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    comment by PhoenixFire82 16 minutes ago
    Queen Lapis

    Queen Lapis

    Watching the scene with apparent interest, Scylla grumbled and shrugged her shoulders. “Just something that isn’t very...snakey. You pick.” 



    "Of course, my lady." The doctor, having done this several times now, no longer had to check and make sure that any previous C... 

  • discussion page *sweats nervously* Heh... Hey
    comment by Queen Lapis 4 days ago
    Comment: Heh, talk about life! We miss you, Negora! But like Phoenix, we all have our main lives outside of the wikia. I hope your playgroup does awesome in...
  • discussion page *sweats nervously* Heh... Hey
    comment by PhoenixFire82 4 days ago
    Comment: It's alright, Negora! Real life takes priority for fake life, and I don't blame you for anything. I'm just sorry that you have no time for yourself...
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    posted by Negora1 4 days ago
    New blog: As you may know, I died. It has been a busy few months. I am not in the school play, but I am the costume manager. I thought I could help out, but...
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  • discussion page Hey!
    comment by PhoenixFire82 5 days ago
    Queen Lapis

    Queen Lapis

    Flare snorted at the Troodon as he followed Echo with his tail between his legs. Unlike the other Dinobots, he did not carry himself tall, ... 



    The troodon (who Echo found out was named Seditio) remained silent as the others forced him along. ''What have I done wrong? Why mus... 



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