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This wiki is for the fans of Transformers Prime. Creating characters, writing fanfictions, and drawing pictures about the awesome Hub Network show. Make sure to help the wiki grow by adding and editing pages. Those who have made their own characters and stories for Transformers Prime can now put them somewhere you can share with others.

If you wish to see the original canon site for more of the show's info, please head HERE

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We made this wiki to share our creations and ideas on TFP. It wouldn't be fun with only a few people. So PLEASE check this wiki out and help it grow.

Please read the Rules of the Wikia before starting.


We do not own Transformers Prime. We are simply using the show as a backdrop and inspiration for characters and stories of our own.

All characters and fanfictions belong exclusively to the person who created them-they are their creator's intellectual property. Please ask the creator for permission to use them if you wish to do so.

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