Jay, my gray tabby, is Arcee. Yeppp <3

Indy, my dad's black cat, is Smokescreen

Socks the dog is Bulkhead.

Fore[deceased tortie cat] was Ratchet. XD

Ruatha is Starscream, since I'm pretty sure she has been plotting my demise since i was a baby(I grabbed her like a rattle and shook her X3). Oh, and she screams... a lot...

Rowan the dog was probably a mix of Bumblebee and Bulkhead.

Andrea the snake[yep, dumb name, got it when i was five] is.... Soundwave. YEP

I will now do my friends!!!

I am Bumblebee

Rhenoda is also Bumblebee XD

Lea is also Bumblebee[attack of the Bumblebees!]

Isabel is Smokescreen[phew!]

Casey is a mix of Bumblebee and Arcee[their human kid. OwO]

Macy is Bulkhead[she hates this]

Mattie is Smokescreen

Malachi[not my friend, but had to add him] is Breakdown

Caleb[who is technically not my friend] is Smokescreen

Hannahkate is Bumblebee[ANOTHER ONE OWO]

i have too many friends.... XD

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