Chapter 1

Swoop wasn’t really the most liked on his team, especially since his team were all savages. Except him. He was the only one with a grasp for intelligence, which to them, made him weak. He was also nice to others, a trait his team refused to share. Why, they could not correspond with all the other Autobots, he didn’t know. 

However, had he been an Autobot he would have been much weaker than he was, for one simple reason: everyone was too afraid of his Pteranodon alt. mode that they never took a chance to realize he wasn’t as bad as he looked. Unfortunately, this deterred even those he wished to be friends with.

The Autobots feared him, the Decepticons feared him, even the Quintessons were afraid. The only ones who weren’t scared happened to turn into Dinosaurs (and a Plesiosaurus, in the case of Paddles.) They were the only ones who weren’t scared, mostly because he was weak in comparison to the other fire-breathing prehistoric reptiles. 

Perhaps the only reason he was still here was because he was kind of the best friend of the leader of them, probably the strongest Autobot, Grimlock, (besides Metroplex, Omega Supreme, or the Combiners, but they’re all much too big to count.) Perhaps the only one who rivaled Grimlock that was a perfectly normal bot was Optimus Prime, but Swoop even admitted that it seemed at times Grimlock was tougher. 

Why Grimlock had taken a liking to him was unbeknownst to Swoop, especially considering the fact that him and Snarl were created to keep the others in check (though Snarl actually just went on agreeing with Grimlock’s ways.) But Grimlock was rather protective of his friend, so when he dissed him, Swoop was more than surprised.

It was a rather nice day, almost as nice as Earth’s days. The sun shone, the statues and walls of the gargantuan Autobot City (who’s real name is actually Metroplex) gleamed, and the thousands of Cybertronian denizens within milled about their daily routines and duties. 

The Dinobots rested near a nice pond (where the accumulations of water on Cybertron came from, no one knew) there the Dinobots waited for a familiar voice to come down from the sky to greet them. “Me Swoop is back now!” 

Swoop landed next to them and transformed, beaming. Grimlock looked over at him, then quickly looked away with a smothered ‘gra!’ and told Swoop to move a bit to the right. Swoop was confused until he figured out that his chrome painted sides had blinded Grimlock due to the reflection from the sun at the angle he stood. “Sorry,” he said, a wry smile on his face. 

“It’s fine. Me Grimlock happy to see you again, Swoop.” Swoop had been gone for three Earth months on a trip to the planet of Junkion. It’s actually about a week trip going the short way, but Swoop wanted a bit more of an adventure, so he took the long, scenic route. He was supposed to have gotten back three hours ago, but had been caught up in a fight with a bird-like Predacon named Divebomb over an old rivalry between the two. 

Swoop turned to the others and said, “Me Swoop sorry for being late.” As he looked around at the fiery eyes of his teammates, the Tyrannosaurus Rex Grimlock, the Stegosaurus Snarl, the Triceratops Slug, and the Apatosaurus Sludge, he saw an unfamiliar face. Grimlock saw Swoop’s puzzled expression and said, “Swoop, this is Slash, she’s the new member of the Dinobots.” 

Swoop looked at Slash, the only female among them, and gazed her up and down. Slash’s physique was slender, sleek, and feminine, and her colors matched that, they were like ours, but lighter and shinier, she had gold outlining her whole body and she had more gold lines coursing all around her body, crisscrossing and encircling each other. Everywhere else was red and silver. Her eyes where constantly changing color from blue to green to red to amber. 

She was a little smaller than he was and she was elegantly holding her head up high. She had claws on her feet and hands and feathers on the back of her arms. There was a rather intelligent air about her, and Swoop immediately didn’t like her.  

He didn’t know why, she was nice she said ‘hello’ in the most friendly voice possible and she seemed just like Swoop, smart and friendly. But he just didn’t trust her. There was something about her that didn’t feel right, but Swoop didn’t know what. He was certain there was something more sinister about her than she acted and he didn’t like it, he was certain she was deceiving Grimlock and the others somehow. 

“Hi,” he said grudgingly. “Nice to meet you.” Grimlock started to say something, but seemed to reconsider then change his mind. “Swoop, we’ve been thinking,” Swoop didn’t like where this was going. “Slash has been real helpful with things when you were gone and she’s definitely proved her prowess in battle,” Grimlock continued. “Better even than you.” Grimlock started to talk again but choked on his words. “Swoop… she’s your replacement.”

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