Background Information
Creator Negora1
  • Doctor
  • Blast-head
Theme Color Purple, black, and blue
Theme Song .
Character Information
Age Very old, one of the last of the first Predacons
Gender Male
Occupation Being medic for Trona
Species Predacon
Goal To live in peace and see his family happy and well
Residence .
Relatives None
Allies Trona and the rest of the Predacon team
Enemies Zezoraptors, Megatronus Rex, Acroux Viper
Likes Listening and helping others heal
Dislikes Conflict and blind jokes
Powers and abilities Heightened hearing, swift defensive moves
Weapons Resonance Blaster
Quote "Please do your best to sit still. I would hate to accidentally hurt you."

Waveblast is a blind male Predacon. He serves as the medic on Trona's team. Do not use him without my permission.






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