptable, especially because of the person you are." 

      "I've been around him for a very long time, and he's always been a calm and level-minded person. I've never see him have that much pure rage before. Preventing him from killing Endgame really set him over the edge."

      He paused to think for a moment. "But don't regret your decision. I saw Endgame when he was in that cell earlier. That she'll of a creature in there is not Endgame. That's a different person. A better person. One that doesn't deserve to die."

      Endgame missed his friend already. "It's okay," He mumbled to himself. "She'll be back soon, then I can be happy again!" Thinking of her coming back raised his spirits a little before he realized she wouldn't be coming back soon. 

      As a matter of fact, she might never come back. Then he thought of something even more saddening- the thought that she still thought of him as the old Endgame, the evil one. He didn't want to be thought of like that. He wanted to be better.

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    • Trona breathed easier knowing that she wasn't the only that thought Endgame had changed. She still grieved for Cutthroat. “I wish there was a way I could help him. I wish I could help...everyone.” She sighed. “But I can't.”

      Renegade bent down to her level. He noticed that her knuckles were blue. Blue like energon. “You have...energon?” he asked, surprised.

      Trona slowly lifted up her hands and stared at them like they were abnormal claws. She clenched them into fists and wiped off the blue scars. “Yeah.” I'm a monster, just like the rest of them.

      “But how? You're a-”

      “Not really. Not anymore. Not for a long, long time.” She felt a lump form in her throat. Renegade lifted up her hands to see them clearly. Thoughts washed over him.

      She shifted her priorities. Waveblast stood next to her, waiting. “Renegade, thanks for the talk. I'll be back after I check on my team.”

      When Trona got back, she was overwhelmed with apologies from her team. Rextooth kept rubbing his face into her.

      “It's ok, Rexy, I forgive you!” she beamed. He smiled back at her.

      She then approached to where Wildstrike and the twins were laid. They were dizzy and unable to move after she injected the venom into their system. It managed to counteract Endgame’s mind control, but they were still loopy. Wildstrike was afraid to meet her eyes.

      “Hey, It’s ok,” Trona reassured him. “It wasn't your fault. You couldn't control yourself.”

      “That does not mean I do not feel guilty for what I did,” he said. His face was crestfallen. “I hurt you. I could've killed you. I'm just like my kind…”

      “No you are not. That wasn't you, that was what Endgame made you. But you don't have to worry about him anymore.”

      “Is he dead?” Wildstrike asked sharply.

      “No. He's locked up-”

      “Why isn't he dead?! He deserves to die!” He snarled harshly.

      “He’s different! I don't know why, but for some reason it's because of me.”

      Wildstrike snickered. “Oh, so that makes him good now? He didnt change when he first saw you. And when he controlled you and...killed you.”

      Trona tried to stay calm. One too many people were arguing with her today. “It doesn't matter if he's changed or not. He's locked up for good. If he tries anything, I've allowed Cutthroat to pull the switch. Though it pains me to agree to it...I have to know if he really is good now. So I'm going to run test and teach him what I can.”

      “You're not staying?” Razor spoke up.

      “I'll be back when I'm done. I’ll be fine. You all need to rest and make sure this island doesn't sink while I'm gone.”

      “Someone should go with you,” Icebreath said.

      “No, I'd feel better if you all remained here. Don't worry. If anything happens, I'll call you. I promise. I'm not done with Cybertron’s drama just yet.”

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    • “I should come,” Wildstrike argued. “I need to redeem myself for what I did.”

      “You need to rest. You've had a rough week,” Trona pressed on. “You ALL need rest.”

      “But what about you, Trona?” Icebreath asked gently. “You haven't had ANY rest for the longest time. You've worked the hardest out of all of us. Endgame can wait.”

      Trona sighed and shook her head. “As much as I wish I could put it off, I can't. According to Endgame, I'm the reason he changed. I'm the reason he's different. I believe there's a chance he could be out of the darkness for good. If that's gonna happen then I need to be there and teach him how to live on without me.”

      Waveblast quietly poked in. “And Cutthroat? What about him?”

      She stood silent for a moment. What can I do? He hates me and always will. You tend not to listen to people you hate, whether they're right or wrong. I don't care what he does from now on. I only hope that he can find a way to be happy and move on with his life. “...He’s not my priority anymore. Cutthroat has his own demons to battle and I can't do it for him. I just pray that he knows what space is so he can at least give that to me.”

      “With that said, I must be going. I'll put my armor away and then I'll be off.” She waited to see if anyone would try to argue with her again, but the room was silent.

      After she disabled her armor, Trona looked through her belt to see if she had anything she could leave behind. She placed her Energon sword in it's proper display and checked on the other displays.

      There weren't just weapons in there. One was entirely memorial. A small, blue gem shaped like a heart hovered on display. It glowed with pure innocence.

      “Do you ever wish it never happened?” Waveblast’s voice smoothly echoed behind the different human.

      Silence rung loud in the air. Trona did not speak, but simply reached out and touched the small piece of her broken past. Tears began to well in her violet, secret eyes.

      “There have been several moments that I wished it never happened. At the same time I think on whether it was worth it or not...This is one of those moments.” Great remorse and sadness filled her voice. “After those moments, I am so distraught. I do not know what to do. I do not know if the next choice I would make would lead to the right path...or if my previous choice was a mistake.”

      Waveblast considered the great insult that Cutthroat laid onto his leader. “You should not carry his words so heavily. He doesn't know what you've been through.”

      “Yes, but should he?” Trona sniffed and slowly left the room. Waveblast followed her like a ghost, deep empathy exerting towards the tortured soul.

      Everyone kept giving Trona strange looks throughout Cutthroat's base. It was like she was a stranger to them. She wondered if Renegde had said anything to anyone about what she had revealed to him. But she put those suspicions aside, for she had to play the gentle teacher for a while.

      Trona regretted seeing the display as she still felt depression in her heart. And she couldn't cheer up her voice enough to clear it from Endgame.

      “Hello, Endgame. Are you feeling better?”

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    • When Trona was gone, But Endgame had taken to inflicting pain into himself in order to cope with her being gone. The scars of all his cuts, bruises, and bites were obviously showing to Trona, but he told her that he was fine. 

      "So, are you actually back this time? You won't just leave me again?" He said the last part with a hint of anger, but he tried to hide it from her with his voice changing back to a display of happiness. 

      She solemnly nodded, and that was when he picked up on her sadness. "What's wrong, Trona? Is it about the things Renegade said? I heard him talking in the halls. They aren't true... Are they?" 

      Trona scowled at him. "Yeah, they are. I'm a monster, go ahead and hate me." 

      Endgame just looked at her surprised. He wanted to comfort her. "No, Trona. You're not a monster just because you're different. I don't care what you are- but whatever you are, you're the best person I know. You're the only person in the world who would be able to forgive someone like... Someone like me."

      Hearing that seemed to lift her spirits. "Don't let anyone determine you by what you look like, what creature you are, or what you're made of. "Let them determine who you are by who you are, and nothing more."

      She smile at him but said nothing before noticing all his injuries. "What happened?" He just looked at her shakily, afraid to meet her eyes. "I... I couldn't do it without you. I started hurting myself. I'm sorry, Trona." 

      He could tell she was certainly disappointed. "Can I ask you something, Trona?" She silently nodded. "Do you really believe I can change?"

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    • Well, we're sort of off to a good start.

      “Anyone can change, Endgame,” Trona began to explain. Her lessons began now. “Change happens gradually and not too sudden. People can have quick realizations during a trial and want to change immediately. But it takes time to completely create a new lifestyle. Then again, nobody can be forced to change. No one can choose how you live your life but you. I believe you can change, but the question is do YOU think you can change? And do you want to?”

      Endgame nodded and smiled. “Oh, yes yes. I do want to change. I just don't know if I can. Not without you.”

      Trona felt her hands twitch. Of course, she could not always be around to help him. She needed to fix the now problems. Them being Endgame’s self harm.

      She nodded. “They are things I can help you with. First things first, we'll need to address your cuts.” Endgame looked down at them, almost ashamed now.

      “You know, I used to do the same thing: hurt myself. Back when I first began as a different kind of human, I felt completely overwhelmed with everything. I could not decide which type of emotion hurt me the worst. But I always thought that physical pain didn't hurt as much as the mental and emotional…” She brushed her arm, where she remember inflicting the knife. “...Then I realized I shouldn't be hurting myself, as it wouldn't take the pain away, but prolong it. If we cannot live with pain then we cannot live at all. There is no life without trials and suffering. I wanted to be strong enough to outlive the pain. And I did.”

      “So let me say this once and only once. Please do not ever hurt yourself, even if you want to or think you should. I may not always be around and you won't have enough energon to last if you keep doing this. If you want the pain to go away, then heed my words.”

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    • Looking at Trona, Endgame couldn't bring himself to see her with as much pain as he had. She was just so... confident and strong. He brought himself around to believing her, however, when he realised just how many emotions she really did feel all the time. 

      He nodded at Trona's words. He would listen to whatever she told him to do. He was beginning to see how hurting himself wouldn't benefit him at all, and how listen to Trona's words actually would make him better.

      "I do want the pain to go away, Trona. I'll listen to whatever it is you ask me to do. If it'll help me change myself... To be a better person." He almost didn't say the last part. There was still a apart of him telling himself he didn't want to change, that he was perfection the way he was. 

      He was trying to ignore it, but the urge to go back to his old self seemed to be growing stronger. Kill Trona! His brain kept trying to tell him to do things he didn't want to do, but that was the first time it told him to do something to his friend. 

      "No!" He cried out, yelling at his own inner thoughts. Trona thought he was yelling at her. "Stop! I don't want to hurt her!"  Don't lie to yourself, Endgame. These are your own thoughtsss! It was the Acroux side of him trying to take over. It was gaining control.

      "Trona... Trona, Trona. Trona, please... Please help me!"

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    • Oh no, his inner demons are trying to get him. Or maybe it's the Acroux. How do I help him? Trona fidgeted nervously and almost panicked. Endgame was shaking in his cuffs against the wall, yelling very loudly. Everyone in the base would hear it soon.

      Renegade came running around the corner. “What's happening? Is he trying to escape?”

      “Not from his prison, from himself!” Trona didn't know what to do. She dug into her belt to see if she had anything to calm him down. Then she remembered the last bit of venom she was going to use to kill him. Could it help him now?

      The venom counteracted Endgame’s mind control on her team. Icebreath and Scorchmark were immune since the Acroux controlled them once. It lost power over them when it was contained. But since he took on the Acroux power willingly without venom, perhaps it would calm Endgame.

      It was a risk, but she had to do something. He continued to scream and argue with himself. Trona pulled out the needle and slipped into his cell.

      “What are you doing?!” said Renegade.

      “Hopefully, calming him down.”

      She jumped up onto Endgame’s shoulder. But he thrashed himself violently. “Kill her!” a dark voice gurgled out of Endgame. Then a softer voice came out. “No, I cannot! She is the only one who cares!!”

      Holding tight, Trona shoved the needle into Endgame’s neck. He screamed even louder. Then quietly fell limp in his prison. She quickly swung over and opened his eyes to check the color, or if they were on. But they were barred down. Renegade was on the other side of the cell, with Cutthroat entering the room.

      Gracious, I didn't just kill him did I? “Endgame,” Trona urgently said. “Endgame, are you alright?”

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    • "Trona..." Endgame's dark amethyst colored eyes fluttered open. The voices in his head had ceased after Trona put him to sleep. "Trona... Trona." He couldn't say anything else. She was the only thing he could think about then.

      She was close enough where he could easily harm her if he wanted. He raised one talon and reached it over to her, picking her up. He put her down below his chin, rubbing his snout against her back gently. 

      "Thank you so much, Trona. You saved me from... Whatever it was in my head." He was speaking quietly to her, in a soft voice. Cutthroat approached him. "Put her down Endgame." He just hissed at him. "I don't listen to filthy antagonistic creatures such as yourself."

      Trona looked up at him. "Please, Endgame, put me down." He nodded solemnly. "Anything for you, Trona." He grabbed her again and put her where she could climb down, which she did. "Thank you, Endgame. Now, Trona, I need to talk to you about your... friend." Trona followed Cutthroat away.

      "What where you thinking!" Cutthroat yelled at Trona. "You could have been killed in there!" He scowled and looked away. "And you would deserve it, too."

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    • (Alright, I have my reply ready. Hope the storm passes xp)

      Trona was starting to get amused by Cutthroat’s constant insults. “Oh, WOW. You almost got me there,” she replied sarcastically. “For a second I thought you were worried that I was gonna die- which I wasn't -but no. Of course, it did help for me to see what I need to teach him next. So I suppose it was good that you barged in.”

      Cutthroat scoffed. “Barged in? I heard him screaming about killing you...and not killing you.”

      “Yes, well, he couldn't adapt to the Acroux Viper very well. It was messing with his mind, so he kept yelling at himself. So I gave him some ‘medicine’ and now he's back to being a pretty nice guy.”

      This made Cutthroat angrier. “A nice guy?! So you two are BEST BUDS now?!” He gritted the words through his Cybertronian teeth.

      Trona could not be bothered. “Oh. Jealous, are we?”

      He growled loudly. Renegade was listening behind the corner.

      She continued. “Well as far as I can see, Endgame ain't a problem anymore. I'll make sure of it. In fact, he LIKES my teachings. He wants to be good, even if it is difficult for him. Not to mention he's NICE to me. So I can see why you would be jealous.”

      Cutthroat grabbed Trona by the legs and lifted her to face him, upside down. She didnt struggle, instead folded her arms in slight annoyance. “I am not JEALOUS! I could care less if you and Endgame hit it off together now. But just you wait! He'll kill you and your so called family and you'll be WRONG!”

      The sassy human girl tapped her fingers on her arm in impatience, and then sighed. Still upside down. “Are you related to Renegade?” she asked from out of nowhere.

      Cutthroat was puzzled. “What? No, why would you-”

      “Or Warpath? Are you two related?”

      “Why do you keep-”

      “Or Smokescreen? Are you related to anyone in this base?” She kept persisting.

      “STOP TALKING!” He shouted.

      “But wait! If you aren't related to Renegade or Warpath or Smokescreen, your bestest of friends, how come you call them family?”

      Cutthroat hissed, but was silent in thought. “I...dont know what you mean.”

      She shook her head in disappointment. “Why do you dishonor my family while you have one of your own? People neither of us deserve.” Trona then took her norta claws and shoved them into Cutthroat's hands, dropping her on her feet. “Such a hypocrite.”

      As Trona left for another lesson with Endgame, Renegade watched her go, getting more and more impressed by her by the minute. He then approached Cutthroat, who was seething with anger.

      “I can see why you hate her so much,” Renegade said to Cutthroat in a not-so-serious way.

      Cutthroat was clutching his hand into a fist, which had a little drop of Energon leaking out. “Why?” he asked.

      “Because she's right.”

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    • (Was trying to think of what to type)

      Renegade's last comment set Cutthroat over the edge. "Right! You think she's right?!" He fumed at Renegade, who still didn't look like he cared too much. "Who's side are you on, anyways? One second you're defending me, the next you're telling me I'm wrong."

      "Because you are." He shrugged. "Admit it, you aren't always right. As a matter of fact, half the time you're too brash and arrogant. Your emotions seem to get in the way of your logical thinking. Trona is a lot more logically inclined than you." 

      Cutthroat got even more angry. His clenched fist closed even more. "She was wrong about one thing, then." He looked at Cutthroat quizically. "I don't actually care about any of you." He raised his voice loud enough for everyone in the base to hear. 

      "I've just been using you all to get things done! You're all just pawns for my manipulation, so oblivious to your own plight it's funny! I could care less if any of you died- as a matter of fact, I might even be the one to do the deed!"

      Endgame heard the last part and that made him fret for Trona's safety. If he were to kill anyone, it would definitely be her. "Please Trona. Please be okay... Please, please, please." He was practically begging for her to be safe. She was the only thing he cared about in the world anymore.

      (Look, all our characters are acting way different from the beginning, yay!)

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    • (Yay! Character development! Can't reply tonight, sorry :( But I'll do it first thing in da morning.)

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    • (Okee. I couldn't think of the word for character development.)

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    • (Doot)

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    • (Sorry, dogs again 83)

      Oh, no...they really did switch...Cutthroat's words hit Trona’s very core. It sent shivers down her spine. Something was definitely wrong. What am I gonna do?

      The only thing she could do was go to Endgame and continue talking with him. And then she would have to go have another talk with Renegade to see how he was dealing with his old friend’s sudden outburst.

      “Sorry about that, Endgame,” Trona said. “Had a bit of an argument but it's alright now.” She tried to act positive in an otherwise negative situation.

      Of course, Endgame didn't look so sure about that. “...He wants to kill you, Trona. He's gonna want to kill everyone…” He looked very nervous for her sake.

      “Well, you don't have to worry about us. If he breaks, then he'll end up in a appropriate distance away from you…” Then she wondered if Endgame might know something about it. If not him, than Renegade might. “You wouldn't know why this might be happening, would you?” she asked politely. “If not, then we can talk about something else. Whatever you want to learn.”

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    • "I... I have no idea." Endgame was still shocked at Cutthroat's statement. It was so... Out of character for him. Kind of like me. Endgame looked down at his claws, which were shaking from fear. He put on a fake smile to try and convince Trona he was fine.

      "Unless..." Endgame turned all his attention over to Trona again. "Have you ever met Unicron? Like, in person, I mean?" She just looked at him, obviously confused. "Why would that matter right now?" 

      "Because Unicron is a connection myself and Cutthroat both share! And darkly, too. Has he ever told you about how he became a Prime?" She nodded partially. "He probably didn't tell you the full story. I'll tell it to you short." 

      "It all started because of me. After narrowly surviving my first encounter with him and his team, I was extremely wounded. I stumbled upon a vein of dark energon, and myself just being recently created and all, didn't know what it was. I used it for nourishment and Unicron invaded my mind, corrupting every ounce of good I may have possibly had."

      he paused to take a breath. "Indighted to his service, I was forced to make an attempt to corrupt Cybertron's core. Long story short, Cutthroat showed up, saved the day, and killed both of us. Unfortunately, in an experiment to recreate an old Predacon warrior, a scientist revived us both, along with the warrior I mentioned. Both of us still required to serve Unicron, herself and me revived him and ignited a war." 

      "Following me?" She nodded. "Then Cutthroat came in, fought Unicron, died, was brought back as a Prime, and turned back time to stop him. Eventually, he was forced to use Unicron's own spark as his own to contain him. In short, he became Unicron." 

      "I don't know if that helps answer your questions at all, though."

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    • Trona almost stopped breathing, even though she didn't really need to. “Y-Yes that helps a lot actually.” She was close to afraid of the experiences she had with that darkness. “I...I’ve met Unicron...It was a long time ago...when he took over friend.”

      “You're friends with Megatron?” Endgame was slightly surprised.

      “More or less. He doesn't have many friends anyway. I help him get rid of Unicron., but if this is happening to Cutthroat...if he's becoming Unicron…”

      Trona shook her head. I can't worry about, I don't need I? For Prime’s sake, what am I supposed to do. Megatron was stronger than Cutthroat, in a way. Only the people he cares about could snap him out of it...if that's even possible.

      “Trona?” Endgame said. “Are you ok?”

      “Uh yeah. I'm fine. I just don't know how to help him...but he's not important right now. You are my priority right now. So, is there anything you would like me to teach you?”

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    • (Hey, Negora. Have you ever heard the song Savin' Me by Nickelback? If not, you should. It fits Trona and Endgame so well right now.)

      "I...I'll listen to anything you want to teach me. Is there maybe something you think I should learn, like, that you think is something I need to know?" He couldn't think of anything himself. His mind was clouded and his body was growing weary of holding itself in the position he was locked in. 

      "There might. Let me think for a minute." Trona looked him up and down, assessing him for any problems he may have had, but Endgame could tell her mind was somewhere else, as her face looked tired and detached, looking stressed out. 

      "Don't worry, Trona, Cutthroat will be okay... Right?" Trying to reassure her made him feel the urge for her to reassure him. All his own thinking and beliefs were coming from Trona. She made him feel strong, secure, like he wasn't a monster anymore. It made him think of something she could actually teach him. 

      "Trona, I need you to teach me something. Trona, teach me... Teach me to be like you."

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    • (Alright, sleep well. And I'll check out that song :))

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    • (DUDE you were SO right!!! That song is perfect for them!! Must be their theme song 8D)

      “To be like me?” Trona questioned. Evaluating everything about her, that seemed nearly impossible. It took SO many things to make her who she was today. Plenty of which were levels of experience that Endgame could not reach. But if she could teach him something then it was her outlook on it all. She had gone to the dark before, just like Endgame. He could become somewhat like her one day.

      And I've got to help him AND Cutthroat. Two damaged souls who need my help. At the exact same time. I know Cutthroat isn't gonna be in good shape- spark wise -when I can make room in my mind for him. But I can help Endgame now. I'm ready for it. Sort of.

      “Well…” Trona almost didn't know where to begin. “It took a lot to make we'll start off small... Ok, I take that back, it's not very small, but it can be done.” She chuckled slightly to try and raise the atmosphere a little higher and more likeable.

      After a moment of thought, Trona knew where to start. “Alright. Endgame,” she began seriously, as a sign of how important this could be.

      “How well do you think you can discern good from evil?”

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    • (I know! ;)

      Trona's question had caught Endgame rather off guard. It was surprising to say the least. "I... I-" He did know wrong from right, kind of. He was just too afraid to tell Trona. He didn't want her to know he understood he was being evil. 

      "Yes... Yes, Trona, I do understand good and evil." His voice broke at the end and he hid his face beneath his claws. "I understand perfectly, Trona." He peeked up at her. "I know what I do is wrong, but I just can't stop."

      Renegade took a step back from Cutthroat. "Are you okay, Cutthroat? You're starting to kinda scare me a little." Cutthroat just smiled and looked over at his old friend, looking extremely dark and vicious. 

      "Good, then. You should be scared." He transformed again to his Predacon mode, and had his claws prepared. Renegade took a few more steps backwards. "Cutthroat, stop! This isn't you!" Cutthroat smiled . "If you think that, you don't know me at all."

      (Well, that got dark real quick. :3)

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    • (OH frag! I don't know if Trona should try to stop it or not. I'm at crossroads XP)

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    • (Take the left path at the crossroads!)

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    • (Yes that helps! XDD)

      (Is that code for "let him die?")

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    • (Depends if you want Trona to be heroic or not. Your choice. :)

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    • (:/ )

      Hearing Endgame say that he was aware of his actions was actually a relief. “That's good, Endgame. In the past that may have been bad, but now that's a really good thing.” Trona tried explaining it to him in a happier tone to lift his spirits. “It means you are self aware. Not a lot of people are. You knew what you were doing was wrong...even if you didn't do anything to stop it, you knew what you were doing. A lot of people that are raised in a position like yours don't know right from wrong. This is a good start.”

      Endgame looked up, a little more pleased, but still felt shame. Trona slowly entered the cell and got closer to him to make sure he was comforted. “And it's ok that you didn't,” she said, softly. “You were not adapt to the emotions you are feeling now. You did not know them before, but you do now.” That lifted his spirits a little more.

      She continued to teach him. “Now, since you are aware, there are some things you must know how to do. If you know what you are doing is wrong, do you know what to do?” Endgame shook his head, staring at his claws. “You must find a way to stop it.”

      His voice shook. “H-How do I do that?”

      “Well-” Trona heard loud shouting coming from down the halls. Then shrieks. The loud voice sounded like Renegade. She caught her stupidity in her mouth. No! Not Renegade! Cutthroat wouldn't….

      Yes, Cutthroat wouldn't. Unicron would.

      Trona had to do something. But she didn't want to leave Endgame again. Maybe it was a risk...gah! He could go back in when she was done.

      “Time to take a test, Endgame.”

      He looked from her to the source of the shouting. “What? What do you mean?”

      “If you know right from wrong, you need to help me stop it.”

      Trona unlocked the chains and opened the cell.

      Trona and nervous Endgame entered the room with the commotion. Cutthroat was in beast mode. Renegade and a couple of his teammates were trying to snap him out of it. The room was already trashed.

      Endgame hid behind the wall to enter. “Endgame,” Trona tried to calm him. “Cutthroat is doing something wrong. So what do we do when we’re doing something wrong?”

      “You stop it,” Endgame emphasized her. “You can stop him, Trona. I can’t. I can't stop myself from doing wrong.”

      Quickly, she reached out and grabbed Emdgame’s hand. “Listen to me!” she said a little sharp. “Cutthroat is going to kill his friends. Now, we can't always stop someone when they do something wrong. But when they can't stop themselves, then someone must step in. I could stop this, but I need to see you try.”

      Endgame was still self conscious and seemed to tremble with uncertainty. Trona sighed and urged him in a gentle tone. “Endgame, I know you are good. You are not evil.” He shot his eyes at her. If he could cry, he would.

      “You can stop Cutthroat from becoming evil. You can be like me. I believe in you.”

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    • Endgame wasn't sure if he could stop Cutthroat. He was hard set on murdering the others, hi former friends. Part of him didn't want him to even try to help.Why bother saving those who would just as easily leave you to die? 

      He looked over to see Trona still trying to urge him to help Cutthroat's friends. Because Trona still believes I can be good. He braced his claws for combat in case he couldn't snap Cutthroat out of whatever he was in. 

      Taking a step forward, he began to speak loudly to Cutthroat. "Cutthroat!" He turned his head, and rage filled his eyes. "You! Did the bug let you out of your cage?" Endgame scowled at him. "Trona's my friend- our friend. You know that!" Cutthroat completely turned away from the Autobots to stare at Endgame. "Perhaps she was once. Any connection I had with her is gone now. She is just another obstacle standing in my path, and you... You are nothing more than a dog, scared of your own shadow!" 

      There was energon on Cutthroat's claws. He'd obviously injured one of his former friends. "Cutthroat, this isn't you! You... You're a hero, unlike me! These are your friends, your family!" Cutthroat took a few steps towards Endgame, staring directly into his eyes. 

      "They are dead to me- And so are you!" He grabbed Endgame by his throat and began choking him. "Trona!" The Autobots called to her. "You need to do something!"

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    • Maybe I should've saved some venom for Cutthroat… There wasn't much time to think. Endgame passed his test effectively. It didn't mattered who talked to Cutthroat now. Time to act.

      Trona flipped backwards unto her arms. Then jettisoned herself into a flip the arked on top of Cutthroat' head. He was slammed to the ground. She flipped back up in between Cutthroat and Endgame. She held her fists in a boxing position. No weapons.

      “Well done, Endgame. You passed your test.” Trona tried to boost his confidence. Then she saw that Renegade had energon leaking from his arm. Cutthroat's doing. “Now, Endgame, please help Renegade and any other wounded bots to the med bay. If you feel like hurting them, fight your urges and come back to me.”

      She nodded her head to Renegade as a signal for them both to move. Trona leapt to Cutthroat's Predacon face and gave a good hard punch. Renegade ran behind her, his eyes shaking from Cutthroat to Endgame. “This day just got weird,” he commented.

      Endgame didn't move. He wasn't trusting himself to help others. Trona couldn't always sound nice to him though. “Endgame! If you want to be changed for good, then you'll do as I say! I know the other bots don't trust you, but that shouldn't stop you from showing mercy to them. It didn't stop me when I showed mercy to you!”

      He fidgeted before lifting Renegade up to find the med bay. The other bots followed.

      Cutthroat cackled, his eyes turning a different color. Purple almost. “Haha! You think you can stop me?! You're nothing but an annoying pest under my claws!”

      “Familiar words,” Trona said. She quickly jumped out of the way of Cutthroat's tail swinging towards her. “That's enough, Cutthroat! I know this isn't you. I know that Unicron is in there.”

      “I am Cutthroat! This is me! This is who I've always been!” He jumped to tackle her, but she bounced high up and grabbed Cutthroat's face.

      “Be gone, Unicron! Let me speak to my friend!” She held tight while Cutthroat shook his head to try and get her off.

      I am not your friend!” He summoned a ball of flame and shot them out across the room. Trona jumped off of his face and slammed her fists down unto his spine. He crumbled for a moment long enough for her to speak.

      “Yes you are! Cutthroat, I know you are in there!” Trona punched hard into his leg to get him further to the ground. “I know who you are! You are kind, you are fun, caring, heroic, and someone who has sacrificed so much for Cybertron!” She dragged his face down to look at her and kept her hands around his mouth, keeping it closed.

      “You make me laugh, you make me cry, you saved my life, you've saved this world! I know your pain!” Trona breathed heavily and then quieted down.

      “I'm sorry I wasn't here when you needed me most.”

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    • (Screech!)

      "No! Trona! Trona... Get out of my head!" He clutched his skull, and his eyes tore to Trona, with a glazed look, only radiating one emotion: rage. "You won't change me, Trona! Your lies will not manipulate me like they did Endgame!" 

      "Lies! I showed him what he could be! I showed him that he could be good, that he wasn't made to be evil!" Cutthroat just snarled and hissed at Trona's words. "Lies! That was his sole creation- to kill! He is mine to control!" 

      The human didn't even budge. "So you admit it, then." 

      "Admit what?" Cutthroat's thrashing had stopped momentarily. "That you're just Unicron." 

      "No! I... I am Cutthroat!" He was getting more and more angry, and began to thrash much more wildly, forcing Trona to let go of his snout. He stood up to his full height once more. "Enough talk, pest. It is time you die!"

      Renegade had begun to limp his way over. His leg had been sorely cut, and he was losing too much energon. Endgame placed him in the med bay to get fixed, but immediately turned to leave. "And where do you think you're going?" Endgame glanced back. "I can't have Trona forever. Guess I get used to it now." 

      "So you're leaving, then?" He nodded. "I need to find my own path, Renegade. Tell Trona I thank her, and that I'll miss her very much." Renegade nodded before collapsing from exhaustion. "Go ahead, I won't stop you. I think Trona healed your mind as much as it could be healed. I don't believe you're a danger to society anymore." Endgame opened a groundbridge, to where, he didn't know. Before he left Renegade looked up at him one last time. 

      "Don't prove me wrong."

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    • (Sorry this took forever to come up with)

      Trona was knocked back when Cutthroat forced his way out of her clutch. He slammed his claw down unto her. She caught it before she was squished to the floor. Definitely possible considering her size. Her strength was still greatly underestimated.

      “You...will...not...kill me!” she said through grit her teeth. She could feel the ground start to crack from all the pressure the two put against each other. “I will not...give up...on you!” As she finished her sentence, Trona put all strength in her legs to lift herself out of his claws. Cutthroat stumbled back, building more rage. Trona pulled out her spear, but removed the head to make a pure Cybertronian staff, three times her height.

      “I know you are stronger than this, Cutthroat. You have to fight his power!” He blew flames at her, but she did an Olympic high jump over the fire with her staff and swiftly flipped it- hot from the flames - and whacked Cutthroat's head. A burn mark smoked on his Predacon cheek.

      He hissed like a snake. “I am Cutthroat!!” His eyes now drowned in purple. “Him and I are one! You will die a slow and painful death-”

      “If Unicron is so powerful, then why does he hide inside others? Why waste your strength in a body that's not even yours?” They began to charge each other like a jouste. At the last second, Trona swung her staff to hit his legs. He tripped over it and slammed into the wall.

      Trona chuckled in a mocking way. “And what kind of an all-powerful evil Cutthroat gets defeated by a human?” Cutthroat collected himself again and faced her with pure hatred in his eyes.

      I can't fight him forever...maybe Cutthroat has truly surrendered himself...No! He is suffering inside! I cannot give up...and I cannot keep up. How can I speak to Cutthroat?

      Trona had an idea...but it was suicide. She had to say quite a few things to jog his mind up. “Cutthroat, remember when you gave up your life for me?”

      He stopped in his tracks, confused. “What?! No, that never happened…”

      There it is! Unicron has not completely taken over him. He is holding onto his pain, just like Endgame. Just like me. He doesn't want to let it go. He denies his goodness. I need to remind him of it all

      With that tested, she threw her staff in the back corner. Now completely unarmed, Trona had one chance. “Remember when you sacrificed your life to save Cybertron’s core?”

      “No! You lie! That wasn't me!”

      “Remember when you said you would never leave me?” She took small steps toward him. Cutthroat began to suffer a headache. “Remember when I said I wept for you?”

      Lies!! Enough of your manipulative lies!! Stop lying to me!” Cutthroat clutched his head.

      “Do you remember Jazz?” Cutthroat shrieked loudly. “No!” He screamed.

      “He died to protect you. He gave you a chance to be a hero. And you are a hero, Cutthroat.” She was approaching him, close enough to get herself killed.

      “STOP LYING!! That isn't me! Cutthroat...I am none of those things!! HE IS DEAD!!” Cutthroat roared and grabbed his head again, plunging it to the ground. It hurt too much to hear the truth.

      Trona went up to him and gently touched his forehead where the pain came from. Then reached for his insignia that glowed purple. Hopefully it would stop and become it's true color.

      “You are Cutthroat. You are a hero. No lie could cover up how much I care about you. You have and always will friend.”

      (Oh my emotions! XD)

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    • "No...No, Trona, no..." He was speaking in a much softer voice now, and he barely had enough strength to bring his head to her level. "No, Trona. I am not your-" He let out a cough from all the pain going through his mind. 

      "Unicron is the only one I need, now." He didn't believe it though. He couldn't even believe his own words. "Why, Trona, why? Why are you doing this to me?" He was still much to exhausted to stand. The battle had been too draining on him. 

      All the lies she told him made him even more weary. Unicron's power had begun to dwindle, but still barely had control of a few thoughts. "Trona... Trona... Trona. Trona, you... You saved me from him. From the monster inside me. I don't know how, but I'm... I'm free now."

      His eyes had returned to their normal shade of blue, and his insignia returned to being red. "You did it Trona. You made me remember myself again- thank" His voice cracked. "Thank you for saving me, Trona. Thank you, thank you for being my friend."

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    • A single tear fell from her strained eyes. Trona let out a heavy and relieved sigh and inhaled happily. “Thank the stars, I missed you.” She embraced him, even though he was too big to do so. Cutthroat was shocked and frozen from it. Then he transformed and hugged her back.

      Trona still felt guilty for what had happened. And it all started when she stopped Cutthroat from killing Endgame. She didn't regret that, but she ignored him while she tended to Endgame. Speaking of, she needed to find him after this.

      “Oh, Cutthroat, I'm so sorry. This is my fault. I-I should've helped you too, I should've been a better friend...Why did I let you forget yourself? Why did you...why am I so…” The words couldn't all fall out.

      The sorrowful human put her hand on her helmet and dropped to her knees as a sign of begging for forgiveness. Trona would be accepting of any anger Cutthroat slandered her with.

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    • "No Trona, this wasn't your fault. This would have came up again no matter what you did. None of this was your fault... It was all mine. I shouldn't have pushed you away like that. My anger and frustration all went out on you and I didn't mean anything I said to you." 

      He held down a finger which she grabbed on for him to help her up. "If anything I should be thanking you. You never gave up on me, even after all those things I said. You're an inspiration to everyone Trona. I don't know anyone who cares about people like you." 

      Her attitude appeared to improve after hearing his words. "I'm sorry if I hurt you, or any of my friends. I'm even sorry about Endgame. He really has changed for the better. He didn't deserve it and neither did you." 

      "Speaking of Endgame, where is he? I think we should try and go find him so I could apologize. He went to the med bay, right? That's where we should look first." He lead her out and towards it before slowing to allow Trona to lead the way. He

      Reaching it, Endgame was nowhere to be found. "Trona, where did Endgame go?"

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    • "I dont know." Endgame wasn't in the med bay. Trona was beginning to feel anxiety return to her. She approached Renegade, who was starting to gain consciousness after losing so much energon. “Renegade, do you know where Endgame is?” she asked urgently.

      He coughed for a minute and then look down at her. “Endgame? He's...he's gone.” Fear punched Trona in the gut.

      “Gone? Where did he go?” Cutthroat asked.

      “I don't know...he just walked through the groundbridge.”

      Her mind couldn't process this properly. “Did he say anything?”

      Renegade sat up a little. “He said...that he knew he couldn't be with you forever. He needed to find his own way now...and that he was grateful and would miss you.”

      Trona shook her head and began to run towards nowhere. She just needed to go somewhere. “Trona? Trona!” Cutthroat began to chase after her. She stopped at the front of the main groundbridge. He found her knelt to the ground with a fist shoved into the cracked floor.

      “No! He can't be gone...I just found him.” Trona was in deep denial. Cutthroat knelt nest to her and put his hand on her back. “This is just like before...with Megatron. He saw the light after he suffered with Unicron….and then he left. They always leave.”

      Well, not all of them leave...but someone eventually does.

      “I just hope that wherever he is, he'll be happy. And that he'll find his way.”

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    • "I'm sorry, Trona." Cutthroat pulled her head up gently to look in his eyes. "Just because he's gone doesn't mean he's really gone. You'll still always remember him, and unfortunately for me, the only memories I have of him killing people I cared about." 

      "You don't have to suffer that. You can remember him as a friend, as a good person even. He left because he knew how much you cared about him and he knew he would have to go sometime. He just knew how much pain it would put you through to watch." 

      He lifted his hand off of her and placed it by his side. "He left because he cared about you. He left because you were the only one who cared about him. He needed to change that. He needed to redeem himself and he knew he couldn't do that here." 

      "I'm sure he's hurting as much as you are now. Perhaps even more. He knew he didn't deserve you. I don't think any of us do. You're too important, too nice, too heroic. We don't deserve to have you. Your team does." 

      He looked over at the groundbridge. "If you ever want to see them, you know how."

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    • Trona sighed and stood up. She didn't need to dwell on this moment. There was too many of them, just like she had reflected upon at home. A different sadness came upon her now.

      My work is done here. I promised to help Endgame and I did. Cutthroat is alright now. Hopefully Unicron won't try to take over him again. I don't believe he will. But I accomplished everything I promised to do here. Now it's time for me to go home.

      After a long moment of silence, Cutthroat began to walk away, but Trona stopped him. "Actually, Cutthroat, it probably is time I get going."

      Cutthroat turned around, looking a little surprised she wanted to go already, but then nodded. "I...understand." He had a crestfallen face.

      Trona placed her hand on his leg where she reach. "If you need anything, don't be afraid to call me again." She almost said goodbye, but it sounded too sad after everything. "See you around, Cutthroat."

      He nodded and gave her a small smile. "See you, Trona."

      Trona opened up a groundbridge to the island, breathing a little easier.

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    • (Wow. Seems like we can't go anywhere with this now. :/)

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    • Cutthroat was a bit heartbroken that Trona had already wanted to leave. After she was gone, he had turned to tracking where Endgame had gone. Just because Trona and Renegade had trusted him didn't mean he did. 

      He needed to know where Endgame had gone, in case it was somewhere where he would be doing something that might lead to him going back to his dark past. The monitor began to glow and it showed first where Trona went and then to Endgame's coordinates. 

      "Oh slag..." 

      A large mound of rubble stood beside Endgame, which had an opening in it, like a doorway. Entering inside, the inside appeared to be like an old ancient ruin, with broken pillars and crumbling corridors. 

      "Here I am again. Back where it all began. Back where I began." Why have you returned here, Endgame? He knew that voice. It was terrifying to hear it again. After turning against me, you've still returned? I should kill you just for that. 

      "No! Cutthroat took care of you! You don't exist!" No one can truly get rid of me, Endgame. I'll always be here, changing you. Corrupting you. The girl did much to fix you, but I can do just as much to turn you back... Or make you worse. 

      He clutched his head, like he thought hurting himself would get rid of the voice. "No! I'm good now! Trona fixed me. She showed me I wasn't evil! I won't let you take me again!" 

      Ah, but you will, little one. Extreme pain raced up his body, through his mind. He was being tortured in his own body.

      Kneel! Kneel, traitor! Kneel before the might of Unicron!

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    • (Sorry, I don't know what to reply. I'll get something up in a bit.)

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    • (okee...)

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    • (Alright I FINALLY wrote something. SORRY XP)

      Before anyone could welcome Trona back: “Razor, prep the satellite on Cybertron.” she ordered.

      “Wait, what? Why?” Razor asked.

      “I need to pinpoint Endgame’s location.” As much as Trona wanted to trust Endgame’s intentions, she couldn't risk it. She hopped onto the computer immediately.

      Icebreath tried to slow the pace of her leader down. “Woah, hey, what happened?”

      “Endgame bridged out of Cutthroat’s base. Chaos was happening so he was the least of my problems, so he left.” Trona was typing away, tracking anywhere with dark energon pulsing.

      “Trona, did you get ANY rest over there?” Icebreath voice raised with concern.

      “You know I couldn't have rested anyway. I was busy enough as it was. I have to find Endgame.”

      Icebreath exchanged worried looks with the twins. How much longer could she go on? “Trona, Endgame can wait-”

      “No he can't!” Trona yelled. Her voice cracked with desperation. “He has a connection to Unicron, just like Cutthroat did. He’s started recovery from his dark ways, but Unicron could try to pull him away…” She started to feel light headed. “...he...he could turn back...I can't fail him…”

      Compared to other humans, Trona was an alien. She didn't need all the necessary things for survival. Daily sleep was one of the unnecessary things. But when she stayed awake for too long, she would be hit with total exhaustion. Things tended to go wrong after she collapsed.

      Icebreath could see that she was entering that phase. She rushed up and caught Trona as she started to tip. “Trona, we can track him for you. Anything goes wrong, we got it,” Icebreath reassured her.

      Trona was struck with anxiety. “I can get to him...he won't listen to anyone else...I can't sleep...only nightmares,” she mumbled.

      “I know,” Icebreath said sympathetically. “We'll wake you when we find him.”

      Trona nodded and felt all her limbs getting dragged by gravity. She collapsed in Icebreath’s hands.

      I'm so tired...but I know I won't be able to sleep for long. If only I could dream like I used to...Oh, Endgame, please don't be hurt...don't hurt anyone else.

      “If Cutthroat calls,” Trona whispered. “You and Scorchmark...go for me.” And she slipped into black.

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    • (Sorry I won't be able to reply tomorrow. I have like a summer camp thing for singing.)

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    • (Sorry, I won't be able to reply today. I will when I think of something tomorrow. :£)

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    • Cutthroat turned his head over to Renegade. "O need to go see Endgame! Anything happens, you go see Trona, okay?" Renegade didn't even had time to make a rebutle before Cutthroat was typing in coordinates. 

      "Why? WHat is there to worry about with him? Trona fixed him up, he's fine." Cutthroat never gave his old friend a second glance. "Because," he said, slightly annoyed. "I don't trust him. You don't know Endgame like I do."

      Renegade was shaking his head, but he stopped after the pain made him wince. "I don't care if you know him or not, he isn't evil anymore. I saw him, he's fine now."

      Cutthroat wasn't listening. He was already gone through the groundbridge. 

      "No! No, stop!" The pain was worse than anything Endgame had felt before. He waas on his knees, hands clutched onto his face, refusing to let go. 'But why, little one? This is fun- and it's productive! '"Productive! You're insane! I'm better now! I won't submit back into what I was before!" 

      You were made to adapt- I was made to destroy! I will turn you back, back to my loyal slave! Endgame's eyes stopped glowing, and all his vision turned to darkness. Then they opened again, and he stopped feeling. He started to smile, then to laugh. 

      "Yes, Unicron." He turned on his comm unit, to speak to Trona. "Trona, Trona, are you there? Please, I need someone to talk too, I feel so... lonely. Could you find me if you are listening? I'd l;ove to talk in person." 

      He turned it of and unfurled his wings. "It is time, Unicron. It is time for you to get your revenge on the girl. It is time you bring her to her knees, and command her as your own!"

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    • (Sorry, that took so long. Been busy and wasn't feeling up to typing anything.)

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    • (You're good. I've been the same way. I'll try to reply sometime.)

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    • If there was at least two things Trona wished she could do after the incident, they would be good sleep and dreams. Good sleep she could never get. Mostly because of the nightmares she constantly suffered. Nearly 90% of them had something to do with the Acroux Viper. Rarely did she have actual visions when she rested. If they had anything to do with her team or friends, it was definitely a foreshadow of events.

      Trona tossed violently in her tiny bed. The dark room was barely lit by a small light. It hung in the corner, creating a silhouette setting. Images flashed unannounced in her head, but she remained quiet. Her nightmare turned black and then began illuminating purple. Never had she felt smaller before now. Unicron hovered in an empty space, his favorite color surrounding. He began to laugh as a puff of smoke appeared in between them. Endgame emerged from the cloud, smiling with familiar darkness. His eyes glowed purple, dark energon puffs dripping out of every crevasse.

      No...this cannot happen. Not him too. Not while he's come far enough to see the light in the world; in his spark.

      The whole sequence spun around and changed. Unicron still surrounded everything, but this time two stood between Trona and the chaos bringer. It was Cutthroat, facing Endgame. Glitches in her head showed images of Cutthroat killing Endgame and Endgame killing Cutthroat. They were brief, but violent. Dark Energon poured everywhere. She could almost drown in it. But then it quickly shifted back to them facing off.

      Both opponents, smiling, turned to Trona now. Like lightning, they charged to her. She looked down to see two stab wounds in her chest. So much blue. It was like the super violent human horror movies crossed with Cybertron. Trona dropped to the ground that just appeared. Finally, the Acroux Viper slithered in and hissed in front of her face. It's equivalent of a laugh rung in her ears while flashes of everyone she loved drowning in dark energon and yellow venom stained her mind.

      A loud gasp finally got the damaged human to wake up. Trona rubbed her face with her hands. When she rested, she removed her helmet and norta claws. She stood up slowly. The waking up process was the only time she was slow. Trona grabbed her helmet from her small, handmade desk and placed it on her head. She didn't bother looking into her mirror to see her real face. Too much was going on. No time for contemplation.

      For a minute, Trona walked like a drunken worm down the hall. Then managed to find her legs while she spoke to herself. “Unicron, you will not prevail. You could not claim Megatron, you will not claim anyone.”

      When she turned the corner, she ran into Tazor. “Oh, sorry, Trona! I was just about to come get you.”

      “That's fine, T. Do you have news?”

      “Yes. We found where Endgame is. And Cutthroat’s signal just popped up in the same location,” he talked as they went.

      “Scrap. I knew it,” Trona muttered. They walked in where the others waited. “Icebreath, scratch what I said before. I'm going for Endgame.”

      Icebreath’s optics went big. “What? Alone?”

      “No, not alone. Waveblast, you're coming with instead. I have a feeling they may need a medic.” The groundbridge opened to Cybertron. Before they could go, Icebreath uttered something.

      “Trona, please be careful,” Icebreath said.

      The human leader of the magnificent beasts turned back to her first lieutenant. I can't promise anything to them. I can promise more than most, but not where or when I die. “I will be, Icebreath. I promise.”

      Trona and Waveblast walked onto Cybertron. They saw Cutthroat and Endgame facing each other. Nearly exactly like Trona had seen in her nightmare.

      (Unfortunately this is the only time I can reply. I'm going camping for the next 3 days. I should be able to by either Saturday night or Sunday. Xc)

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    • (Ok. Finally thought something up.)

      Endgame and Cutthroat stared over at each other, both too afraid to make the first move. Instead, they spoke. "Endgame. You don't know what your doing. You're scared, confused, alone. You don't want to do this. Trust me." 

      Cutthroat spoke very quietly and calmly to him. "You don't know anything about what I want!" Endgame rushed across at him, knocking him to the ground. "You aren't thinking anymore. Unicron has seized your mind. You aren't controlling your own body." 

      He knocked Cutthroat away, trying to get him to stop talking. "Shut up! You don't understand anything! You don't know me, you don't know anyone!" Cutthroat still didn't raise his voice. "I know who you are. You aren't evil. You aren't a killer. Trona convinced me of that."

      "She knows nothing! She is no better than you!" His eyes stopped shining, and became much darker, as did his voice. "Enough talk! It is time to die!" His eyes narrowed and the way he spoked and moved was much more primitive and savage. 

      Cutthroat noticed Trona in the room, watching them. "Trona! He's losing control! Unicron is taking over! You need to say something, quick. He'll listen to you!"

      (Yeah, sorry, it wasn't that good. Kinda tired tonight.)

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    • This will not be easy. Cutthroat had been fighting against Unicron already. Endgame has only now realized his goodness. My success with Cutthroat may turn out to be ineffective to Endgame.

      Trona and Waveblast stood still. The human wasn't sure how to carry this out. But the two enemies were locked in offense and defense. She had to act now. “Waveblast,” she said. The blind Predacon immediately knew and nodded. He took a moment to sense the direction Endgame was.

      “Cutthroat, move!” Trona shouted to her friend. Cutthroat stumbled back from Endgame’s attack then nodded to her. He then flipped over Endgame to get out of the way. Waveblast released the power of the resonance blaster onto Endgame. He groaned and tossed himself around before kneeling to the ground.

      “Endgame,” Trona called out as she ran to him. He looked to her, eyes purple and swelling with hate. She felt a heavy dread fill up inside her. “Oh, Endgame. I'm so sorry,” she choked out with so much compassion and worry for him. “I should not have left you alone. I know what loneliness can damage. I know how it hurts.”

      Endgame growled and let out a hesitant laugh. “You know nothing! I'm glad you left. Good riddance! But now that you are back, I can get rid of you forever!”

      “No, Endgame, I know you don't really think that. Unicron wants you to think that-”

      “Silence, pest!” Endgame snapped. “You lie just like my nemesis. I always hated you! You don't know anything!”

      Trona softly let out a quiet laugh. “I know more than you think. I know you won't hurt me. I know you are stronger than you want to believe. I know all about pain and suffering…” Trona didn't know if she could do it, but maybe it could light up Endgame’s spark to see her as he once had. Cutthroat was watching, she never wanted him to see her like this, but she could not keep all of her story to herself. “...and if you truly are Unicron...if you really want to stay in the darkness…”

      Reluctantly, Trona lifted her hands and flipped the switch. She removed her helmet, revealing her real face. “...then you will kill me.”

      Endgame’s eyes were wide. He froze with his mouth open. Cutthroat nearly gasped in shock. A single tear fell from her violet eyes. Finally, someone could see her shame. She had predicted anyone’s reaction, but she didn't think it would break her heart so much. As much as Trona wished she could crumble into the ground, she had to stand confident.

      “Endgame, you are not evil. You are good. But if you so wish to go back to your ways, then kill me already.” Trona breathed in sharply, trying to hold back her emotions. “I've been waiting for someone to do it. Maybe today is the day.”

      Endgame stood up, still staring at the human girl’s face. His mind was at a constant battle. He shouted in agony and clutched his head. “No! NO! I cannot do it...I want to- Agh! Free me...kill her!”

      “I can still help you recover, Endgame. But only you can decide where to go.” She released the tension in her arms and closed her eyes, waiting to be killed by Unicron or saved by Endgame.

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    • The thoughts swirling in Endgame's head were too unbearable. Kill her, slave! Kill her, then free me from the Prime! Do as your master commands! He couldn't resist his master. He couldn't resist Unicron's orders, but somehow... Somehow he did. 

      He hit Trona away. "No! Trona! Get away! Get away from me!" He clutched his head, more orders hitting him. End it! Stop talking! Pain tore through his head, forcing him back to his knees. "Trona! Please, I'm sorry. I can't control... Control myself. Don't let this define me, remember me for what I was, not what I am now." 

      He sobbed and stood up again, smiling now. "Ah, sorry. You didn't need to hear all that, now did you? It's about time I got back to my senses. I thought Trona broke me for a minute there." He stepped out towards Cutthroat, who raised his arms, preparing to fight.

      "You don't need to do this anymore. You don't need to fight me, or Trona, or anyone. Embrace your good side. Embrace your side that truly cares for Trona, for all of us." Endgame just shook his head. "Ah, Cutthroat. Always the hero." He still kept up his devilish grin. "Soon enough, though I'm going to have to break you." 

      "Let out Unicron, your dark side, blah, blah, blah, the fun stuff." Trona was up again, now wearing her helmet. "Endgame..." He stopped talking a minute and glanced over at the human. "And Trona, good to see you again." He took a step forward. "You'll be a fun one to corrupt. Keep you as my loyal servant." 

      "But first, we have some more physical matters to be dealt with." He flexed his claws, now glinting in the light. 

      "I suppose it is time we end this, once and for all!"

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    • “Endgame, please fight this! I don't want to be forced to do it,” Trona almost begged. Endgame was fighting back, but even Megatron was temporarily taken over by Unicron. He was powerful and torturing. If only she had the allspark.

      “Aw, don't worry Trona. I'm not going to kill you yet, even if your disastrous face begs for it!” Endgame stated coldly. Cutthroat took great offense and knocked Endgame away from Trona. “But you, Cutthroat, I'm definitely going to kill you!” Endgame charged back at Cutthroat and, after some combat, sliced his claws across Cutthroat’s chest. He fell to the ground and Endgame pulled out his blaster.

      “No!” Trona shouted and ran at Endgame. She roundhoused into his chest to get him away. He stumbled only a little before growling and grabbing her next. He slowly squeezed her body, feeling her insides break.

      Endgame chuckled with sick delight. “First, I'm going to make you suffer like never before. And then you are going to squabble under my power! Your worthlessness to the Primes will be replaced by a tool of pure destruction, controlled by ME!”

      Trona tried pulling her hands out of his, but she didn't know what to do next. What can I do? Endgame still can’t pull through. Why must I be the only one who has to do this? I don't know what to do…

      There was only one thing left to do. But she had to keep trying this last thing, even if it didn't work. “Endgame...I showed you mercy…” she could barely get words out, for he squeezed still. “I-I let you live because I saw...I saw someone that I didn't even know was in there. Not Unicron...not a power hungry warlord, no I- aah!” Unicron’s power held tightly around her. She couldn't stop now.

      “I saw...someone I saw in Megatron. In Predaking and every Predacon I've ever you. I saw someone deprived of love...deprived of wisdom and care, only because of how much hardship you had experienced. It was all you you stuck to it...When you begged for mercy, I saw you for what you really are, and I still see what you can become. Even if you kill me, I know that your yearning for love and the chance to be free from evil will always live on. Unicron will NEVER be powerful enough to take such wonderful things away...Not from you, Cutthroat, or me.”

      Her desperation pulled through. Hopefully Endgame would hear it. Otherwise they were both going to die.

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    • "I... I... Trona. Why. Why are you doing this to me? Why are you trying to control me? Why are you so determined to make me better? I don't want this? Or do I? I don't know anything anymore. I don't know who I am anymore." 

      He released his claws from around her body. "I can't kill you. He can't make me hurt you, Trona. I could never do that to you." He stopped and gazed down over at the emerging on his claws. Cutthroat managed to sit himself up and looked over at Endgame. 

      "Well, that wasn't too bad. I'm not dead, and you haven't given in completely to Unicron, that's good." He chuckled a bit before groaning at his pain. "Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!" Endgame's eyes darted over to Cutthroat, insanity twinkling in them. 

      He slowly walked over to Cutthroat. "Endgame, it's alright now. It's over, this is all over, you can come back with us- we'll just need to help clean you up, put you in a cell for a bit, just until we know you really are safe." 

      "No! I'm not going back!" He rushed himself at Cutthroat, knocking him back down to the ground before slashing at his throat. "You can't lock me up anymore! You can't try and keep me as your little let free to manipulate and mold however you want!" 

      "Endgame, please- we don't want to hurt you." Trona tried to talk to him, but he cut her off. "No Trona! I won't let you talk me out of this! I will make sure he doesn't try to control you either!" Cutthroat held Endgame's talons above him narrowly. 

      "You're insane!" Cutthroat twisted back his talons, making him recoil in pain. "You can't tell me what I am!" He hissed and breathed a flame towards his nemesis, who slid beneath it and grabbed his throat, keeping him from fighting back. "You need help, Endgame. We can help you- Trona can help you." 

      "Don't bring... Her... Into... This!" He seethed through gritted teeth. "She's my friend! You won't use her however you want!" 

      "Endgame, I'm not using her. She's my friend too, can't you see that?" He roared out at Cutthroat, and Trona realised she would have to do something, before they tore each other apart.

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    • “Endgame, NO! Please, don't-” Trona shouted, but he heard nothing. He charged at Cutthroat who refused to fight back, only defend himself from being murdered.

      “Trona,” a soft strong voice called out. It was Waveblast. “Remember what you've learned.”

      Trona sucked in air with no use. I've learned a lot. Much involving second chances. Much of which I taught to Endgame...but there is something that the human race taught me more than the races of Cybertron…

      Some people, no matter how many second chances you give, cannot fully change.

      Starscream was a prime example. Trona never liked him, but she tried to give him chances to prove to be something better. Yet he never took a hint of it. He still had a deep desire for power, even after his opportunities to grow. She may have found another example for this lesson.

      Endgame had a desire to be good, a strong hope of it. But he misunderstood it because of his past. She gave him the friend he needed, but he didn't know what a friend was. His spark was as far as it could go.

      Trona couldn't control how fast her lips quivered. Her hand shook as she reached for her belt. She couldn't decide which she would rather use to prevent extremes. Endgame had Cutthroat pinned to the ground, constantly shouting things in her name. “You will not hurt her!! You won't ever try to manipulate her again!”

      No, he won't Endgame. Neither would you. And no one will hurt you either. Unicron won't manipulate you again. No one can make you be good or evil. Yet nothing can change what became of you.

      The energon sword dragged on the floor. Rain fell from the purple skies in her eyes. She leaped onto Endgame’s back, each second feeling slower than the last.

      Trona drove the sword through his spark, managing to let out one last phrase. Anything after that became blurred. “I'm sorry...please forgive me.”

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    • Endgame's lifeless body fell to the ground. As Trona dug the sword out from him he managed to utter one last sentence. "Trona... Why?" Cutthroat pulled himself back up again, rubbing his throat, energon leaking down.

      "Trona, you did the right thing. He deserved it, he was a monster." As well as her sadness and grief, she was overtaken by anger. "He was not a monster! He was a good person, a good friend. He just couldn't handle it... Being a good person. After always being controlled, after always being manipulated, he was shown friendliness." 

      "He was given what he always wanted, a friend. Someone to turn to, to trust. He lost control." Cutthroat was shaking his head. "He was always evil, Trona. He was made to be evil. It's who he is." 

      She became even more angered. "If you believe that, you're no Better than-" Cutthroat looked more amused than anything. "Than who?" 

      "Forget it. You know what, Cutthroat? You aren't worth my time." She turned and walked away, opening a groundbridge and leaving. 

      "About time she left. Starting to get on my nerves." He looked at Endgame's still body. "It's about time you died." He smiled and left as well, back to his base, and his team.

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    • (I guess we finished this...)

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    • (Heh...yeah. I did want to write a closing post back when, but I kind of forgot and didn't know how. Of course we could officially tie up lose ends on Rising Wave or the collab.)

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    • (Yeah.)

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    • Can someone give me a recap of this Rp so I'm up-to-date on events?

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    • (Well, it started with Trona arriving. Endgame comes and heads over to see Predaking, before killing him. Trona and Cutthroat arrive, and the three battle. Endgame takes control of two of her Predacons, and Cutthroat and Trona flee. He tells her he hates her and leaves. Endgame heads to Trona's island to fix the location of the Acroux Viper. He heads to the moon, there is another battle there, he controls Rextooth, capturing Trona. He uses some old Acroux venom to control her, and she and Cutthroat fight. Long story short, she dies, Cutthroat uses the Matrix to heal her, Endgame gets the Acroux himself. 

      Cutthroat tells Trona he only said that to her to protect her. Endgame uses his abilities to become more like the Acroux, expanding his control and persuasion. Another battle ensues, at the end, Endgame gets for mercy and Trona obliges. She teaches him to be better, but when Cutthroat becomes more angry for sparing his nemesis, Unicron takes over, Trona talks him out of it, and Endgame escapes. 

      He once again becomes corrupted by Unicron, and a final battle begins. Believing he was protecting Trona from Cutthroat's manipulation, he fights Cutthroat, but Trona ends up killing him to free him from Unicron's control. 

      You might want to read it, because it was far more complex, but that works. I'm trying to think a way for Endgame to come back as an antagonist, maybe in the fanfic.)

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    • Wow, That's interesting.

      I guess I should read it when I have some spare moments.))

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    • (It was pretty fun to do.)

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    • (Yes it was. It got real deep and kept conflicting with my emotions.)

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    • Dang, I should have joined the wiki earlier! )

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    • (@Negora That's what Disappearing Ocean did when Silver appeared, I spoke through her a few times.)

        Loading editor
    • I do that a lot with many of my Ocs))

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    • (me too!)

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    • Ik!!)

      Most ocs have something that sets them aside personality-wise. Like, Jean and Blue are loosely base off me. But Jean is more kiddish, quiet, and impulsve than me. Flare is a little more reckless and tempermental.  But they all have the same core personality, right?))

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    • (Sundor's basically my sona. He acts like a stuck-up, pessimistic jerk, but behind his shell he wants to be loved. He longs to be congratulated, to be remembered, to be praised, but he knows he never will. He wishes to be a hero, but knows he never can, so he sticks to life where he doesn't have to be.)

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    • Blue Flare is the type of person I wish I could be. We have many trait in common, like desire for friends, recklessness, but she has thing I don't.  I will never know if I can be Selfless like her, or have her sense of humor and argument. ))

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    • lol same with Silver. I want to be witty and couragous. I want to be brave enough to stray the gold laden path to our perfect selves. That's who I want to be.))

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    • Yeah kids,

      When life gets hard, remember your ocs!))

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    • lol)

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    • XD))

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    • A FANDOM user
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